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I Bought a Radiation Detector

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After watching Survival Lilly's YouTube video comparing relatively affordable "Geiger counters" on Amazon, I went ahead an ordered the model she recommended. It took a few weeks to arrive, but now it's here and I even put the batteries into it. 


It was made in China and was shipped from China. <_<  Oh, the irony. 


Still, it appears to work work and fits into my budget. If we are sheltering in place after a nuclear incident, it should be sensitive enough to check the outside conditions and help us decide it we need to move into the crawl space under the house (not a happy prospect.)


According to Lilly, it can also be used to check food items for radioactivity. I can see how that would be helpful after an event. Even if we are spared fallout exposure in our area, canned goods and other items might be shipped in from "hot" zones. I can see me at the Food Lion, aiming my device at the green beans. :shopping:


Seriously, I'll be staying home for a loooong time after a nuclear event, but it's good to know I could check for radiation before bringing items into our home. 


This is the one I ordered from Amazon. They are currently priced at $55.99 with a coupon for 5% off. 


Do any of your have a radiation detector, or plan to get one? 

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Cricket, I watch Lily too. She is where I learn about things going on in Austria. She is a smart and pretty tough lady. I watch a number of U.K. preppers, especially from Scotland.  I like seeing how other countries are coping and the types of food they stock up on.


I bought the Potassium Iodide tablets and then I think, "Why did I do that. Am I wasting my money?" Then another event in the world happens and all of the sudden I'm glad I did. 


I have thought about a radiation detector in the past but I really didn't know what I was looking for so I sort of forgot about it. I remember something about a card type of thing you could wear or keep on a key chain to measure outdoors. I'm not sure. I like the idea of using one on food. I think it's time to revisit them. Thanks for the reminder!

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We've had apple pectin pills and a product from DH's herb company called Iodomere.  Combined they're supposed to cover the topic of radiation.


But I like the idea of a meter.  Thanks for bringing up the topic, Cricket.  


MtRider  ...but I hate the idea of ever needing to use it.....know what I mean?  :pray: 

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We get a lot of radiation here from the sunlight.  The government puts out warnings, and on "purple" days people carry umbrellas and/or wear long sleeves no matter how hot it is.  So odd to think about how my casita is naturally fallout-protective in multiple ways, but then to remember I don't need to worry about fallout here.  I left my potassium iodide with my sons, along with other "goodies," but I don't think they bother keeping track of where the bottles are, even.

Before, I ordered a counter, but it never arrived.  I couldn't get a replacement because they ran out.  Only got a refund.  You could practice, and test accuracy, by checking the background radiation count.  There are (or were when I ordered mine) various websites that will let you measure your count against what other people in your area are reporting, and these sites show a map of the current count in various cities and sites.

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i have one similar to the one I used working for the State Patrol in Wis along with dosimeters, which do have to be calibrated.  I bought the calibration device (battery operated) also years ago.  Guess where it is....in a storage unit in Wis. put there when I moved from the old farmhouse my husband and I lived in for 15 yr.  Lordy I miss that place.  I had tons of preps BUT when moving had nowhere to put them so many went bye-bye.  Only some are in storage.  Hopefully I can go back, rent a truck, and bring themj down to where I am BEFORE I need them.  I also want my extensive ammo reloading equipment.  Oh well.  


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