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Can't reach my mom....pray

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Long story short, my mom fell on Thurs but was ok.  Able to spend the afternoon with R - my neice.  She felt ok when we talked that night but had been taking Tylenol.


When we talked 8pm last nite [Fri]  she'd had a bad night with pain on Thurs nite, despite Tylenol.  Wasn't clear on how the day was but she was going to bed. 


Today I tried to call her earlier....and 4pm instead of 7pm our time....just checking.  No answer... 


Immediately called Brother.  He's already been trying to call her with no answer for 2.5 hrs.  So he'd called for a police welfare check already.  Cuz he's more than an hour away in the middle of the Potomac on his boat.  R-niece is out of state for a job thing today.


Now we're waiting....and praying....


MtRider ....will you join us, please?  :pray: 

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She's fine.  Sort of.

Wellness check...kinda scared her with police pounding on door....but she's ok.  What isn't ok is that she can't remember how to answer the cordless phone.  She's used her old On The Wall phone for decades and she's not really in the mood to learn anything else.  But...phone service is tied into TV service now....  Aaaugh.  Bro's got his boat in now and he'll go see her tonite.
I talked to her for a while but she kept hearing a "beepbeepbeeepbeep"  .  So I told her to press the green button...call waiting?  She reports she still hears the beeps.  She got me back on line tho.  Then while we talked....and I've got her to press the speaker button so she can hear me....suddenly I've got a dial tone.  ???  When I tried to call back -- X3 -- I held on until the recording:  If you'd like to leave a message... 
So I gave up.  Bro can maybe find out in person.  At least I gave her one of the addresses for a letter she's written.  Unless she loses THAT paper cuz she sure can't find any of the original places she had addresses. 
Harsh evening but THANK YOU ALL for praying!  :grouphug:  I'm a lot less frazzled if folks are praying!
MtRider  ....think I'll take a nap!  :0327: 
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Hopefully, she will learn the routine.


We are getting a plethora of political spam, due to the elections.  Terribly disturbing.  Beepbeepbeep….  :groooansmileyf:

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4 hours ago, Annarchy said:

We are getting a plethora of political spam, due to the elections.  Terribly disturbing.  Beepbeepbeep….  :groooansmileyf:

That's why I have CallerID. If I don't know the person or don't recognize the number I let it go to the answering machine.

@Mt_Rider Does your Mom have CallerID? Maybe she should add it to her service and get rid of the Call Waiting. :shrug:

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'Nother update.  Bro checked with Mom Sat nite and she basically said she was fine.  Didn't mention she'd been up and down with pain, yet have to go to bathroom...with difficulty. 
She's not telling the whole story.  SHE FORGETS THE WHOLE STORY!   :sad-smiley-012:  He's less experienced with getting the details...but he's learning. 
I called her at noon today [Sunday] and no one picked up.  I called at 2pm and she finally got to the phone.  In the midst of our long conversation, she says she was having trouble reaching the bathroom during the night cuz her "back" hurt so much again.  She said:  I wonder if I should get this checked.   :wacko:
YES!  If you're still hurting and haven't had an INR [blood thinner check] since CO...  When is Bro coming?  Well MAKE SURE you tell him!  [she didn't TELL him yesterday!!!]   You need to check this.....and if nothing else is wrong, then get something stronger than Tylenol so you can sleep. 
She agreed to that and was expecting Bro soon.  Bro arrived and was trying to get a better description of what - where hurts.  I'd reminded him [and later her] where I'd put her med refills from the CO doc.  They went thru those to make sure she was taking all the stuff and brought down the next bottles.  With what I'd said about bleeding if she was too high on the INR number, they decided to take her to ER tonite.  GOOOOOD! 
Whole big line up of folks waiting in ER but when Greg mentioned 91 yrs old, fell, pain, blood thinner meds.....they took her in back in 4 minutes.  Well, yeah.  We're playing catch-up by now.  Bro's about wigging out cuz he thinks he's dropped the ball.  He and WE did but...DH and I are learning what we have to tell him.  Bro knows hardly anything about medical and is only now getting the idea of how to get real data outta Mom. 
So....INR was in the ok range.  Whew!  Unfortunately I think we'd have figured it out earlier if it wasn't....like SERIOUS INTERNAL BLEEDING!  :amen:  
CAT scan shows two rib fractures.  :(  Evidently the break is not moving/grinding around.  Whew!  But they're keeping her for a few days .... probably to keep her immobile so the ribs don't begin poking something else.  Tiny bit of bleeding showed. 
Bro called with this update while they were trying to get her in a room.


