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Offering online math help

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Hi all. I’ve been praying to find a way to use any talent I have to help people in some way, especially the like-minded. So an idea popped into my head today to offer free online math tutoring, and it’s nagging me so much it can’t have come from me! 

I’ve been tutoring a friend’s daughter this year via FaceTime and it’s working great. Plus I don’t have to worry about bringing home unnecessary germs to my immune compromised husband. 

If you are homeschooling and your child needs help, or you need help to teach it, I’d be glad to try to work something out. I’m a 1989 secondary mathematics education graduate of Penn State. I taught on and off in public and Catholic schools until caring for my in-laws and small kids became too much in the mid 2000s. Since then I’ve just tutored as favors to friends. I’m comfortable up until pre-calculus, maybe some other levels if I could see the pages and problems ahead enough to prepare. I’m definitely a bit rusty on college level stuff! 


If anyone is interested please reply here and we can work on a way to communicate. 


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What a lovely offer! I'm glad you posted. Hopefully someone will take you up on it. My son is just in 4th grade and doing ok with long division right now but will certainly keep this in mind as he advances to more difficult mathematics if we have the need as it's not my forte (my husband usually handles the math lessons as he was a math/computer science major)..

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