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I stubbed a couple of toes a few years ago on a chair leg that got in my toe’s way.  They were painful but I thought the same thing.  Not swollen enough.  I was due to have open heart surgery so was required to have them X-rayed.  Yup, both broken, one in two spots.  They swelled enough after they were taped to make up for it.  Delayed the surgery by six weeks.  :(  

At least you have done what would be needed if they were.  Be wary of those books.  They can be as tricky as chair legs. :grinning-smiley-044:

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Ouch! really sorry that happened Ambergris! I broke a toe I'm pretty sure once, it was quite painful and swollen, just buddy taped it and it healed ok. I didn't bother getting an xray to confirm. 


Today I found all the records I needed for work (I had misplaced my immunization record of my Hep B shots and needed the dates, also my varicella titer. Really glad I found them as the records are so old they wouldn't be at the Dr anymore) Just a note in case anyone isn't aware of this, medical records get purged even electronic ones after about 7 yrs. Immunizations go to the state registry if they have recorded them (mine weren't because they were paper records before my Dr office switched to an electronic record and they never submitted them to the registry so I have to keep my own records)


No work on the house today they will be back Monday so it was a quiet day. I did manage to cook up 2 meals and save the vegetables at the last minute before they were too old to cook. I menu plan but I tend to not follow the menu...:busted:

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On 4/28/2022 at 7:47 PM, Mt_Rider said:

  Do jigsaw puzzles with my mom at her house.  No room here.


You don't need "room." You just need a computer! Try this site out for brain excercises: Jigsawplanet.com


Here is the link to a puzzle I "created" from an image I found online. It is a cat done in the style of "The Starry Night" by van Gogh.

I created it with 144 pieces, but you can change the number of pieces that you want to solve it with.

This is what the completed puzzle looks like. Click the link below the image to play it for yourself. 










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:thumbs:  :thumbs: Midnight. That's a cool pic!  I've done puzzles a lot on line.  I've done some that Tiny Kittens puts up on that puzzle site.  They're a Vancouver kitten/cat rescue.  I'll try yours!!


<phone call>


I did try yours as I talked to my mom just now.  But it's getting late and I have an early horse ride tomorrow.  I got the border done but I'll start it over some other time.  I copied the whole pic to my desktop, which makes it easier especially with those brush strokes!  :happy0203:


Sorry to hear of your continued delays on construction, Little Sister!  :tapfoot:  ....  :pray:  


OW, Ambergris.  Toes are such awkward things to damage.  Spent a whole summer vacation in my youth with a toe I broke on the LAST day of school.  Kicked the gym floor instead of the ball.  For some reason  :whistling:  the nurse never liked changing the bandage when I'd come in.  Couldn't be cuz I continued to go around barefoot???  :pray:  for quick healing and no further banging into things til it's healed.


Wow...Kappy!  Your garden pics make me drool!  I'm hoping to put some things in pots this year...without the greenhouse cover.  In this windy spot, we spent so much time ....and money on Duct tape repairing what the wind shredded....  :motz_6:  I'll be happy with cherry tomatoes, lettuce, maybe some peas growing up string that could be attached to the greenhouse framing.  Course chard and collards do pretty well here too.  I do love messing with plants!  :lois:   IF the ducky project doesn't take too much energy.  They're doing well.


I have NOT had much energy recently.....so we'll see what is realistic?????? 


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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Ambergris, hope all is ok with toes and they aren't broken. I know that hurts. I was attacked by a frozen whole chicken that fell out of freezer several years ago and hit my little toe just right and broke it. 


Got bad news this morning. One of my best friends that has been in hospice for a couple of months, passed away this morning.  Seems I am loosing a few friends now as we all are getting older. She will be greatly missed. Prayers for the family. 


Contractors came yesterday but didn't really get a lot done. They grouted some of the main bathroom but did not finish. Still over half way to go and then started back on the backsplash in kitchen but didn't even finish one wall. Then leaves at 2:30 to head back to office in VA Beach for what owner wants them to do on Monday. Seems owner is having lots of issues with other customers as well. As he is trying to micromanage the contractors instead of letting them finish one job before going to another. So now I am putting my foot down and not paying another dime till job is complete and to my satisfaction.  I am over this mess of not being able to get things put away or anything.


