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What are you reading this week?

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Just finished a book called Tapestry by Beth Duke for my local book group. Not really worth my time but a few interesting things to look into for the history later. Is was a bit too much of a predictable romance novel for my tastes but had its moments. Much better authors out there though.  I just started reading Miss Buncle's book for my next book club (from my old town that meets online) for next weekend, so far it's entertaining but not really my style either. But that's half the fun pushing myself outside my comfort zone.Anything interesting on your book lists?

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Our family read aloud is Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry.   I don't know how I missed reading these books when I was growing up. 


I'm reading The Dragon and the Raven: In the Days of King Alfred by G.A. Henty.   I really like Henty.  We have a shelf of them.    Awesome historical fiction. 

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I'm reading Treasured Grace by Tracie Peterson , Living Slower by Alink, and The Brave Learner by Julie Bogart.

For our read aloud, I am reading The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder. 


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RC curriculum is great we haven't gotten to Henty yet. We follow that method loosely. I bought the materials years ago when it was still on CD and now I don't own a CD drive. Thanks for the link :)

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Becca,  you're welcome for the link.   I don't use their curriculum, but do buy their Henty books.   I started off with the Hentys published by Preston Speed, but after I couldn't get those new anywhere (Preston Speed Publishing went out of business), I was glad to find someone else printing them in the USA.    They also sell Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearney, if anyone is looking for that in a bound book.  https://www.robinsonbooks.com/collections/other/products/nuclear-war-survival-skills


Blessedhomemaker,  Little House in the Big Woods was our very first family read aloud.  We've read through the series many times since!


Miki,  I have 1984 on our shelves, but I haven't read it yet.  

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