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Airless paint sprayers for machine tool use?


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Does there exist a small airless paint sprayer.. the type that paint contractors use to paint a house... that might do for painting a machine? In other words, a paint sprayer would spray standard enamel without thinning and not spray in such huge volume as a typical airless does.

Please resist chattering about alternatives such as HVLP sprayers epoxy garage flooring las vegas, heating the paint to spray full thickness, etc.... and stick to the topic of airless.

Also, I mean a high-quality unit with paint pickup that you dip into the paint can and with a separate hose and gun...not one of those POS all plastic home-grade things with screw-on paint cups.

And yes I realize the quality of finish isn't as good with airless as HVLP...but still should be way better than a brush...

So, what say ye?

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