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Summer in the Desert - Gardening

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It’s been 100°f , in the shade, for 2 days…


With watering daily, this is what the heat has done….  

Garden thyme…




I’m moving them into the house, hopefully, they will survive and continue to grow.  

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Garden thyme seems to be perking up, need to trim off the fried leaves.


Celery…. Perked up, day one.  I trimmed the dry leaves, for my dehydrated jar.  Then…. noticed tiny black ants on the kitchen table, where it was sitting next to the window!!!  Yup, you guessed it, they have a nest in the pot!!  Can’t/won’t use poison, it’s an edible.  So, back to the spice garden it went, except, in an area with more shade.  Seems to be doing ok, for now.  However, I did start another, used up, stalk of celery in a cup of water, JIC it can’t survive outside.  

ANTS!!!!!  :runcirclsmiley2:

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I do have shade screen, but, I need to build something to hold for the garden.  I haven’t had much time lately.  

My spice garden is located between a pine tree & a chaste tree, all but 2 hours of the day, it is shaded.  The north side, is almost completely shaded by the Mexican & Greek oregano plants and the Chinese garlic.  That celery plant seems to like that area more and hasn’t faded since. :thumbs:

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