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Recognizing Animal Tracks

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This chart popped up in my FB feed today. I thought it would be pretty useful to those who have homesteads, like to go camping and hiking, or want to identify what critters are feasting on your home garden. :campfire:


May be an image of text that says 'COMMON ANIMAL TRACKS Badger Bear Beaver Cat Cow Crow Dog Duck Eagle Gerbil Goat Ferret Fox Frog Ω Heron Horse Lynx Hedgehog Marten Moose Mouse Otter Owl Partridge Pig Pigeon Rabbit Raccoon Y Rat Sparrow RedDeer Red Deer Roe RoeDeer Deer Sheep Squirrel Weasel Wolf'

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Living in a subdivision type of setting I haven't had much opportunity to experience many different foot prints. I know dog, cat, squirrel, deer and rabbit. I would recognize a Canadian Goose if they were here in the winter. Maybe a raccoon too. They didn't list an opossum. We have plenty of those around here. I think we'd all recognize the most dangerous animal footprint in all of history...man.  


Thanks for the list. I'm going to print it out. I'll probably be using it out in Indiana. Especially in the garden area.

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You would have trouble with some of our cats’ tracks.  We have polydactyls, the so called Hemingway cats.  Most have an extra toe, some have a low dew claw and some have seven or so toes.  I joke (I think) about living too close to a nuclear power generator but they really are interesting tracks. 


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Similarly, I'm learning to recognize animal spoor. I discovered a big black snake in our garage last year first by the poop, then later finding a long shed skin. 


Foxes apparently like to do their business on rocks. 


I never knew our yard had so many piles of deer poop until I started walking my son's two hounds. They seem to look upon deer pellets as a tasty snack. :yuk:  Drop it! Drop it! 



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