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Kappy, just saw your garden. It is looking great.  I should have gone to page before this one, so I had missed that. I am now in process of getting my garden fully planted. Getting tomatoes in ground in a little while. Then going to tackle the second raised bed box and get that put together. I really need to get those soaker hoses again. I had some but they were so old they were splitting apart. Time for a few new items for yard. New shovel, hoe, and post hole digger, Mine are all falling apart. Might try to just get new handles for them. Will depend on price and which way is cheaper. 

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I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, LittleSister. It is always difficult to lose someone. 

I am lounging around the house today before heading to the hospital to visit Mom. She is holding her own, but it will be a long road back.

Today's weather is beautiful and 55 degrees. At some point, I plan to get outside this weekend and survey the yard and do some spring cleanup/planning.

The new job is going well and it is good to have something different to apply myself to.

I won't be doing much cooking today, as hubby grilled some meat yesterday. It will be up to me to pull together a few side dishes to turn the meat into a meal, though. Asparagus will be one of them, as I can make that in 10 minutes.


Enjoy the day, everyone!

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Ack. I missed Kappy's garden pictures too. Great job as always. I love looking at pictures of her and Mary's gardens! I don't think I've ever seen the green house though.


Littlesister, I'm sorry to hear about your friend passing. That seems to happen in spurts round me. There was a time, not too long ago, when about 5 of the people I  went to school with, or their family member, died within a week or so if each other. A guy that I really liked in grade school just passed last week. He was the class clown and had us all in stitches all of those many years ago. Kind of unsettling when all those people your age, from your little hometown, start passing away all at once. 


TMC, glad to hear your mom is holding her own  :pray:.  Also good to hear you are settling in nicely at your new job!


Jigsaw puzzles... I like them too. I have them on the Kindle Fire tablet and on the laptop. I work them every day. I have a number of downloads I play every day electronically. I do 2 word games, 2 crossword puzzles, 3 gem match games a couple of hidden objects games every day. And once in a while a sudoku and hex matching game too. All free. I do it for brain stimulation. I also have a number of word search games in the bathroom. Ollies and Dollar Tree have a lot of them for very cheap. I've stocked up on them and some mechanical pencils, primarily for entertainment if the grid goes down for awhile. This is my brain on games. Can you imagine what I'd be like without doing them. :cheeky-smiley-067:


I'm being a sloth today. I keep falling asleep. Oh well, no where to go and all day to get there I suppose. Not getting my closets cleaned out though. 

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Glad to hear your mom is hanging in there, Martian!  :pray:   


I was with my mom today.  First I had a morning horse ride....ugg!  So I've been going to bed a bit earlier [earlier than 5am ] each night.  I went to bed last nite at 11:30!   :cheer:    ......AND COULD NOT NOT NOT get to sleep.  I'd done all the pre-bed things including Unisom.  :gaah:  Later I tried hot cocoa....mmm, was good but didn't work.  :sigh:   Since I needed to be coherent early, I didn't dare take the other half of Unisom.  Somehow I did fall asleep around 2am.  And got up at 7am.  :mornincoffee:   Too bad I don't drink coffee.  


Ride was good but the MS Fatigue that's been dogging me for the past couple weeks arrived about half way thru the trail.  I was kinda suffering then...and made sure it wasn't hypoglycemia.  I began stuffing bites of granola bar in my mouth while maintaining focus on horse. 

After the ride we picked up my mom...who seemed a bit out of it.  We were all better after lunch at a restaurant.  An old favorite for decades but just now under new ownership.  Our friends sold business and retired.  Hope new ones keep it up in the manner to which we all expect.   ;) 


Then my mom and I toured a rather eclectic store.  Antiques...but further into the building there was handmade clothing, jewelry, wood items, CO rocks/minerals, art work......  We both gave up in fatigue before we even saw everything.  It was fun and we'll come back again.  We even stumped the owner when we found an antique something having to do with eggs.  :scratchhead:   He didn't know either.  We knew the rest....and currently have or have had and used all the other things he displayed. 


So we were all 'tuckered out".  Dropped my mom home.  Got us home and stuff up the stairs....ugg!  Ate leftovers from lunch.  Took care of duckies....who are all active and lively.  Dog had gone along [not in antique store! ]  but she'd had 4 walks.  She was "coma-out" ! 


I need to follow her example.  I'm not making any time records tonite but might get to bed by 1:30am.  :shrug:   Ya win some; ya lose some. 


