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1950 census

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Ancestry has been releasing the 1950 census the past month.  If you can't afford membership at Ancestry, I heard that Family Search will be providing data for free soon. I haven't found too much new yet  but I did see that my grandparents had separated at this point. 

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It's really cool. I found my mom's family and my uncle living with his mom and stepdad after he came back from serving in WW2. I didn't know he came back to live with them afterwards at all as I was told he ran away at 14 to join the Navy so assumed he hadn't returned home. Waiting on the east coast states to be indexed so I can search for my great grandparents on my dad's side as they all lived in MD and it isn't indexed fully yet.

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My sister and I are trying to write up the family stories...how my great-great grandfather worked in the lead mines in Wisdonsin, how one great aunt became depressed during menopause and what happened to her, how my other granparents got their farm in a 3-way swap for their in-town brick house...to a duplex...to a farm....how my grandfather had 3 wives, one of which we suspect (but cant confirm yet) was a Native American named Lucy Lightfoot from Minnesota; and such things as are not on census rolls.  We want to pass it along to her children who have an interest in such family trivia.  I wish there was a website for inserting this info in case anyone goes looking for it, before it is lost forever.  Family histories are the coolest!  Time to go digging in Minnesota.

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