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Too many books???

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I have books in almost every room in the house! We're homeschoolers so that explains some of it.The rest is that I'm obsessed with reading and knowledge of so many things. I have bookcases. I just need to organize by topic. Two full bookcases of cookbooks in the kitchen,too. I love working in my little kitchen. 

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As much as I hate to admit this, I have only a few books in the house.  With access to our library and a librarian that's been there 31 years and gets us every book we want I don't feel the need to own.  We have a very nice budget and the majority of us like the same things.  We are mostly middle aged to older women.  Our school is gone and if the kids need a library, they use one in their school, the town where they go to school or the internet. 


If I want a particular book but know no one else will be interested, she will inter-library loan it.  If it's one like Carla Emery's, The Encyclopedia of Country Living, it's on my shelf.  Others are the Blue Book, Wild herbs/plants, etc.  


I'm a voracious reader, mostly novels, and always have a "real" book, an audio book and a book on my phone.  I can't be w/o a book but only have 1 shelf of my own.

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My biggest frustration with having SO MANY BOOKS ....on shelf and on Kindle....is that I can't always get to the new ones.  Cuz I'm re-reading the old favorites.  I'm doing that right now with a favorite PAW writer.  They're predicable but also predictably enjoyable.  He wrote so many, I don't really remember how each one turns out. 


DH always says my failing memory is going to be an advantage in that!!  See the same movie...read the same book...it's new all over again.  :tapfoot:   


MtRider  ....he's write  right  [ that correction is an example] ... but.... Hmph!  :shrug:  

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I have a lot of books but I also read and donate a lot too. I mostly keep reference books and books that really are beloved friends but I finally have a huge built in bookshelf so likely will keep more than I have in the past especially since we are homeschooling. My husband also loves books but actually has trouble reading anymore so his collection likely will not grow anymore as he tends to buy audiobooks. The library is wonderful too!


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I built, 24’ L x 9’ H x 2’ D, bookshelves, times two.  They are full!, that’s only paperback books!  Which doesn’t include the 8’ of cooking, gardening, & a bunch of other collections….  

Sadly, I literally recycled/trashed our collection of National Geographic magazines, a complete set, 1957 to present.  No one wanted them, I tried on line, “free”, even every local library, senior center, recreation center and doctor offices- they didn’t want them, because they all use digital now! I literally cried, as I tossed boxes after boxes in the recycle bin.  Broke my heart.  They took up 20’ of space!  We had no other choice, to make room for inventory, when we moved the business into our home.  :yar:

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Posted (edited)
On 8/2/2022 at 5:38 PM, Midnightmom said:

Another funny concerning books. This time it's from Calvin & Hobbes


Reposting as a downloaded image in case the previously "copy&pasted" image goes "bye-bye."



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32 minutes ago, Mt_Rider said:

why does that happen?


I think it is because I "copied" the image and then "pasted" it here. Apparently when you do it that way it reloads the image from the original URL and sometimes they get moved??? I've seen the notation that the URL "has expired." I just thought it to be easier to do than to save to my comp and then upload it here, but I guess that's  not such a good idea after all. :pc_coffee:

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