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First Harvest from 2022 garden!

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Early Globe Radishes!  Picked about a dozen two days ago.  DH said they were tasty   I don't like radishes to eat, but i love to grow them...wierd, I know!


The snap peas are growing, there are several tomatoes on the plants already, the new blueberries set heavy, all 4 little elderberries survived, as did the Aronia berry bush (looks more like a twig though.)


The other garden veggies are in various stages, some corn came up for using new seed, none of the peppers or bush beans sprouted so i got small pepper plants and put them in the road where the beans and peppers failed.  The watermelon, cantaloupe, and cucumber plants are not doing great  It's been kinda soggy here lately.


And Friday I go to pick up a Nuc of Italian honeybees to put in my langstroth hive.  Which means I must get to work getting that hive ready!

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Oh and how could i forget the 4 for trees we planted?? 2 peach and 2 plum! They're all real small, but they will grow.

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Sounds like a great start.  I’m envious.  Too cold here to put anything out yet.  

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Snow???  Seriously?  You poor thing!  

You and Cricket both having snow!

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Went to the post office around 1pm, the car said, 101°. 85° in the shade.  

My radishes are done.  Might, maybe have a zucchini or two… finally flowering.  The tomatoes are flowering, but, IDK if any are forming yet.  Beets are bolting, hopefully get a good harvest of seeds from them. 

With the heat, the bermuda buttercup oxalis pes caprae is dying.  It’ll be back next year.  Luckily, it’s in an area of my yard that has never grown well, and makes a pretty green spot with pretty yellow flowers, in the winter & spring.   It’s a pain to dig out of my garden, but I try to keep it from growing in there.  

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On 4/18/2022 at 4:36 PM, Jeepers said:

Congrats on your harvest!

Guess what I woke up to today?

Not a lot yet but it's still coming down.


Do do doo, lookin' out my back door.



That is what it looked like here in NY today. By the time I left work...it was gone!

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37 minutes ago, Annarchy said:

AZ Sonoran Desert.  “It’s a dry heat”. :grinning-smiley-044:

Ah, ok. That makes more sense.  Never having lived in a place with 'dry heat' I always assume everyone suffers with oppressive humidity like we do!

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  • 3 weeks later...

My harvests are small but mighty. We’ve been harvesting strawberries for several weeks now. They are delicious!


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Those are beautiful, DM4. We just started cutting asparagus.  Very small patch.. 

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My asparagus seeds never sprouted. Strawberries have never survived our heat. Those look awesome DM, plus….I’m extremely allergic to strawberry now. :sigh:  I really miss them.

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