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Anyone know what this is?


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DH and I watch a lot of YouTube videos on a variety of things.  One of the things we like is watching homesteading type videos in other countries. The picture below is some kind of berry, we think, a lady in Ukraine was picking from her garden.  


Does anyone have an idea what this is???



8-5-22 Ukraine berries.jpg

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I’m not positive but they look like young green pine cones.  Some have edible nuts inside but they can also be candied or used to make a syrup or a decoction to use medicinally.  My guess!  

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The picture is hard to see.  It looks like a hop or a green pinecone.  Green pinecones are edible.  it could be a type of Romanesco.    If you have a link, I have a few Ukrainian friends.  I could have one of them tell me what is being said.  

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From what I see of young pinecones I can't find any that look like these things.  


DH told me an hour ago he knew right where he saw it and would send me the link.  He's still looking. LOL

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Very well could be hops.  Be fun to find out. 

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I think it is hops.  Hops = beer.   Kvass is made of hops and widely drunk in the Ukraine/ Russia.  It has a low alcohol content and is even given to children.  



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