She'll be fine now but with the doggone phone problem, I didn't even talk to her on Friday.  Bro will have to get her a desk type phone...not just the cordless.  Cuz we ALL cannot be out of communication like this!  A new phone so she can hear out of it.  But a "senior" simple phone with big numbers! 
And the clock with big numbers and the day of the week on it. 
They're working hard to get her settled.....
Another issue of prayer...
The moving truck company Bro got has terrible reviews...   It's unusual that he didn't check that ...but he's getting all beat up on so many things I won't say that.  My tongue about bled while I was biting it NOT to say anything tho!!  This was seriously not good news either!
Anyway they STILL haven't delivered her stuff.  That's unsettling her!!!  Her apartment echoes, literally.  He's going to confront them and check the boxes.  Had a few things that were valuable.  Other stuff precious to Mom only.  Pray it's all there and they compensate for breaking the timeline on the contract!
Ok...going to bed.  The saga not over.   Pray Bro's confrontation with moving guys doesn't go bad....  :sSig_help2:
MtRider  THANK YOU ALL!!  :grouphug:
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Talked to Mom briefly this afternoon.  I assume they're giving her meds for pain and muscle relaxing.  Niece was there and Mom used her phone  [let's not get into how my mom would try to use the hospital room phone system....lol ] 


Anyway, she'll likely go home tomorrow afternoon.  Maybe Reb will stay there with her overnite...tho she has a farm with animals 25 min away.  Dunno. 


MtRider  ....SO glad we finally got her checked!  Thanks so much for prayers....again.  :grouphug: 

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Does your mom live in a single apartment? How about a senior community where there is someone on call where she or the other family members could reach out to? It doesn't necessarily need to be fully staffed with a medical team but someone there on call 23/7. Kinda like a room mother who checks in on them everyday and could report to you everyday or two?   

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Mt Rider glad she's going to be ok despite the fall but sounds like she's not really doing well by herself could someone stay with her awhile until she is more oriented with her new place and the phone she can work is set up? Moving companies are very behind we had our things take 6 weeks to get to us and I was literally sleeping on a mat on the floor that long. I hope that nothing turns up missing. We had North American Van Lines which is a reputable company and still had a bad experience. I am sure this is all very stressful being so far away. :hug3:

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Mom and Bro wanted to try a small, 1 BR, first floor apartment.  She was settling pretty well.  I did go out with them to help her settle for a week.  She was sounding more and more normal  [getting over our huge fatigue issues of packing her 3-story house ]  She does stumble.  NO stairs! 


Ironically, one of the BIG reasons for getting her out of a house with lots of stairs was the issue of falling.    :sigh:   She never fell here in CO but 26 days into this one-floor small apartment and .... :0327:  Rats!  


Besides that, it's been the cordless phones that are giving us all fits.  Bro is on that problem too.  Must have communication.  Yes, office would go check...lady is very nice but not there 24/7  {I don't think}


BeccaAnne, sorry to hear that even reputable moving truck companies take too long.  Rats!  We were not expecting that.  But Bro/Mom bought new mattress/box springs and she's sleeping on that.  She's short enough, it's not a problem.  


HOWEVER, yeah...Bro was talking to the hospital soc worker...very helpful.  Referrals to a new doc. [regular INR checks, etc]   Gave him sources for home health aid folks ...exactly what DH has been doing part-time for past couple years.  See....we knew more about her and needs.  Bro is having to catch up.  He's called daily for decades too but....  Frankly, the move to low altitude beats all the drawbacks for her congestive heart problem.  She does has weekly housekeeping.  She does have 2 to 3 of us calling every day.....  More assistance was planned to be added gradually when needed.


WHEN ....the big question!  Dang...she was doing much better, sounding much more clear in the past couple weeks after initially resting a LOT.  [like me too!]


Jeepers, yeah..  "Independent Living" is the first level.  That's her position now..but unfortunately Bro couldn't find a place in a good Transitional Senior Living place.  The Transitional Senior places would have "assisted living" with those type of checks as the next level.  This is just regular apartment living.  But the complex is very willing to put in the bathroom safety bars...quickly for her.  Bro just talked to them today and was willing to pay for that to be done.  But they'll cover it.....cuz eventually they have to have such things anyway. Disability Act.   He's ordered the shower seat where you sit on outside of tub and scoot across till you're in the tub.  Can stand or bathe from sitting. 


That was what I suggested before we got there but didn't get addressed.  Last night Bro was looking at Adaptive Equipment sites and ordering things!  :thumbs:  A walker.  Stuff I emailed him [again] last nite.  He thot the side handle on the bed would be good so ordered that.  Yes!  .....except we have to get the bed frame off the danged TRUCK first!  :pray: 


Yeah, he's catching up.  Wants to do right by our mom!  Just was a bit clueless initially. 


MtRider  ...keep praying that she gets thru this initial fumbling and adjusting  [hers and ours!]  :pray: 

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Whew! You and your family are having a hard time. It’s bringing back memories... Praying that all goes well with your mom. :bighug2:

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Yeah, Dogmom.  I'll bet it does cuz hasn't been that long for you.  :hug3:




So Bro calls me and tells me the docs are very concerned with her low BP.  :puzzledsmile:   Uh....you mean HIGH blood pressure.  "No, they definitely said low." he says. 

Now I'm reallly concerned cuz she's had high BP meds since '85 when we went down to Iowa cuz my Grma was dying.  DH was still practicing with his doctor "toys"  um, tools....and taking everyone's BP.  :o  He took Mom's x3 and finally told her "Go to your doctor very soon!  Your BP is very high."  She's been on meds since.  


