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Anyone from Tennessee?

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If you are, have you ever come across this intersection??? :huh:

How many times did you have to drive through it before you were able to successfully navigate it and wind up on the correct highway headed in the right direction??? :scratchhead:





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Its not much difference than the 664/64 interchange here.   I don't have a pic from the 664 right by my neighborhood, but here is one from 464 a few miles away.  


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 Those roads are about as bad as the one over in Indiana that is near me. It's a new five point 'round-about' right in front of a very busy shopping area. I still can't figure it out. As you approach it there are five different ways you can go in but you have to decide which lane to get in as you approach and some of the options are clear only once you are at the circle. Each entrance has two different lanes to choose from. To top it off, there is a big round median in the center of it that they have planted a tree and large shrubs. You can sort of see to the left if a car is entering the circle but you can't see if a car has entered straight on because of the bushes. It is on the main route and it is horrible. I can't tell you how many times I've had to keep circling that blasted thing. Or I've ended up having to exit it because one of the lanes ends. And once you are in the circle, sometime you have to cross another lane. I hate that thing but it's the only way to get from point A to point B.  


Son said the mayor approved about six of those things and then was not re-elected. So the town is now stuck with them.


Lookie-Lookie what I found.  If I ever end up missing this is probably where you will find me. Going around and around.

Round About   

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It is awful. And it's right in front of Menard's, Home Depot, Target, Barnes and Nobel, Michaels, Best Buy, Bed Bath And Beyond and a whole slew of other shops. You have to go through it to get to Meijers, Dicks and Hobby Lobby. And the road leading out to my town is on the other side of it too. As bad as it is for residents, I can't imagine someone driving through there the first time unaware. It always seems busy. I'm still never sure which lane to be in.  


I don't know about accidents but I'd think there must be quite a lot. It's fairly new. I think it's only 4-5  3 years old. The other round abouts are the normal ones. I don't like those either but this one is insane. You get out of this one (somehow)and about 2 miles down the road you have to go through another regular one to get to Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree. I get in the circle and hope for the best. It's a white knuckle, drawer changing adventure for sure.  

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I have been known to pass my destination, go up the next street, and make turns until I can get to where I'm going without going through a traffic circle.  

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2 hours ago, euphrasyne said:

I have been known to pass my destination, go up the next street, and make turns until I can get to where I'm going without going through a traffic circle.  

I was wondering about work arounds or back streets.

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I did that all the time when I first started going over there. I would go an extra couple of miles out of my way to avoid the regular ones and I know of some people who still do that. I still do that sometimes to avoid the regular ones. Of course, you have to know the town to know where the side streets are. Those roundabouts are intimidating.


Son gave me a hint about doing them. Just look left. You can only drive one way on those things. If there is no one in the circle or no one entering it on your left, then you are good to go. You really need to know where you are going though because the exit 'ramps' have two lanes that merge together as you go out. So, you need to know which lane to exit out of so you can continue on down the road and not be in the lane that merges over. I can do them but I still hate them. I have been known to circle around twice. There is no law saying you can't do that but etiquette says you should only do that one time. 


That five point one up above is a game changer because of the all the lanes within a lane. Sometimes you have 3 options to choose from. Go left around the circle, go straight to exit, or turn right to exit into the shopping center. But you have to know which lane to be in before you get up to that point. It is even worse than it looks because of the markings on the road. There are some strange direction arrows marked that I've never seen before. It looks sort of easy from above but when you are actually driving it, those arrows are very confusing. And that median is all planted up now so some of your vision is blocked. When I first enter it I usually take the first turn into the shopping center and drive all the way to the other end of it. Then get back in the circle in the upper left to go on out. I still can't avoid the entire thing though. 


I noticed at about the 1:10 mark someone stopped and blocked two other cars behind him. You never stop at a roundabout. Once you get in, you have to go...somewhere.`


That town is a college town so there are a lot of young, less experienced, drivers there. And a lot of out of town visitors. That town has all of the shopping and big box stores so if you need something from that shopping area, you have to do the roundabout. Only other alternative is Wal-Mart in another area. 


I'll tell you the truth, when I had to take my driving test over there, if she would have had me go through even the simplest one, I would failed the test. Unless I just got lucky.

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