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Mt. Rider. I really thought you would be doing better by now. Sorry that you are having more MS issues with the meds tapering off now. Hopefully it will get better very soon, and you can start back horseback riding again. Hopefully the horseback riding will get you going again as soon as you are able to do that again.  Keeping you in prayer for a fast recovery. 


Didn't make it to Church this morning as I pulled a muscle in the small of my back again. Guess I am trying to do too much heavy lifting. But I really need to get this house back together. So just taking it easy today.  Though I did get almost all the canned goods wiped down and on the shelves. So now will be working on boxed items and moving all of that as I need to get them set up for long term storage. Need to move some things from pantry area so GS can help me get another shelving unit put up in there. I have 2 that need to go up and they are smaller ones. So, hoping I will be able to use both in there. I want to get all my spices set up on a couple of those shelfs and then boxed items that I need to go through and get set up for long term will be on a couple of the shelfs temporarily till I get the time to put them in mylar bags in buckets or in jars and sealed for longer term. Took all the canned food that I did have in a cabinet in kitchen and those had that cement dust on them. So got all those wiped down and in pantry now. I need that kitchen cabinet for dishes more so now than for the food. My makeshift pantry is going to work out really well and I can find things I need so much easier. Hoping my back will hold out this week as I also must get started on washing windows, blinds and curtains. Getting that done might help with keeping that dust down as the dust is all over the windows and blinds.  Have a friend from church that had some remodeling done in her house and she said the same thing. Dust is in everything, and she is still trying to get rid of the dust. Said they got paint all over her stove and she is still trying to get that off. She said they didn't cover the stove while they were working in there. That is what I went through. Said they were going to put plastic over doors to keep dust out but never did. Seems it's taking forever to get this house back together. Doing it mostly by myself is taking much longer than I hoped for. But this to will get done hopefully before Thanksgiving. Though I still haven't heard from DD if they are coming here or if GS and I are heading to NC to their house yet. She needs to let me know soon, though I will be ready I hope either way. 

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Its about 2 am on Monday morn and I am sitting and watching TV as I let my mind slow down after killing a varmint (possum) that was eating the cats' food in the carport.  That thing was bigger than any of the cats, and the little ones did not know to steer clear of it so it would not feel cornered and attack them (we lost a kitten a couple years back from a possum doing just that).  Plus I did not want it finding and helping itself to any of the chickens, heaven forbid!  So off the to kitchen, grab the .38 snubbie and kill it.  Man, those things are slow to die.  Shot it in the head....nothing....did it again....and it still took forever go give up the ghost.  Meanwhile I am shooing away curious cats (they do not shoo well) so they would leave it alone.  So I am letting the brain slow down before bed.  I do not relish shooting critters, not even varmints, but I deemed it necessary.


Got to church today, plenty early for choir practice.  Then run home, so Mary could take the car and tend the neighbors dogs while they were gone to a craft fair to sell their goods.  Meanwhile I made her pancakes for breakfast, and as usual, ate too much of my own cooking.  Darn they were good today!  Watched some football, then another neighbor came over to meet the goats.  The neighbor is from Jamaica, where her auntie raises goats, and she just had to bottle feed one.  I never heard so much baby talk in all my days!  Then off to see the chickens...she had never seen  "silkies" and asked whatever in the world did we did to their feathers, LOL.  She was fascinated by their feather "caps" instead of combs, and their feathered feet.  She said she never saw black chickens, either.


More football then evening outdoor cat feeding, quite late, but the cats come anyway when I call.  I was looking for the armadillo, but saw that possum instead...SURPRISE!!  Varmint control needed and right away.  Normally I would have considered trapping it, but since its best bait is cat food, how would I keep the cats out of the trap long enough for the possum to find its way in?   


I suspect I have developed a food intolerance, so I am starting a food diary today, trying to figure our what I need to avoid.  Milk is the front runner right now but until I get more data I cant say for sure.  So I am taking notes on what happens after I eat and what I ate to try to figure it out.  





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Mt. Rider, I'm so sorry that you have been so unwell.  I can only imagine that you were completely miserable.  :(


Today I'm concentrating on (slowly) cleaning the house.  I keep getting started on a task, getting distracted by something else or having to run my daughter to work or go with my husband to drop off a car at the mechanic, then getting back to cleaning.  And now I'm distracted by my computer.  LOL 


In addition to cleaning, I want to make a cleaning schedule and try to bake some bread today in my bread machine (better than nothing, I guess!).  I also have it on my list to review my food storage and make a list of priorities for filling in holes.  


I hope you all have a great day! 

