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How do you keep your painted nails looking so neat (color, lotion)

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Whenever I paint my nails they always seem to peel the day after. I am lucky if they last without any chips for two days. They always seem to start peeling after my morning shower. I always put two coats on but it does not seem to do any good. How do you ladies keep them looking so fresh. Is it because you go to a salon? Is this the secret to beautifully kept nails or are there some other secrets done at home that I am not aware of? How often do you apply nail polish. Do you do it every night? BTW I use OPI  https://glamgossiper.com/what-are-overlay-nails/

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Base coat, two layers of color and a top coat.  Make sure you wash your nails, with a degreaser type soap first & let them dry completely before you put on the base coat.  Don’t touch anything with body oils, hair, skin, etc.  I used to do my nails, but, with age, and all the work I do in the yard & house, it’s not very productive anymore.  

Even when I was using acrylic nails, there’s a product you prep the clean nails with that helps the material stay on your nails.  I can’t remember the name or brand, but there are a lot various products available.  

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40 minutes ago, maymayms said:

I use OPI  

OPI is a very good product.  I used it for years.  But prepping your hands first, is the #1 thing to do.  I learned that from my salon, when I used to use them.  Once a week…. But it got expensive…. $30, each week to have them done.  It’s up above $40/week now, plus a tip…..  :rolleyes:


Also, if you have soft nails, put a layer of nail strengthening polish on top of the base coat & use it as a top coat.


Hope that helps.  It did for me.  I have very thin, soft, brittle nails.

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