Bro took that under advisement.  Called later and said, Yeah, it's low HEART RATE that they're having fits about. " Ohhh...well she has Congestive Heart.  You knew that, right?"  He did but he's just swamped with learning all this medical stuff.   Probably maxing out on his anxiety pills too.  


Anyway....we all 3  [DH too....he likely remembers/understands more of Mom's medical stuff than either Bro or I do ]  finally were on the same page and were discussing a pacemaker.  She's in her 90's but she looks/functions like low 80's, actually.  Quite healthy for that age


Then the thunderstorm over our cabin took out the electric.....meaning the cordless phone we were talking on.  :buttercup:   Takes several minutes to unhook the bitty phone line connector from the cordless set to the OLD Princess phone using flashlight.  Little tongue thing is broken so you have to hold it in place.  Finally get connected again.  Finish conversation but will talk again ...tomorrow?  I talked to mom for a couple minutes.  She sounds better/stronger than she has since she fell.  She was battling pain without telling us how bad it was.... aaugh! 


I guess I'd be for pacemaker...tho it is invasive.  Not cracking open the chest.  And that procedure has been done a million times.  Yeah, probably will happen. 


MtRider   ......just keep riding the waves in my paper boat and looking UP to Jesus.  :pray:  

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My Mom had a couple of pacemakers, one which was a replacement when she was 92 and only had to stay overnight. I have one also and they really do help. You are all in my prayers.🙏

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Today is .....Thursday. 


Today Bro drove her from hospital to a rehab.  A 60 bed place.  For a week to 10 days mebbe.  This is to make sure she's breathing deeply during the healing of her ribs.  If not, she risks pneumonia.  They'll also be doing a general assessment of her current capabilities...advising assistive equipment, etc.  That's all good.  By the end of this, Bro will be a lot more up to speed on what she's able/not able to do. 
They took her off one med....he could not find in his notes to say which one.  But it does have a potential to cause some "hallucinations"..   Not sure exactly what they mean by that.  Visual....she hasn't had in my presence.  "Remembering" things that didn't happen....oh yeah.  We call that "you must have dreamed that".  Not sure what the difference might be....except she doesn't see people  who aren't there....just remembers things that didn't happen.  :sigh: 
So yeah, every time you get around medical folks...they want to change your meds.  But rehab is a good option, I'm thinking.  So she can be observed for a bit longer.  Unfortunately, yet another new place will confuse her......heck, this much change within 30 days would confuse me!!!
I know it's confusing Bro and he's trying SO hard to juggle all the "balls in the air" with Mom AND his work.  Pray for him too.  He's calling at least every day...trying to keep data passed to us.  So we can help him figure it out and remember it!  :wacko: 
As far as the plans for pacemaker.....I assume they'll all be assessing that too during rehab.  I hope they take things slow and speak loudly and clearly.  Usually medical staff likes her cuz she's pleasant and pretty on top of it.  Changing locations 3 times within 30 days is pushing things tho.  Pray she likes the food.  
Daily thunderstorm has arrived so I'm hitting send...
MtRider  :pc_coffee:
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Things started rough for my mom today at rehab....Confused.  But when Bro brought the exotic flowers from Maui to her, I think that really brightened up her day.  DD2 has been ready to order them and then....her location kept changing.  It was supposed to be a Welcome to your new home....er, hospital room, ....er, rehab room....  No wonder my mom's confused! 


8-2022 Grma HI flowers.jpg

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MtRider, you may want to make a little notebook for your bro with all the medical details for your mom.


I made a little binder for each of our kids that listed what meds were are taking, surgeries-where and who performed them, anything we have been diagnoised with etc. I also listed any and all doctors we have seen and their contact information. That way they have it if anything ever happens they will no have that duh look on their face and say hum I don't know. Sounds like your bro has a big learning curve. Prayers for you and your family. 


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The three big flowers near the bottom are candidates for Star Trek movies.  They're only found on the heights of Maui's Haleakala  [house of the sun]  ..and a few other places like South Africa.


They are heavy and nearly indestructible.  They dry very well and I've done that many times.  Eventually they dehydrate into crispy dusty ready-for-tossing-out.  They are under the category of Protea   and there are many different types. 






Other flowers in there are:  Largest at the top:  Bird of Paradise...not open yet.  The red and I believe the white also are ginger.  The smaller yellow/reddish, similar to the Bird of Paradise.....can't think of the name.  :scratchhead:  


Can't hit SEND cuz thunderstorm pounding us has taken out the Internet ....again.  Not complaining about the rain ...never!  :) 


WROTE THIS LAST NITE BUT NASTY  3-hour T-STORM TOOK OUT INTERNET....and the driveway, and gushed with big force down the back valley...and turned the ducks' pond MUD colored from runoff from driveway / road.  What a mess! 


MtRider   ....many more things happened today and I was late calling my mom.  She didn't answer after 25 rings.  :(   But her stuff was finally delivered to Bro's house this afternoon.  Think she'll get out Wed???  She'll be surprised to see her STUFF!  :amen:  


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