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Back is doing better today.  Went to bed with Ben Gay. that stuff gets hot, but it works.  Took a couple of Advil as well. Still a bit sore but not hurting like it was yesterday. 


Got clothes washed, and then started back on pantry.  I have more stuff in that room than I thought. But it is coming along. Will be mopping the floor in there and washing the window, blinds and curtains to get back up in there. It's going down into the 40's tonight but keeping the window in there cracked as I want that room to be as cool as possible. Still haven't had to turn heat back on so hoping I won't need to tonight. Been sleeping much better with the cooler air. 


Hoping to be ready to put the other shelving units up by tomorrow evening. Then I can finish up that room and move on to another room. Still have more pictures to hang as well. Just can't decide how I want to do that yet. 


Cooked dinner a while ago and GS will just heat his up when he gets home from work around 3 am. 


Mt. Rider, I hope you are doing better today. You have had a hard time of it lately. 


EmeraldCat,  I have a bread machine that I have to hunt down. I packed a lot of that stuff up for construction and haven't gotten to all that yet. I really want to finish the pantry before unpacking more boxes. Not a lot left but those won't take long to unpack. 


Kappydale, hope you find out soon what food is bothering you so you can eliminate it.  My GD in Washington State is having to keep a food diary. She has been having migraines and Doctor thinks it is being triggered by something she is eating. 

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Saw a bit more ease today.  Still spent the day laying down but I was less miserable.  Honestly, I have no idea what to expect this time.  I've never had to push as hard as the past year [and a half] .....and I've never taken the steroids before this past Feb/Aug/Oct.  Guess I'm in an experiment? 


My sleep schedule is MUCH better.  Getting to bed by midnight or earlier.  Getting up whenever I wake up...11am.......or 9:30am today cuz the phone rang.  I feel like going to bed now....not even 9PM yet.  Good thing i don't have to be anywhere at any point now. 


Possum  ...or any varmint....   Raccoons are so cute but kill poultry and spread rabies.  Would rather shoo them away and just let it be.  Unfortunately, the dumb things insist on non-allowable behaviors and....  :shrug:   Ya do what ya gotta do.  Gotta protect your own. 


I think I'm giving up and going to bed early.  Can't see thru haze in my eyes.  Just tired. 

MtRider  :wave: 

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Today, I will walk first and then walk dogs.
Weed eat in garden.
Call senior club members about meeting on Thursday.
Find recipes to make for senior club.
Research our County Judge candidates.

I am starting my Peanut Butter (photo in profile) on glucosamine as she is starting to have trembly back legs. Not sure if it will help, but I will update as we progress.

9 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

y sleep schedule is MUCH better.

I'm so glad you are getting some sleep!

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Today, I will walk.
Go make tea at Church for tomorrow's senior club.
Make Black eyed pea/ cornbread casserole for tomorrow's event.
Take friend to local grocery.
Make biscuits.
Prayer meeting or Bible study tonight at 6:30.

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I usually walk every morning right after breakfast, but this morning it was 37 degrees out!!  We just moved from the VERY hot southwest region of the US and I am not used to temperatures like that yet.  LOL  I guess I'll take my walk in the afternoon.  


Yesterday was very productive; I got laundry done, made bread in my bread machine (half of which has already been eaten by my family), started a sourdough starter that I hope will take off, made granola for my husband, worked on homeschool stuff with my daughter...it was busy! 


Today, I have a counseling appointment (I have Bipolar Disorder, and counseling is really helping me stay on track after my father's death -- so far.  Fingers crossed), and I have some research that I want to do.  DH and I are planning on setting up a chicken coop in the spring with three or four hens.  I know the basics of raising them from chicks, but I want to be really prepared so that I know what I'm doing.  I don't want to kill any!  We are also going to get a garden going, and have decided on raised beds to better deal with weeds and varmints.  Our lot is pretty shady, and I'm still trying to figure out where the best place is going to be (the front yard would be ideal, but I don't want to deal with people stealing in the event of tough times).  I want to check out a YouTube channel called "Acre Homestead" because we live on about an acre.  I would love to learn how to maximize what we can produce on it.  


I hope you all have a lovely day! 

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4 hours ago, EmeraldCat said:

I usually walk every morning right after breakfast, but this morning it was 37 degrees out!!  We just moved from the VERY hot southwest region of the US and I am not used to temperatures like that yet.  LOL  I guess I'll take my walk in the afternoon.  


I usually walk first thing, but now that it is cooler here, I am walking a little later, too!  

Got almost everything done plus made dehydrated sweet potatoes for dogs and cut carrots for dog treats.

