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Aldi going self-checkout

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I haven't shopped in Aldi in weeks. I complimented the clerk on being a long-term employee. She showed me the area where the long tables are located where I can bag my own groceries. Half of the tables were missing.  :grinning-smiley-044:  She said that they can't find people willing to work. They are going to replace them with self-checkouts.  B)  We are destroying ourselves as a society and don't really care anymore.  :grinning-smiley-044:

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I heard where Aldi's were going to self checkouts too. One guy told the clerk that it will never work at Aldi. She asked him why. He said because the cashiers there were so fast that the self checker line would bog down the whole system and people wouldn't be patient enough to stand in line and wait for someone to scan their buggy full of food. 


I've never been in Aldi. I really need to correct that oversight. I'm probably missing out on some good deals. I'm just not sure how their system works. Starting with the buggies. Sigh. Anyway, according to what the guy up above said, if they only have a couple of registers set up, that could be true?


At my local Meijers they have about 20 self checkouts at one end of the store and the same at the other end. Although at one end of the store they are closed, along with the entrance door, after a certain hour. Probably around 9pm. They are open until midnight. They also have four self checkouts for 5 items or less. Sometimes they will have a full service line open. 


So at Aldi's would the cashier scan your items and return them to a buggy and at the end of the transaction you take the cart full to a table to pack them up in your own bags? Take them to your car then return the cart for your quarter? Asking for a friend.  :sEm_blush:


BTW, finding people to work in my area has been a huge issue too. Many places have closed down permanently and some others have reduced hours. It got pretty bad here last winter. 


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8 hours ago, Homesteader said:

 She said that they can't find people willing to work

I wonder if this will ever change. It seems like since C19 hit that it has been like this in all fields of work. I hired someone to pressure wash and paint the house and guest house. 6 months in and pressure washing is done, and the first coat of paint is on the front porch.


That's it for 6 months.


*rolling eyes*

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Typical Aldi Trip:

Put quarter in cart to rent it, pull it out, clip bag of bags to cart with D clamp, put shopping cart cover over baby area, put in baby.  Go up and down 5 isles getting what I need.  Put everything on conveyer belt.  Cahsier tosses my items as quickly as possible into another cart on other side of cash register dinging all my metal cans and squishing half my stuff.  Meanwhile I man the process of moving my bag of bags, baby, and shopping cart cover to the new cart...only 100% of the time they leave me nowhere to put the baby, so I juggle holding her and paying.   I pay then 7Ft away along the front of the store against the window wall is one long table where I park my buggy, one handedly juggle all the stuff to make room for the baby, then bag all my stuff then put it back in the buggy.  Go load van, return cart and get quarter back, carry baby back to van.   


They are fast, but at the cost of dinging every single item I buy.  I love the prices but employee niceness and common sense?  I'm not a fan.    Sometimes I just take the buggy of stuff out to the van and bag it there if the counter has too many people.  


Tips: I keep all my reusable grocery bags in a bigger bag with a D clamp on it.  It then clips to whatever.  I also keep a D clamp on the diaper bag and a small one on my purse.  I can clip it to the stroller, a cart, whatever and have it right in front of me but out of the way.  If the bars are too big or small for the clip, then one handle goes through and i clip one handle to the other bag handle or one handle to itself.  Works amazingly well on ....well everything.  

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2 hours ago, Darlene said:

It seems like since C19 hit that it has been like this in all fields of work.


Missionary friends stop by several times a year on their way back to Canada to visit family. They said that the govt. gave workers 75% of their salaries to stay home during the plandemic. Recently, when the workers were told to go back to work by the govt, the workers realized that they could live on 75% of their pay. It's a real mess up there right now.  ;)

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Ugh Euphrasyne. Looks like I'm not missing much from Aldis. I avoid dented cans. I won't buy any. If I have a dented can in the pantry I'm pretty sure I did it myself.  I think the cans are getting thinner and thinner already. 

