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The Rose Code

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I just finished a book this afternoon called The Rose Code by Kate Quinn.  It was good!  


It's set in England during WW2.  I like books of WW2, but it's usually about the holocaust.  This was about 3 women codebreakers.  


It's a novel, but Bletchley Park is a real place where tons of codebreakers worked.  You can go and visit it today as it's now a national heritage attraction.


When the author speaks at the end of the book, she says that Kate Middleton's grandmother was one of the codebreakers.


I'd recommend it if you like to read the history of WW2.



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 I love WW2 books but what I’ve mostly read is about the Holocaust. I will have to check this one out.


have you read The Girl in the Green Sweater? Very good

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I checked it at Amazon, and it does sound good.  I'll have the librarian get it for us.  I know other's who would like it too.  Thanks for the heads up ANewMe.

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