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Saving water in the garden

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I love the idea too.  We hope to have a ‘deck farm’ on our new deck this year and this will be a great way to save water.  Thanks MM. 

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It disappeared….


Wasn't it a laundry basket (strainer) in a tub (bucket) for ringing veggies?  


Yup,  I just looked at the source code.  


May be an image of 1 person, outdoors and text that says 'PA Rinse veggies right in the garden and then re-use the water on the plants. Plastic bucket and small laundry basket/colander

However, following the url, the picture seems to have been moved or removed.

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I have some of those little baskets that I got at the Dollar Tree when they were a dollar. I think that is the size I have. I use them for toys inside with multiple pieces like Legos or Lincoln Logs. Also for outside toys and sandbox toys.  

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