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Questions on cooking a roast

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Years ago, I cooked a roast in the oven.  You know, the whole works with browning the roast, adding potatoes and carrots during the last hour, etc.  Oh, so good.  Then I began cooking it in an electric skillet.  It was even better because if you let the broth cook down enough the potatoes and carrots, as well as the roast, were browned and wonderful.


Now, I do it in the crockpot.  It's good but, nothing like the electric skillet or oven.  DH likes it because, with his dentures, the meat just falls apart and he doesn't have to chew it much.


So, my questions are.  1:  How do you cook your roasts?

                                      2.  What seasonings do you use?

                                      3.  Do you cook it in water, soup, or what?

                                      4.  What suggestions do you have on using leftovers?


Thanks ladies!:grouphug:

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Only in a crock pot for me.  I make dry Ranch and French onion mixes, so add one of them and cream of something soup.


Or if it will be for Mexican--add chili powder, cumin, garlic and a little orange juice.


Or for BBQ-- Just add BBQ sauce.



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Whole roasts can go in the crockpot, turkey roaster, or oven.   Sometimes DH smokes a pork roast on the grill.  


Sometimes I cut the roasts up into stew meat, steaks, stirfry or fajita strips, or grind it up for hamburger or ground pork.  


I have more seasonings for them than I can list.  It varies with the season, energy level, temperature, occasion, and what everyone 'feels like'.


Leftover roast is served as meat slices, shredded for tacos or sandwiches, or diced into casserole filler.    I often try to cut the roast to a size I think will do well with the amount of leftovers desired before I cook it and use the rest as ground/ stirfry/ steaks.  


Some of my more common ones:  *also if i have mushrooms, I usually add mushrooms to any of them.   


Mississippi Roast


stick of butter

ranch seasoning

brown gravy  or italian dressing packet depending on mood.  

banana peppers


Balsamic Roast



balsamic vinegar

soy sauce



beef broth


Mexican Roast



chipotles in adobo sauce

green chilis


lime juice

apple cider vinegar

bay leaves



beef broth


Roast for French Dip sandwiches


Onion Soup mix


Worcestershire sauce

chopped onions


Old Fashioned Pot roast



bell pepper





beef broth

seasonings to taste (usually italian or sazon)


Smoked Pork

Pork Roast

dry rub



BBQ Pork 


BBQ sauce

Jelly any flavor.  orange or raspberry are favorites.  





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