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Now it's my mom

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Yeah, now my mom.  Last week I went with her to a doc appt.  I was taking notes so we'd know what she's supposed to do/not do.  She can't remember long enough to tell me what doc said.  She doesn't understand some of it.

Some of her numbers were off.....important ones like blood pressure and blood thinning.  [stop taking blood thinner!] 


She was supposed to go back to doc to check again today but in this one horse town....or rather a one car taxi service [cuz their other vehicles are broken down ] she couldn't get a ride to doc for a 5 minute check.  :gaah:  


DH had just come home from work and he gulped down some food and went a half hour to drive her just a ways across her small town.  Good thing he did - pray for her, please.  BP was higher .....but then....she was quite FRUSTRATED with not getting a ride and having DH come all the way in for her.  We'll take her BP again tomorrow since I've got a kindly TRAINED chiro for a DH.    :wub: 


But I...we...decided that I need to go stay with her again for an extended period of time.  And this time, I'm going to drive my [ finally repaired] truck in so I can drive us around town for small errands.  Post Office for mail.  Grocery.  Walmart for misc.  THRIFT STORE  :happy0203:     and...Sonic!  :bev:  


Unfortunately, I'm kinda supposed to be on bed rest.  So I WILL have to do that for a while.  :offtobed:   Or lay on my  :behindsofa:   and watch TV.  DH and I haven't had TV in these last decades so reruns are new to me.  Don't watch the news or her BP will go up!  :buttercup:  


Pray for our family, please.  This is pretty rough.  Step by step....


Thanks so much, y'all.  :grouphug:  I'll try to get to the library to check email and MRS.S  :pc_coffee:


MtRider  ....yeah, yeah, .... bed rest!  :offtobed:     {after I finish packing }  :busted: 

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Mt. Rider, I know this is a lot of stress on you right now. Try hard to get some rest. You need your energy.  Keeping you, your DH and your mom all in prayer for strength, rest and healing for your mom. These are tough times indeed. :pray: :hug3: Keep us posted when you can. 

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We're going to miss you around here. :blush:

Please remember that you can't take care of your mom if you don't take care of yourself first -the whole oxygen mask on an airplane scenario - so make sure you get plenty of rest! :offtobed:


I hope you are able to check in more frequently than you have been able to in the past - perhaps having a vehicle with you will make it easier to do. :hug3:

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Sending :hug3:and best wishes your mom's BP stabilizes soon and you can get a system in place to help her with her meds. It's scary when our parents are having health issues. REST for you and hope that you also feel better soon!

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Praying that the Lord will bless you both with peaceful rest and recovery.  I know Je wo;; gove you strength as needed.  And I'm sure He is leaseds you are caring for your mom.

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