Also made black bean hummus for me.

Waiting until the oven is free to make biscuits.

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Getting colder here as well.  My walking is usually in middle of day now, but been too busy the past few days to get some walking in. 


Made a lot of progress today. Though I was not feeling well for past two days and couldn't figure out why. Realized I had not been checking my sugar levels and yes, I checked it today and it was high. So took an extra Diabetic pill to get it back down. Feeling a bit better tonight though I am very tired from cleaning all day. 

Cleaned out the upper kitchen cabinets as dust was back in those from them working on the wood stove. Got all that taken care of and even had more room for things I needed to get back into those cabinets that was in the small bedroom packed up.  Now I can get back to the small bedroom and finish up in there. It is almost finished. 

DD and SIL are coming into town this weekend. So, hoping they will be able to help me with some things I can't do by myself, and GS doesn't know how to do.  He left for work at 4 pm and won't be home before 3 or 4 in morning.  He will be in bed asleep when I get up, so he really isn't much help except on Sat. He cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen last Sat. So, hoping he will do that again this Sat. so I can get other things done. But will see how it all goes. 


Mt. Rider glad you are sleeping better. Hope you will be back up and running soon. You have been through a lot the past several months and need that rest. 

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3 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Mt. Rider glad you are sleeping better. Hope you will be back up and running soon. You have been through a lot the past several months and need that rest.


Thanks, Little Sister.  It has been highly unusual for the past year and a half.  I can't even guess when I might feel like I'm back to MY "normal".  The past 3 days have been slightly better than previous to that.  But...I still barely get out to the porch to sit in sunshine for a while.  I haven't been down the stairs in more than a week.  I still worry about losing the muscle strength....but can't do much about that til the MS FATIGUE backs off a bit more.  I'd be afraid I wouldn't make it back up the stairs.  :buttercup: 


So I read on laptop, play concentration games, research a bit.  Still passing some time watching NCIS-LA.  A bit gross with shooting and bodies but I avert my eyes.  NOT into "gruesome". 


Fortunately for both of us, DH cooks.  He's making some shortcake for the strawberries.  I'm losing the weight I gained on the reunion trip.  It's a custom to have ice cream at the old Dairy Sweet of our childhood.  [that's my story and I'm sticking with it! ]  Shortcake and strawberries might be an exception.....  :whistling:  


MtRider  :feedme:    :lol:  

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Good morning!
Will walk first this morning and then re-heat casserole that was made yesterday, for senior club today. That sounded like a "who's on first" episode. LOL
Go to Church to set up, then pick up DH and my friend for Church club.
Drop off at home DH and friend.
Clean up at Church.
Walk dogs.
Movie night with Bible Study ladies tonight. Elvis-LOL

Good story!  


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Started cleaning windows and washing curtains and blinds. Ran to store this morning for milk and Pepsi for SIL. Nope he will not drink diet soda. Finished getting things off floor in small bedroom and will be cleaning floor in there later today. Got the window, blind and curtains done and back up. But still need to wash the screens. Those I clean outside so might do that at a later date as I want to get all of them done at one time.  As soon as I get the boxed food set up to see what I have and what I need to set up for longer term, I am going to be starting a new itemized list of what I have. During construction I wasn't able to keep up with everything. Kept that door closed as much as possible. 


Mt. Rider, I know what you mean about unusual year.   It has been really hard on me the past 3 years with DH so sick and then passing, then a year later the construction began and then GD and her DH moves in for 4 months and now GS. But GS plans to be moved out by end of year. I am thinking with holidays coming up, his BD and stuff it will be after the first of the year. He has been looking around online for Apts. But he really needs to get out and go look at some of the apt. complexes. There are a lot of them around here and they are still building. 


I really need to go to church this Sunday as I have food for the church fall festival that I need to get there. But DD still hasn't told me if she is coming in for the whole weekend, or Sat. or Sunday. Might just say you are on your own till I get back from Church if she can't give me a time of when she will be here. Gotta love out of town kids. They just show up whenever. But at least I know she is coming this time.

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Today is the last day of my staycation. I got a lot done. It started off with that class, which very informative and good hands on. I will probably be taking classes from them in the future. My brother and I splurged on a haunted house visit while there. It was fun and now I got it out of my system. 


Took my DS to Sylvan Monday night for his assessment. He tested at the first grade reading level and he is in third grade, which we assumed he would. His conferences did go good and I do like his teacher this year. I'm just not super impressed with his special ed teacher. I really liked the gal he started out with last year. She just seemed to really have his best interest at heart. I think this young gal is just there for the paycheck. We are going to give Sylvan a go. It is either that or we move entirely and put DS in a different school district. I just don't know if uprooting everyone right now is the best idea. I don't know that I am making the right choices for him though:( I'm sure there is more we should have done earlier. 


