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Prayers For The South


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Sending up many prayers for the people in the southern states. I just saw the pictures of the terrible wind spawned tornados that hit. We are having high winds here today and in an advisory until 5:00pm but nothing like that.


"Two people have died in central Alabama after a tornado struck Montgomery County overnight, officials said. At least 29 tornadoes have touched down in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama."  

Severe weather updates: 2 people are dead after tornado outbreak hits the South (aol.com)


You okay Miki?   :pray:

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We're good, Jeepers.  Thanks for asking!  A little rain 1.25" and some wind and "boomers".  Now it's getting cooler!


Small tornado hit about 10 miles North of us.  That was the closest one.

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Yes, prayers needed for all those areas with bad weather.  I didn't know all this was going on as it wasn't on my local news. Praying that no more really bad weather like that hits again. It is so hard on people that have been hit by all these storms that pass through. So much damage also. 

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Just now heard from my friend’s daughter.  They had some damage but nothing serious and are doing fine, TTL.  Their internet was down for a while but back up now.  😁

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