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What is God's will?

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That's the thought that keeps going around and around in my mind this morning. What IS God's will for the Godly man who has loved Him for over 50 years?


I really don't even want to write this post because I am just in a specific mode right now where I'm turned inward with the Lord because I feel like I have nothing to say, nothing to give outside of my immediate family.


I feel like I'm currently in an earthly and spiritual hurricane where the winds have picked up and are swirling with a unimaginable intent and accuracy in my life, all the while knowing that the full potential of those winds haven't even begun.


My ex and my children's father passed away almost 2 weeks ago. It's hard to comprehend how fast those 2 weeks have flown. It was a very rough end for him and only God knows if he turned from his rejection of Jesus at the very end.


My father is not doing well. He had to do another round of radiation for the cancer that was found in some of his bones and I think he's reached his saturation point and his body cannot take any more. He's supposed to have his last treatment Monday but I'm not sure that would be wise. On top of that, he caught Covid, and for all intents and purposes, is (I think) recovering from that, but his chest is still very congested and he started running a fever last night.


So, I'm going to be going down Tuesday, or perhaps even Monday...am praying what to do.


Of course, I'm praying that the Lord's hand of protection and healing will flow over his body and throughout their home, but a part of me asks Him from time to time, "what is YOUR will, Lord?". Surely not to take him home this way. My mom is a basket case, my youngest brother is moving mountains to help, my middle brother has waited on them hand and foot for several years now, and my oldest brother does the best he can.


It feels a little surreal for me, being the type of person who makes things happen, who never gives up, and never lets anything stop her, to know I"m in a position where I can't fix this...I can't make him suddenly well. I can, however, comfort him, meet his needs, wait on him, etc. But, I want to do more which is why I instantly turn to the One whose hands my dad's life is in, knowing He knows my heart, and knowing that He loves him far more than I ever could, and that His ways are perfect. His thoughts and plans are much higher.


Now THAT makes me feel a little better...writing out what I refuse to budge on (trusting Him no matter what).


So, if the Lord brings my dad to mind and if you feel led, please keep him in your prayers.

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Darlene, you and your family are in my prayers.  Praying :pray: your father gets over covid and recovers from the radiation treatments. I know that is very hard on him and you and family.  

Sorry to hear that you lost your ex and your children's father passing. I know that is hard to deal with.  But God has a plan and purpose for each and every one of us. Hoping he did come to the Lord before passing and excepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I know of people that didn't except Jesus but at the very end they came to know and except Christ. So good chance he did that. 

I think God's will for us is to just go out and tell others about Jesus and what he has done for us. Before covid I would go out and pass out tracks about Jesus and how to be saved and come to Christ. I need to get back to doing that again. I think right now that is the one thing the Lord wants us to do is to just spread the word. I think that is really more important than prepping. 

Remember, we all have those setbacks and I have been through my share of them. But remember that when you are troubled, and you only see one set of footprints, it's because God carried you through those trials, we all go through at times. You might not feel God's presence, but he is there with you. 


Let the Lord lead you in what you should do and if he is in hospital, don't be discouraged if they don't let you in to see him because of covid. Just remember God is there with you all the way. I pray you will be allowed into his hospital room if that is where he is at. 

Have a safe trip, and don't be discouraged as the Lord works in mysterious ways. Praying he does come through his illness, and you will be fine.


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As always you are in my prayers.  It is a difficult time but it would be so much more difficult if you did not have the Lord to turn to.  Stay strong and know that He will help you through all of it.  🙏

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On 10/23/2022 at 9:18 AM, Darlene said:

My ex and my children's father passed away almost 2 weeks ago. It's hard to comprehend how fast those 2 weeks have flown. It was a very rough end for him and only God knows if he turned from his rejection of Jesus at the very end.


Ed and I talk about Jim quite often. They were quite the legal force whenever they were together. They were hard to beat, but I think we held our own in a conversation.  :hug3:


Your dad is on a totally different level. I've also had the utmost respect for him and his love of God and family.  :hug3:

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Well, my cell was stolen at MIA and is now in Ecuador. I was able to track the phone and erase it remotely. Weird how tied to the cellphone our lives can be when you use them for business and otherwise. It was interesting watching all the ER nurses with their cell phones constantly going off, having to answer them, etc and it reminded me that it's kind of nice to cut that cell umbilical cord lol.