MtRider ....a good day  :0327:   LOL

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20 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Ambergris, hope all is ok with toes and they aren't broken. I know that hurts. I was attacked by a frozen whole chicken that fell out of freezer several years ago and hit my little toe just right and broke it. 


Got bad news this morning. One of my best friends that has been in hospice for a couple of months, passed away this morning.  Seems I am loosing a few friends now as we all are getting older. She will be greatly missed. Prayers for the family. 


Contractors came yesterday but didn't really get a lot done. They grouted some of the main bathroom but did not finish. Still over half way to go and then started back on the backsplash in kitchen but didn't even finish one wall. Then leaves at 2:30 to head back to office in VA Beach for what owner wants them to do on Monday. Seems owner is having lots of issues with other customers as well. As he is trying to micromanage the contractors instead of letting them finish one job before going to another. So now I am putting my foot down and not paying another dime till job is complete and to my satisfaction.  I am over this mess of not being able to get things put away or anything.



I feel your pain LS. We started the process of a new kitchen in July 2021. November the contractors started work and were here 6 days then they went on to another job and told us they'd be back (yeah right!). Needless to say, they didn't finish and what they did do was a shambles to be polite. I tried for 9 weeks to get something done and the company steadfastly refused to cooperate and refused to refund us. Thankfully we paid with a credit card and a Section75 later, we got every penny back. We now have to give them 30 days to came and get their S%$^. 24days and counting, then it's all coming out and we start again. Never again will I have one company do everything. Specialists for each job all the way!

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So sorry so many of us are having construction woes. 

Littlesister so sorry about your friend it's hard to lose people we are so close to. Martianchick I'm glad your mom is hanging in there. 


I planted strawberries today in my flower bed, it will provide some ground cover and I think they will do well there. I just don't have the main garden area set up yet but soon. It's on my list for next weekend along with picking up some tomato cages and supports for my beans that I want to plant. I'm scaling back my plans for the garden this year I just have to face the fact I'm exhausted and won't be much use to anyone if I do too much. I can add as we go along.So my plan right now is some sweet potatoes (because I already ordered them), Beans, squash and zucchini, some salad greens and tomatoes. If I feel up to it I'll add more.


I did get my sewing table put together finally my husband figured out where I went wrong with the cam bolts so it's now set up and my machine is out and sitting on it. I covered all with a sheet so the construction dust doesn't get in. It's a nice sunny room with a built in bookcase with doors that I am going to use to hold my sewing supplies. I am really looking forward to having a dedicated space for sewing/quilting. Little by little the house will come together.

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14 hours ago, Becca_Anne said:

Little by little the house will come together.

Yes, it will!  I am one who wants everything done right now and have had to accept the reality that it doesn't happen that way.


Yesterday was Sunday School and Church.
Weeded one row in garden and walked dogs.
Didn't do much else.


Today is laundry day.
Will walk soon.
Shred some cheese.
Weed one row in garden.
Make Shepherd's Pie for dinner.
Water garden

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Today I got a few small things done- haircut for my son, made an appointment I've been putting off, and moved the love seat upstairs to the bedroom where I wanted it (ok the guys did but I supervised). I also soaked my garlic so I could separate it for planting, will do that tomorrow. Tried to follow up on my RN license but they never called me back. I will have to just keep at it until they fix the issue. I have so many small things on my list but knocking a few out today felt good.

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Duckie care....cleaned out their soaked shavings, water dispenser, and rinse out the tote.  Put them all back in the tote ...wow, they've grown.  We're thinking they are not all Khaki Campbells.  Their baby color shading is too varied, we think.  One is more yellow than chocolate brown.  Other variations might be Khakis.  If they're still the Campbell breed, it's ok.  Khaki color blends in to hide from predators the best.  We do free-range once they're old enough.  Campbells have the best annual laying capacity.  Having a white one would be odd.  Haven't heard about goslings yet.


Walked the dog today.  I just meander thru the pasture while Happy Dog zips up and around and back and forth and ...her nose never leaves the ground.  She got so tangled in the brush and willows, I had to sit her down and hang on to her harness....detach the leash and thread it thru the tangle...attach again.  :rolleyes:  She puts on WAAAAY more mileage than I do.  I'm OK with that! 


