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Excess sourdough starter

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I saw a video recently of a local woman around here who takes her excess sourdough starter when she goes to feed it, and pours it into little pancake like disks in a hot pain, quickly cooks it, and then turns around and feeds it to her chickens.


I thought this was a brilliant way to use the excess sourdough starter and a very healthy treat for the chickens.

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I'm sure everyone's different, but as everyone knows, when you feed the starter, you have to remove a decent portion of it to make room for the feeding. It's always been hard for me to throw away but it's very easy to get quickly inundated with an enormous amount of sourdough starter.


I liked the ability to do the above, and to feed something exceptionally healthy to the chickens, whose eggs I also enjoy.

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I don’t have chickens but wonder if the cats would like it that way.  I’m sure the wild birds would eat it if the chickens eat it but I’d never thought about using the excess that way.  I’m always careful not to put a lot of it into our septic tank.  A little is good as it feeds the bacteria there but I’ve always felt too much might overwhelm it.  

When I was making bread regularly I never had any excess as I made twelve or so loaves each week and could just add to the starter and not have to take any out.  Then I would use the whole amount to make the batch and remove a cup to start the next set.  Now, with my “maybe” one loaf every couple weeks it’s easier to start it, add to it, then freeze the excess when I feel it is ready. 

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