Rushed Daddy to the ER yesterday. Sepsis, COVID, pneumonia in left lung. He's in the step-down unit from ICU and is receiving amazing care. They were able to decrease his oxygen from 50L to 40L overnight, which the nurse was very impressed with in less than 24 hours. He's stable and I'll be going in a little bit to visit.


Sweet Pea (my youngest daughter and my dad's nickname for her), is flying down this morning in a panic. My dad is the only dad she's really had and they are extremely bonded. I think it's good that she's coming for herself, and also for him because it will lift his spirits.

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I am so sorry to hear about your Dad.  He and your family have been in my prayers.  

(PS…. Check with Ambergris.  She’s down that way and might spot your cell phone :laughkick:). 

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:pray:    .....hmph.  I've been going to email you or call you or.....  :0327:    Haven't gotten much of anything done.  Just got up to walking the dog in the past two day.  But I'm grateful for any progress I can get.  


Will you have your same phone # ?????  Stealing and cheating and all that is SO VERY.......personally violating!  :tapfoot:  


So sorry about your dad, Darlene.  Just keep hanging onto God.  Have a real tight grip cuz life....gets real hard sometimes.  Other times we have great glory.  I know you need some of that about now.  Not further aggravation from a thief!  :hug3:


Love you sister,

MtRider :pray: 

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Thanks everyone.


Daddy is still in the hospital but is slowly getting better. I've been going back and forth twice a day, morning and night.


I'm short on time at the moment but will share an update I sent to my uncle last night:


We went this morning and then early this evening. This morning, a PA for the Cardiologist came in and was trying to talk daddy into allowing them to give him a blood thinner due to the a-fib his heart was in when he first got there and the risks he was currently facing because of it. They also put him on another medicine for the a-fib and while that is helping, it’s not quite 100%. Daddy was adamant about not going on a blood thinner. I asked him why and he said it was because he felt he didn’t need it.

Madison’s boyfriend contacted his doc mom and she said she would suggest he go on the blood thinner too, so I did a little research and when we went back this evening, I brought the topic up again. I told him that nobody was saying that he had to be on it forever, but that his body had been traumatized by the pneumonia and covid infections, as well as the radiation and that his heart needed some help right now. I reminded him that I had to take it for a period of time when I had the knee replacements back in ’07, and gave myself shots. I told him that he could go and see the cardiologist that mom sees (that he wants to see too) and argue his case with the doc then, but that we needed him and it wasn’t worth taking a chance right now while his body is trying to heal. Thank the Lord, he finally agreed to go on the blood thinners so I went and told the nurse and she said she was going to call the cardiologist immediately to let them know.

God: 1 - Daddy - 0 lol


Other than that, he continues to slowly get a tiny bit better every day. He still can’t move much yet but they’re going to send some PT people in perhaps tomorrow who will talk with him and hopefully start moving him around. In fact, that was another reason he needed to go on the blood thinners…he’s not able to move much and that can be dangerous.


He’s appropriately tired and was sleeping when we got there so we only stayed about an hour. Long enough to talk him into blood thinners, charge up his Apple Watch and iPhone, and then we left so he could rest some more. Anyway, that’s the latest update from Miami. It was a busy day getting the Christmas tree up for mom (she always puts it up early lol), and visiting daddy, so I’m going to go crash for the night. I’ll update you tomorrow. I have to get ahold of his oncologist tomorrow and let her know what’s going on and cancel the bone scan he had scheduled for Thursday. I don’t know how long I’ll be here…I just told the Lord that I’ll stay as long as I need, and trust Him with the rest, i.e. the bull that keeps escaping from the big pasture and roaming around the property. Makes me nervous but I know the Lord can keep it contained in the meantime. Anyway, have a good evening and I’ll chat with you tomorrow. Nite.

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