I still need to make a shopping list for tomorrow, clean up our basement and start on my office. While I'm in town tomorrow I'm going to pick up the rest of my cash to put up. It's not much, but will make me feel better just having a little bit on hand. 


I also ordered the bluetti 600w generator. I did not get the solar panel with it. I am thinking there is a cheaper alternative than the bluetti brand? Anyone have any suggestions or experience with them? 



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2 hours ago, Jayceef said:

I also ordered the bluetti 600w generator. I did not get the solar panel with it. I am thinking there is a cheaper alternative than the bluetti brand? Anyone have any suggestions or experience with them? 


If you are familiar with RoseRed Homestead (YouTube) she just got one and did a review.

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Midnightmom, my DD and all the grandkids have a key. But DD and SIL are coming to help me get some things done that I can't do by myself.  So, I need to be here so they will know what I need help with.  But she did text and said they will be here early tomorrow morning. Guess I better have the coffee on. SIL looks forward to a pot of coffee. So now I know Sunday won't be an issue. 


I have never heard of a bluetti generator. Might have to check that out. I haven't really thought about a solar one as I have a whole house natural gas generator, but who knows what will happen if we lose natural gas.  Might be a good idea to check into a backup


Just finished giving kitchen a good cleaning and mopped floor. So that job is done.  Knew I wouldn't have time tomorrow to get it done. .

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DD and SIL left a little over an hour ago. We got most of the pictures back up on wall. And a few other things done. Though SIL had to go to his parents' house to do some things for them. They refused to go to store to buy groceries, so he had to go do their grocery shopping. He said store prices were a shock. So, DD and I got the lighter weight pictures on wall and when SIL got back he put up the heavy ones and fixed my curtain rod over the patio door. Still a lot to get finished but at least most of the pictures and some other things are off the floor and I can get more done now that those are out of way. 


DD and SIL will be back down for GS's birthday next month. He will be 21 and they want to take him to dinner.  She bought a big box of his clothes back from her house that he really needed along with his other shoes. So that will help a lot. He needed those clothes in a bad way. So now I will be helping him get all that put away.  

The other shelving units are now in the small bedroom that I have turned into a pantry. They still have to be put together, but GS and I can do that this week.  DD couldn't believe how much better all the food being on the shelving units turned out. She said wow you can find things now. And of course, SIL spotted the canned beef stew I canned and had to take one home with him. He loves that stuff. 

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On 10/21/2022 at 11:11 AM, Littlesister said:

Gotta love out of town kids. They just show up whenever. But at least I know she is coming this time.


On 10/21/2022 at 4:13 PM, Midnightmom said:

that's why mine has a key! :thumbs:



It's amazing. We were just talking about this and TODAY my DD surprised me by showing up at my door!!!

She lives in Oregon, about a 2 hour drive from here, and just took a fancy to coming down to spend the night. She told my son she was coming in case he wanted to come up while she was here because she won't be here for either Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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Midnightmom, that must have been an omen, us talking about out-of-town kids and your DD shows up.  That is a very nice surprise. And great that you and she can spend some time together.  I like when my daughter or a grandchild shows up unannounced, but they are on a time schedule and if I am not home then I end up missing them because I did not know they were coming so I could be sure to change my plans to be there to see them. Most of the time when they come down it is only for the day as they have to be back for work.  But at least right now I know who is doing what for the rest of year. GS and I will be going to DD's house for Thanksgiving on Friday as GS has to work on Thanksgiving Day. So, we are going up together on Friday for Thanksgiving.  GD and her DH will be there also from SC. 4 hours from DD's house.  Then Christmas DD and her DH will be coming here for Christmas. GD and her DH will be in New Orleans for Christmas this year as his grandfather is not doing well. So, they would like to spend some time with him this Christmas. Hoping that GD and her DH in Washinton State can get here Christmas, but weather will predict that.  Never know what snow will do. She was not able to get here for her grandfather's funeral as the snow caused airports to shut down and she could not get a flight in. Police even had her street blocked off and no one could get in or out. Though she was able to get here in March of 2021 after the snow issues were resolved. So just can't be sure about rather she can come or not. That is a wait and see situation. But at least we are getting our plans together now. 


