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Was the recipent of 3 nice bags of beautiful red delicious apples yesterday so 2 bags went onto the big dehydrator, and having a little left over, I made some spiced apples. Put them into a jar (like we've discussed here), vacume sealed them with my food saver and then put a bright orange piece of cloth I had over that, and tightened the ring over it...for who? We're going to a birthday celebration Saturday at the Moose for a friend of ours, and he's a batchelor. I think he'll enjoy that for a gift!

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Easter is coming up so I'm planning to make up several 1/2 pint jars full of a tropical-type Grop mix, vacume seal & tie a $Tree ribbon around the ring and stick a bow on top...I got a bow maker for Christmas that a friend made out of a 2x4 so will try my hand at making my own gift bows. I'll buy several rolls of ribbon from $Tree so I'll have it on hand for any holiday/gift event.

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Christmas is just a few days away and I'm finishing up my "gift bags" of home canned cinnamon apples, homemade taco sauce, mylar bags of cappachini and ... my homemade dish scrubbies made from plastic trashbags. Thought I'd show you a couple. The most time consuming is cutting the "ribbons" so that one bag is a continuous strand and then tying them all together, but, they're fun and to me very rewarding to give as a gift. When I get the bags put together (plastic apple bags I've saved) I'll try to get some pics uploaded.


ps...just posted the finished "gift sack" that we'll be delivering to a few friends!






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Loaded up our gift bags and went deliverying. When they answered their doors, we sang "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and handed them their gift bag. It was such a hoot to see their faces & smiles. Saving back goodies all year long to make gifts is so much fun, and then deliverying them even more so!

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