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I've been itching to do some needle work. Either knit or crochet. But I really didn't want to start any big projects right now. Then I remembered when I crocheted bandages for the lepers in Viet Nam. They no longer do that now. 


Anyway, I found a big ball of crochet thread I had and I want to crochet some bandages for myself. They will be used for holding a bandage in place where I don't want to use tape. Especially a big bandage. Sort of in the line of an Ace bandage. I have white so it can be washed in hot water and bleached.


I tried to copy/paste the directions here but the other site wouldn't let me. Copyright issues. So here is their site for both knit and crochet patterns. The instructions are so simple with just one stitch. They are 4 inches across and 48 inches long. I'm thinking I'll make different widths. You just use safety pins to keep them on.


The Dove Fund - Leprosy Bandages (loomahat.com) 


That picture isn't mine.

Bandage Cover.jpg

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