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Easy splinter removal

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I don't imagine that this technique would be plausible for a splinter you can see, but what about those tiny little "splinters" that you get from plant leaves and stems, etc.

You can't see-um, but you can definitely feel-um! (And hate-um!) 


(Bonus: How many of you have fond memories as a child of coating your hands/fingers with this glue and then peeling it off??? :whistling:



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I was a glue peeler too. The real bonus was when you could see your finger prints in the peeled off glue. And the creases from your palm. If we had enough glue left we put it on our arm and ripped it off. You could see all the little dents (cells) from the skin and the tiny hairs. We didn't have electronic devises back then. A bottle of Elmer's glue and the human body made for a fun filled afternoon.  Perhaps I've over shared.  :unsure: 

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I made a huge mistake…. I used tongs, to harvest my prickly pear fruit.  Just enough to make some gelatin… gave the turtle next door, 2, he munched them quickly.  However, I had squeezed the tong too hard, causing the juice to get on the tongs….  Not thinking, I licked the tongs….  Ack!!! One tiny, tiny, spine got stuck in the top of my mouth, in the back soft area, by my tonsils j!!!  No, glue, would not help, or tape, or tweezers!  3 days later, after scratching with my fingernails, I think it devolved……. Lesson learned!  :008Laughing:

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