DH has spaghetti sauce simmering in the Instant Pot.  He's gotten a lot of use out of that...on many of it's functions.  If I make anything, it's lunch: salads, sandwiches, leftovers....  My energy and focus just isn't there and he cooks really good.  :cook:   Wish we had room in this tiny kitchen for him to bake!  :yum3:  


We got enough SNOW thru the night that everything was wet when I got up.  Good!  Less fire danger!!!!  :amen: 


My mom and I both have medical appt. tomorrow so we'll be out and about.  I'm sitting in with hers now....since she can't remember what was said long enough to tell me .....so I can remind her....  :unsure: 


MtRider  :duck1:

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Mom needs to go to our dentist.  God willing, she will like him..  trying to convince her, life in our “little town” is medically secure.  The main reason she won’t live here.  It took EMS 2 1/2 minutes to get here, even tho to me it was an hour, until I looked at the times on my phone.  Granted, it was 1/2 hour to the heart specialist hospital, but, they were in constant contact with the docs, relaying info & treating him on the way.  

Mom doesn’t really understand or want to, that our medical system is as efficient as hers.  She’s 3-5 miles from her favorite hospital….  However, ours are 35 minutes away, but, by helicopter…. 5-10 minutes….  Sigh. She will never be convinced.  

I will be taking her back toTX on Saturday, unpack, set her up & coming home on Sunday.  She’s insistent about me not leaving DH any longer than that, even though he’s doing great.  Walking the block daily, eating good….even though it has been a major challenge for me to find and cook, “heart healthy” food that are still tasty!  Good grief!!!  I’ve lost 10 lbs!   And I am under weight for my height!

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I'm glad your dH is doing so well, @Annarchy!  Cooking healthy is a challenge for me, too.  Have a safe trip to TX and back!


Mine is mostly boring today.
Walk and walk dogs.
Dehydrate mangoes.
Update go bags.
Weed potato patch.
I like boring, usually!

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I'm PO'ed to day. I went to the grocery store and the prices about knocked me over. Between that and gas and really everything else...well somethings gotta give soon. I got so upset I walked out without getting what I really went for. I'm not using my gas to go back now. I did find some lard though. They only had 4 small-ish packs so I got them. I didn't have any. No small cans of Crisco. Very little veggie oil and canola oil. Still some coconut oil. No sunflower oil. Lots of olive oil on the shelf. I guess it's too expensive to buy. Sigh.


I got the mail and got a notice that my mortgage has gone up. Reason is because property taxes went up. Another envelope contained a notice that my supplemental insurance is going up next month. I need it because Medicare hardly covers anything. One catastrophic illness with just Medicare and I'd be in the poor house on that. Crimony.


My lawncare guy isn't showing up. The grass is horrible. Way over my ankles. Every one else has mowed which makes mine look even worse. I tried calling him Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon. Each day I got a message saying the mailbox is full. Yesterday when I went to get my mail, there was a big yellow notice on my front door saying my lawn was in violation and to mow it as soon as possible when it stops raining. Those notices are so embarrassing. Thanks to lawn dude I had one last year too. So, I called someone else. He is coming out tomorrow for an estimate. I'm hiring him regardless. I don't have time to shop around now.  About an hour ago the lawn guy called saying he thinks he can come out Thursday. :0327:  I told him about the tall grass, full inbox and the violation notice and that I had no choice but to call someone else. He repeated he could come Thursday if it doesn't rain. I told him it was too late. I didn't like to do it but I had to do something. And I did try to call repeatedly.   


My chest was even tight when I was driving home from the store. Too much stress lately. 

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Contractors said they would be here late and never showed today. Owner sent them on another job. I had a little chat with owner today. Told him it is now going on 5 months and again no one coming today or tomorrow. Told him I wanted kitchen done yesterday not next week. So, they are coming Thursday. Also told him he will no longer be paid any more money until the job is finished. I am done with this. He is trying to micromanage the construction crew and you can't do that in this line of work. He needs to let them finish one job before starting another. But that is not how this man works. Seems he has other customers complaining as well. Still hasn't started on fireplace yet, but the wood stove is sitting in garage. Might just tell him he will not be putting in the stove and to not charge me for that. I can get my chimney guy to do it. They also install the wood stoves. I want to get rest of house painted after I get house back together and replace outside lights and a couple of fans in house as well as some light fixtures. This company will not be doing that. I am hiring someone else for that.