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We do not have much trouble with our Aldi store.  A smile and some understanding for their difficult job goes a long way for their treatment of us and doesn’t cost me any extra.  We buy most canned goods in flats and are careful to put them up first so they go in the bottom the receiving cart.  In fact we put most things up in the order we want them to go in with bread, chips and etc last.  It is true we don’t have to juggle a baby. That would be difficult.  It is also true that I am in a handicapped scooter and clerks of all kind are instructed to be especially helpful to the disabled because of the Disability Act   

Aldi’s has many specific items we like at a lower price but there are some items I won’t buy there because of the quality.  We go maybe every other month and use it as a stock up store.  The quarter in the slot to get a cart does take some getting used to but you get it back when you return the cart and most times there is another shopper who will just trade you their quarter for the cart saving us both some time.  In fact, if we see a person who seems in need or who has several kids or like us is elderly we often just wave their quarter away and give them the cart.  It’s a quarter we can afford and maybe they will pay it forward some day. 😁

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Here, when I buy a flat of veg or soup, the take out each one and scan individually tossing it into the cart.  It drives me insane, and no amount of smiles or anything will get them to just scan one and hit repeat or to put it back into the flat.  

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That sucks, Euphrasyne.  Ours just checks through each flat to make sure they are all the same and then logs it on as 12 or whatever times the price. I wonder why the difference from store to store or perhaps it’s state to state.  Maybe just the difference in cash registers.  I’m sure if I had to deal with that I would reconsider.  

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Part of the reason for buying a flat is because of the ease of having the cardboard container to carry them in. Scanning one can at a time sort of defeats the purpose. What are you supposed to do? Scan one can and set each one in the bagging area until the cardboard box is empty and then load each can back into the box in the bottom of the cart?


At the self checkouts here at Meijers and Wal-Mart, when I have a flat of cans, I call an assistant over to ring up 1 can X 12 so I can leave them in the carton in the bottom of the cart. There is always someone available. To help prevent theft I guess. Lately sometimes there are two assistants hovering around. And hover they do. 


At the self checkouts at the grocery store, if you don't put something in the bagging area after you scan it, then it stops and it calls for an assistant. 


It would be difficult for me to have a toddler shopping at Aldi. Especially shopping in the winter with snow on the ground. I'd have to take them with me back up to the cart corral then walk them back to the car. I wouldn't leave them in the car alone while I returned the cart. Something us oldies wouldn't think of unless we were used to shopping with the grands.


Picture it... A single mom, snow falling, -10 degrees below zero, a buggy full of groceries getting wet and a couple of kids in tow. Do you leave them in the buggy while it's snowing or get them in the car quickly? Then take them back out of the car to return the buggy and then walk them back to the car?  :groooansmileyf:


I know most people would just stay home or go elsewhere. I'm just trying to imagine what I'd do in that situation. 


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I'm not sure why Aldi's does that, but all 4 of the ones near me do it.  It think it is a local mandate.  I usually just take the empty cardboard and put them back in it when I'm bagging.  


Kids and shopping tips:


Scenario 1:  Someone is shopping with me

Cart to van.  Kid gets loaded into van and buckled in first.  We unload and one takes the cart back while the other picks cart taker up or else sits with kid in car until cart taker gets back.  


Scenario 2:  I am shopping with kid by myself

Cart to van.  Kid gets unloaded into van to run around middle section like a crazy person, possibly given a treat of some sort to distract them.  I unload into back.   I get kid and put back into main section of cart, return cart.   I carry kid back to van and buckle in.  


Scenario 3:  I am at a very big store and the child is small in a baby carrier.

I park next to the cart return.  Shop.   Kid buckled into car, unload into back.   Return cart next to me.


Scenario 4: Child is being a very active child.  

1) I order pick up and they load everything into my van or husband's truck for me. No cart involved.  

2)  I order delivery and it shows up at my door.  


I spaced my children so that I never have more than 1 toddler at a time.  If I was ever babysitting or such and had multiple toddlers, then I would not go to the store.  

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I remember those days of kids and carts.  We didn’t have option four then but we often did have the option of an employee pushing the cart and helping to load it all in the vehicle.  Our local Hy Vee  and Jewel stores still offer and our local Fareway ALWAYS pushes your cart out unloads for you and wishes you a great day.  Smaller family store, prices there a bit higher but great sales with only rare limits and they have an old fashioned meat counter with excellent meat and service.  The cashiers unload your cart for you as they enter items.  Guess where we like to go. 

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I never go to Aldi's unless I am in Churchland area. I only go to Churchland when I have a doctor's apt. which is now not for 6 weeks. It is just not close enough for me to make a trip there just for that. I have Lidl's much closer to me and I like that one better. Prices are about the same. I like using them for cases of canned food when I go. They will tell you to keep your cans in basket and ask if all are the same and then have you take out one can to scan times 12. I do like that better than what Aldi's does taking and scanning each can. 

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