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Have you heard of Whispersync?  It's a great thing that I discovered a couple of years ago.


Ok, you go to Amazon and find a book you want.  Many of them will ask if you'd like to add Whispersync for a certain amount of money.  


The point of Whispersync IS you can both read and listen to the book.  My phone keeps track of where I am and depending on what I'm doing right then I either listen to it or read it.


I belonged to Audible for years before discovering Whispersync.  The price for Audible is $15.95 per month.  If I get a Kindle book with Whispersync many are no more than the monthly Audible fee.


It's really amazing how it works.  I can't imagine not using it.


Keep reading! :reading:

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Good morning, Dee! 


Are you saying that each Kindle book that you whisper synch costs as much as audible does a month?  I'm not sure that I am understanding correctly.

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The new bestseller's and others are as much or maybe even more than the Audible monthly $15.95.  I'm not sure, as I never buy those.  


Your less expensive Kindle books at Amazon is what I normally get and then it's maybe $7.99 to add Whispersync.  Not all the less expensive book offer Whispersync but there are many that do.


I'm sorry I made a mess of that first post.  When I reread it, it didn't even make much sense to me so I corrected it and probably made it worse.  :0327:


Glad you asked for clarification snapshotmiki.  If it's still "blurry" just ask again.  I'll get this right yet!:laughkick:

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