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long time since I have got on here. Popping on to say Hi and catch up

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It has been ages since I have checked on here. Schedules have been crazy and I even spent half of 2020 laid up with a badly broken arm. At a convention with my brother and finally not having to run everywhere so I checked in here. A lot has happened in the past few  years and tmes are getting crazy. 


Since 2020 I broke my arm in several places ending up with three surgeries on my arm in February ( this  was after breaking the same arm at the wrist in August of 2019), I have added 2 great grandbabies with two more on the way and moved. When I moved , it was in the other half of a duplex that my daughter and grandkids lived in. So we now are making a much bigger garden than before, have quiet a few chickens, and several fruit trees and berry bushes. It is a rental property, but we have free range to do anything that improves the property. it is crazy at times. Because of the terms of the custody agreement, the kids can ride the bus to school when with their dad ( half the week) but we have to drive the kids to and from school. My daughter got a promotion to store manager so she is constantly at work. That means I end up doing most of the transportation which is horrible with the cost of gas now. My other daughter switched jobs so has a much longer commute to work  (from 10 minutes to a 30-40 minute drive) and she doesn't drive. I spend a good part of the day in a car between school, kids sports and driving my daughter to work or taking my brothers shopping. I am semi-retired but plan on fully retiring at the end of the year. Unfortunately with everyone's work schedules I am responsible for most of the gardening and am sure I will never keep up with it as the summer progresses. I have yet to have a really successful garden. I am worried that too much will fall on me and I will fail my family. However, living next door to my daughter is making a lot of things easier. She is pushing even more to prepare than I am. I feel i am way too far behind and can't seem to get settled in after the move. This place is small and has no storage. I know i will work it out, but frustrating anyway.


So that is what I am up to. Hopefully i will find time to get on here more often. 

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Welcome back Deb. Nice to meet you. You will get there; it just takes time. Just take baby steps like Dogmom said. It's a lot of work but well worth it. Maybe when you are not driving kids around then on those days you can work in garden. I am usually up at 6 am to get out and work on it. But now I have my grandson living with me and he is a big help. Hopefully your kids and grandkids will have time to get out there and help with the garden. I enlarged mine this year and still planting.

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:wave: Nice to see you on, Deb.   It sounds as if you have had a lot of changes in your life.  As Dogmom4 said, take it one step at a time but you know you have support here.  :bighug2:

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glad to hear from you!

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