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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Our local recycling pickup with the city ends this month as they are trying to save money and have decided that recycling is too expensive.   We will only see savings of .04 per 100 tax dollars, but they will keep on budget.  :scratchhead:


We have around a thousand boxes from amazon, etc.   We are trying to cut back, but it is hard. 


Things to do with boxes:


1.  Boxes as trash bags.  Fill them up.   Bonus put them out for porch pirates.  


2.  Burn them in the firepit as starter


3.  Turn them into baskets.

Open top of box.  Cut off long side top flaps.   Fold short side top flaps in half with edge on the outside.  Cut a U shape into flaps with the top attached.  Fold U inward to get quadriple reinforcement on handle.   Bam handled basket.  Paint, wrap with paper, or leave plain.  Fill with stuff.   Great for presents, carrying laundry, kids toys, etc.   


4.  Make a cat fort or a kids fort depending on the size of the box.  So many options here.   DH is working on 'cat L-Deck'.  


5.  Use them as garage sale containers to send with people.  


6.  Thin food type chipboard boxes ( beer box, cereal box, etc.) are basically scrapbook items if no food stains.   Use them to make mini books etc and cover them in paper or paint.  


Please let me know what you do with extra boxes besides put them in the trash!

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Flatten and put on ground to kill weeds. Put in the bottom of gardening containers to keep soil and moisture in. Use in worm bins. 

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I am planning to compost mine once I get caught up. We can take ours to the recycling center but they don't pick up here. We have almost all of them still out in the shed but that's not going to work long term. So going to send DH to take this batch in. But I do plan to shred into small pieces to use for "browns" in my compost, and to help keep weeds down under my mulch when I put that out.

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