Went to Church this morning and yes, our new pastor is doing a really great job. It has been a long time since we had a pastor and not just an interim pastor till a new one could be found. So, all is good and getting things back to normal little by little since this covid mess started. Thinking about getting back into the food ministry again. DH and I were a big part in that before Covid hit. I am still strongly supporting it but have not gotten back into going in to help out with giving out the food to the needy. 


Just taking it easy today as I am still tired from all the work, I have been doing around house this past week. Going to just sit down and read Bible for a while and think about what I should be doing to prepare through the Lord's help. I can only store so much water as well as having the well fixed.  Not sure what else I can do at this time. Other than feeling a need for buying more blankets and another cord of wood for stove, I just don't feel anything else I should be doing at this time for prepping. I think that now that I am getting my food supplies organized and set up where I can see what I really have and what holes I need to fill, I just can't think of anything else I can do to prepare for the mess in this world. But that is what I will be focusing on today. So, for now until the first of the year, I will just hold off on prepping. And praying nothing else happens between now and the first of year. I do feel that next year will be a much worse year and I will set my focus on what is happening at that time and prepare from a fresh point of view on being prepared for whatever else hits us.

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Set up my vitamins for the month this morning.
Prepped veggies for coleslaw and left with salt on.
Church next.
Walked dogs.
Made brine for slaw.
Next will Steam can coleslaw.
And that's it!

2 hours ago, Littlesister said:

prepare from a fresh point of view

Good idea!

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Whew.....some days are still pretty harsh.  Fatigue vs Adrenaline.  Trying to stabilize the adrenaline by not using it.  I have no idea how long that will take.  Some days I can barely sit up without feeling like passing out.  Some days are better....


I rode finally this Saturday.  Missed 4 wks due to Iowa trip and then Ranch folks were on vacation - probably taking L's son to college.  I was wondering if I would make a whole hour ride...with how weak I've been.  :)  The ride was great.  Didn't struggle.  Weather perfect fall temps and sunny.  B)   I was kinda stuck in the saddle when I tried to swing R leg out of stirrup and over the horse to dismount.  They have a great mounting/dismounting ramp so it's easy....but DH came up to help a bit.  Walked around for a bit to loosen up the legs and then I was fine.   :amen: 


However the Fresh Air Affect dropped me a few hours later.  Ride was 1-2 but I HAD to go to bed for nap at 4:30pm.  Woke at 7pm....hoping that I hadn't messed up my newly attained sleep schedule.  :amen:   I slept from midnight to 10:30 this morning.  Well, alrighty then!  Rest and sleep cures this ...  eventually.


I still have hardly even been outside on the porch other than riding.  Just haven't got it back yet.  Today we rained lightly several times.  Then it came down WHITE.....First Snow.  Nothing stuck.  But we also need moisture by now.  My Missouri friend/dh had a wildfire evac suddenly ....in their tiny town.  A VERY nearby field of picked corn caught fire with strong wind.  They're preppers and had their BOBs (which we took on our trip to IA) ....2 new puppies .....two lovely cats (who I got to love on during my visit).....meds, stuff..... all into their two vehicles.  Smoke all over.  They helped cage up 7 cats and one small dog for their neighbor [who's dh was fighting the fire].  BUT  :amen:   they got the fire controlled before they actually had to leave their driveways.  She called me cuz that was her first Fire Evac experience....tho she's had other types.  None are any fun but bearable if you're prepared. 


:buttercup:   ....and with the SUPER UPHEAVAL our family has been in for the past year and half....good grief!  I don't even know where my Fire Evac LIST would be right now.  :gaah:       Have had a nicely wet summer but yes, now we're dry too.  I do have a LOT of stuff in the back of my truck.  Camping and extra from Mom's that hasn't been moved into house yet.  Throw in the Most Important Stuff Bag [paperwork, I.D. etc]  plus a few of the bags-by-topic near the door  [ In Town, Horse Riding, Medical]   And BOB #1, 2 and 3....  Coats, footwear by the door.  Dog harness, etc. by the door.  Undies, shirts, jeans, shorts if there was time.  Some extra already within the previous items. 


....................................  :o  .......................................


Oh blast!  I JUST realized that our primary Bug Out Location IS MY PARENT'S HOUSE!  :yar: Since we have a buyer [two, actually] ...it really isn't OUR house anymore.  Haven't closed YET but still..... aauuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwwhhhhh!


:sad-smiley-012:  is there no end to this LOSS topic once it starts?  No Christmas there this year.....or Thanksgiving but that's less painful for me than Christmas.  OW!  I'm tired of loss and grieving......  but .... I don't get a choice.  Stuff like this keeps hitting me unexpectedly at odd times.  :sigh: 


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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