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I am not familiar with all of the chain fabric stores so if you know of others please post them so I may add them to this group and my other sewing groups.









If any of these stores are in your area and you haven't signed up - subscribed to their e-mailing list, you might want to do so. There are coupons offered in your email not offered in the mail.


Speaking of the snail mail, you might want to go into the store and sign up to be on their mailing list. The s-mail has frequent offers of 40% off as well as other store discounts.. patterns being one and thread is another.


If I don't need any fabric and have a coupon, I buy scissors or sewing notions. Scissors, a girl can't have too many pairs of scissors you know. You can go to the notion wall and look at french curves or hem markers... look around!


If you have a coupon for 40% or 50% off and you find fabric that is on sale for 30% off... you can use the 40% or 50% off coupon on that already on sale fabric.


The girl behind the table might attempt to bully you a bit because it is a bit more work for her, but stand your ground! She needs to take the fabric back to the full price, then subtract the 40% or 50% off the regular price. I would rather get 40% or 50% off one cut of fabric then 30% off! how about you?


Joann Fabric has a magazine, the cost of the magazine is $2.97 cents. On the back of the magazine is coupons! If you have an expensive fabric and a 50% off coupon saves you more the $2.97 then it is worth the magazine. There are several 50% off coupons so it actually is worth buying the magazine. Be sure to ask for it at the cutting table.


If there are any other tips or money saving ideas please.. do tell


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Shank Size




There is one size missing, it is called a Super High Shank. A bit taller then a High Shank. If my memory serves me, only Kemmores and not all of them have a super high shank.


When in doubt, talk to your local sewing machine tech.


all Slant shanks are on the older Singers, 301-900 series. Some older singers use the high shank, most machines use the low shank. The snap on uses 1 shank and different feet snap on to it.

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If you know your machines shank size you can order feet for your machine that do special things. I just ordered a pin tuck foot to do pin tucks. there is a hemming foot which doubles as a mock rolled hem for a sewing machine, if you do lots and lots of ruffles there is a ruffler, quilting foot and more.

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adjusting tension



If the bottom of your fabric is a jumbled mess of loops and a general rats nest then you need to adjust your tension!


get a strip of fabric and a pen.. sew 3 inches and stop.. draw a line where you stopped and write down the number on your tension dial.


the numbers will be 0-9. Mentally divide the number into fractions. Like 1-2 if you move the dial from 1 to 2 that is a big jump when it comes to adjusting tension.. so mentally divide it into 4ths... 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2.


Change the number to a fraction, sew 3 more inches, stop. Look at the back of the fabric, not right yet? place a line on the fabric and write down the tension number.


you may have to all the way up to the highest number and start back down again.


why? because the tension disks may need to be cleaned, the needle is bend or dull and needs to be changed.


a bit more technical info



but I agree... don't mess with the bobbin tension unless you already know you are gonna take it to a shop to be adjusted.


a balanced stitch, what it should look like



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Sewing Secrets


the key to and I can not stress this enough.. the key to making something look professional no matter what... is Pressing! press every step of the way. Press every seam opened, or to the side or???


Use a spray bottle of water do not fill the iron!!! it isn't because of the mineral build up but because you put water in the iron, the water has to turn to steam but before it does, we use the iron.. it drips water out of the bottom! so use a spray bottle, quicker and safe! If you have an old sheet or pillow case (100% cotton) use that as a pressing cloth over what you are ironing.. this will save your iron bottom keeping it clean and won't put anything on your beautiful garment if there is stuff on your iron.

here are some more secrets to sewing....


goodness... stay stitching! a much overlooked technique..


One of the things we tend not to do is stay stitch. Stay stitching keeps fabric from stretching and allows it to hold its shape. This is actually pretty important.

Scroll down http://www.sewing.org/enthusiast/html/el_machstitch.html





facings are in most everything we sew and yet the facing is always bulky and won't lay flat. Information on how to 'grade' a facing







Definitions of Pattern Symbols




Hand stitching http://www.ca.uky.edu/fcs/FACTSHTS/CT-MMB-002.pdf


how to make continuous bias tape



applying bias tape



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Followed a link for "stay stiching" in the original replies and got redirected to this site. It has a resource list for all kinds of sewing tips, etc. You can download a PDF of whatever you find to be interesting. :D

Sample of available guidelines. Link to page is at the bottom of the pic.



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