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New steam juicer

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I finally bit the bullet and purchased an inexpensive steam juicer. I'm tired of canning and freezing so many fruit butters, jams and sauces. Now I can turn much of it into fruit juice. Today is the first time I've had enough chokecherries to can. I'm looking forward to cherry jelly this winter. DH will too, if I make homemade bread to go under the jelly.  :laughkick:


This is a year that I miss my chickens. The girls ate everything after I was done canning.   B)

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That's fascinating. I was not even aware there were steam juicers. Out of all the equipment I have, I've never even heard of that till now.


It seems that it is an aid to making jelly or juices like you shared. I made some crab apple jelly recently and I'm curious how that would translate into a greater ease of use and time saver...and how steam extracts the juices inside...and I'd be curious what the left over produce is like after the extraction has occurred.


I've only had traditional juicers so it's curious how the steam vs traditional has more potential.

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There are three parts to the steam juicer (besides the lid). The top is a colander where the fruit is loaded. Next layer down is the juice kettle. It looks like an angel food cake pan whereas the steam goes up through the center and holds the hot dripping juice on the sides. It also has a hose coming out of the side of the kettle that can be sent to another large pan or into mason jars for canning. It also has a portable spring clamp that keeps the fluid from coming out of the hose until you are ready to siphon the liquid off (during those times that you're jabbering on the phone too long and forget about the filled mason jars). :laughkick:  The bottom pan is a stock pot. It holds about 6 quarts of water that is used to steam the fruit, above. It takes 1-3 hours depending on the fruit.


The stock pot can be used for other cooking, like soups or stews. I have plenty of those pots, but the juicer is unique. Since I volunteer at a food pantry once a week, I sometimes get cases of fruit that can't be given away. If I don't grab it on my way out the door, it gets carted off to the farmer. This past week was peach juice. There wasn't much left of skins and fiber as the peaches were so juicy. Yummy.  :hug3:


The whole contraption is quite large and needs space to store. 16" x 14"

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Homesteader, I bought a steam juicer last year but haven't used it yet. I have a small concord grape arbor that I have in mind. I'd also use it for apples too. I figure I'd can up the juice in pint size bottles. I have a few of those Weck bottles that would be nice too. I'm just not sure anyone in my family likes grape or apple juice.


Oh...a combination of grape/apple might be nice too. Apple/blackberry? This could get interesting. 

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14 hours ago, Darlene said:

Understood. But I don’t think I understand how the steam gets the juices to extract. Might be a question I’ll have to research. 


The steam slowly cooks the fruit enough to pop the skins and get the juices flowing. I found that apples give less juice and lots of sauce. I run the apple sauce thru the Kitchen Aid to remove the skins b4 canning it. Not sure the steamer is the better choice for fruits with low juice production.

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10 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Homesteader, I bought a steam juicer last year but haven't used it yet. I


If I didn't get cases of 'seconds' from the food pantry, I probably wouldn't have bought the contraption. It takes up a lot of space on my small stove and the same when trying to store it. DH will just have to build an addition onto our garage.  :laughkick:

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Garage addition doesn't sound half bad! Would be nice to have a camp stove out there for canning/juicing and a place to set the dehydrator. An old sink to wash dirty root veggies. Humm. :unsure:


My juicer is only 11 quarts. 



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