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Single cake slice

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Have you ever made a single serving of cake using the microwave?


When my kids were in school, I often had a piece of fresh cake waiting for them as they came in the door.  If you've never made it, it's so simple and so good.  Using a boxed cake mix, fill a Styrofoam cup 1/2 full.  Add enough water to make it the consistency of cake batter.  Put it uncovered in the microwave for 1 minute.


I don't buy Styrofoam cups anymore, so I use cereal bowls for DH and me.  Proceed the same as above.  However, it may take 1 1/2 minutes to cook if you use a little extra mix.  For us, I put a little butter on top.  When the kids were home, I made up some frosting and froze it in individual packets to top theirs with.


I store the opened cake mix in the freezer where it will stay fresh long past the best buy date.

chocolate cake 12-31-22.jpg

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Oh yes!!!   So fast and easy….Too fast and easy :feedme:  I have done this with a lot of things. There are wonderful recipes online for cakes, cobblers, English muffins, and so much more ‘in a mug’.  The mixes are a wonderful short cut. Or make your own mixes. 

By the way, I used to do this with the kid’s Easy Bake Ovens. It was usually a teaspoon to a tablespoon of any mix and water or even milk to the consistency needed. Our kids made everything from cake to biscuits to pies, to cookies, to pizzas and more in those little ovens but it took forever to make enough for everyone, LOL. 

Thanks for the reminder, Dee. 

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That would be a great idea for GS. He's not a big cake eater but does eat cake now and then. So, no waste doing it this way. I will be giving this a try to see how he likes it. 

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I'm not a big fan of microwave cake, but then again I can't eat regular cake either because of the GI surgery.   I do remember buying it as a kid and my mom 'letting' me make it in the microwave.  I was so excited.  I need to try this with my teen. 

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