Grandson and I have been working hard on garden. We plowed up the old section where DH always planted. Tomatoes, peppers, onions, squash, are all doing great. Cages are now around the tomato plants. Will try to get pictures as soon as I can get time to get them off phone. Haven't planted in the section we plowed up yet. Lots of grass to get out. Had to plow up twice and lots of raking to get the grass out. Have a tarp over the area now to kill off anymore weeds. So will hopefully be planting by this weekend. Going to plant the carrots if not raining tomorrow. Made a cucumber climber out of old pallets. So, they can just climb up that. Will be easier to find the cucumbers as they do seem to hide. 


Haven't had time to read much and catch up. But do hope everyone is doing well and I am praying for those in need. 


Saturday is going to be a busy day. Funeral home at 11 am and then all the way back my way to pick up ham biscuits and then to church for a birthday party for one of the ladies in my Sunday school class. She will be 95 years old. just hope my right knee holds up to the driving. Took GS to chic fil lay for dinner and my leg gave out trying to drive. It was hurting really bad. I think I have a meniscus tear. Need to get an X-Ray. Just what I don't need with everything going on. I will just keep wearing a brace and using bio freeze on it. Then when I have more time, I will take care of it. 


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Hope your knee heals up ok Littlesister that is always stressful when a joint isn't working well. I hope they finish your construction soon! :hug3:

We had a plumber finally agree to come out to look at our leak (turned out just the water hitting the unsealed grout which is letting it leak through!!) So glad it's not a pipe but shows the tile was not installed right (no sealant on the grout?) I was planning on re-grouting and sealing it where there was obvious damage and peeling tile so I'll try that first. They will come out to put in my new vanities and sinks next week or so of course they are "working us in" but that is better than not even getting a call to come look at the job by the other plumber who was going to "get back to us" for a month. And we talked to them about the new plumbing that needs to go in for the new kitchen so once my cabinets are in we can run that new plumbing. It feels like a step forward We will all get there:cheer:

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Yesterday, I went and bought another dozen mangoes at 50 cents each. They sure are good dehydrated!


Today, will walk first.
Clean out fridge and put down plastic placemats to protect shelves.
Clean out one drawer and put away sweat pants as Summer is apparently here.
Weed in garden.
Cook pork roast in instant pot.
Make grits and cheese bread again.
Bible study at Church tonight.
Water garden and roses.

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New lawn guy showed up today to discuss prices. Young guy in his later 30's. I'll be paying over twice the amount as the other guy charged. I really wasn't surprised. The other guy was cheap and I knew it. What can you do. I found out he has the same first name as my son and grandson. We bonded.  LOL.  Of course I'm a haggler. I'm good at it without being obnoxious...IMHO.  He gave me a senior discount and I told him I'd pay cash for everything. He really liked that. Alot of people do. Just saying. He is going to fix the mailbox for free.  We were both satisfied. We even shook hands. Gasp. In this day and age!  My next door neighbor drove by and yelled out, "It's about time." Lawn guy said, "What an a$$hole." Told ya we bonded. :wub:


When we were talking prices we discussed how everything had gone up. He mentioned gas, insurance and paying his crew when they decided to show up. I mentioned gas, health insurance, property taxes and food. He said, "Oh, the food is awful. Better put some put away if you can!" Woo-Hoo. I think he might be a prepper. He said he felt like we were all in a vise and they keep squeezing it tighter and tighter. Nice to see some of the younger folks are alert to what's going on. Now I don't feel quite so bad about paying a little more to help this young guy keep his business going. He's trying. 


I went over to Meijers to pick up what I had forgotten yesterday. They were really crowded. They had no cashiers open. Only self scan. The poor helper person was frazzled. She kept yelling, "Cash only!" That didn't set well with people who had been waiting in the snake around line with a cart full of food. Most people don't pay with cash these days. Especially a cart full of expensive food. I only had four items so I was good. I scanned my stuff and put my card in. Yeah, I'm a rebel. It took it fine. I checked my receipt and it was okay. If you have a Meijers (pronounced Meyers) they always have the best fruit. Especially their fruit combos. I got one with big ripe strawberries cut in half, blackberries, red raspberries and blueberries. I sprinkled just a pinch of vanilla sugar over it. Oh baby. It was good eatin' buddy.  

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Glad your new lawn guy seems like he'll work out. We have someone temporarily until we buy a riding lawn mower but will have to do it ourselves as $40 a mow is a bit much for us even though it is a fair price for the job.


I got my garlic planted but that was the sum total of what I got done other than work today. 

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