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For all those who think knitting is hard, I learned as a young child.


I learned to knit when I was 7 years old. The nice old retired lady next door taught me. We were neighbors for the 13 years I grew up in that house. Since I married and left home I still keep in touch with her. She turned 90 years old in November and she still has all her marbles. In fact I asked her to send me an old pattern to make Princess a sweater and she wrote it down for me from memory!

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I had to read these posts to make me remember knitting and crocheting! I would not want to start knitting because I only know the basic stitch and could only make a scarf, but thinking aboout crocheting has made me itch to start again as with knitting I only know a basic technique that may be called a granny square but I'm not sure and I know how to make the scallop around the edges, plain as it may sound it makes a very pretty throw for the couch or chairs. Thinking about it know I am sure that would bring me some peace of mind and relieve some stress. I spent alot of time with my grandmother when I was in my teens and even thou she asked plenty of times if I wanted her to teach me how I always thought it was way to 'uncool" but I always watched her fingers and somehow it was absorbed into my dense teenage head, after she died I asked for her knitting needles and crocheting hook simply because they were hers. I was so surprised when I was pregnant for my first child and I picked them up one day because I had found some yarn and I actually could do it! I wish I could have told her I learnt how from her. Now I cant wait to get into a store and find the "perfect yarn" and begin a new throw for my couch

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An excellent book for the beginning or expert knitter is Knitting for Dummies. Yes they made a for Dummies book on knitting! LOL. I am a fairly good knitter, but I still purchased and find myself pulling it out all the time. It takes you from the basics, to knitting socks on four needles!

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DH got me a knitting how to kit from walmart..The book looks more confusing than crochet. Im gonna also try those websites to see if they give any more direction than the book.


Does it matter what color or type of yarn is best for beginners? I learned when I started to crochet that the dark yarn was harder for my eyes to deal with.

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The only thing I knit anymore is dishrags. I forgot how to purl! I used to knit all kinds of things. I'm going to check out those links and see if they can refresh my memory. It would be nice to be able to make some different stitches, even if all I make is dishrags.


Nobody has ever been able to teach me to crochet. For some reason, I just can't see the stitches that I'm supposed to put the crochet hook through. It just looks like a knotted mess to me. Probably because of my dyslexia.

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You could be double-wrapping the yarn, which is how you increase, or splitting some of the stitches in two and making a stitch out of each half, which will leave a weak space. There are, probably, other possibilities, but those two are the most likely.

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Just a note. I was watching the HGTV and they have a spot in late morning (pacific time) for DIY and have knitting and then afterwards crochet. Sometimes they go a bit fast, but you get the jist and can watch them do the knit stitch and then the purl stitch the way you'd see it in your hands.


Today they were using 4 double end needles to do a round glove, it was interesting.


The crochet was doing a knit cap that kind of looked like an old aviators cap with long straps that went around your neck to keep warm. Based on rap, I think the lady said.


Interesting puff stitch she did and the directions are on the DIY network web page. She also stabilized the edge of the cap with beading elastic and then continued crochet over it. She said after you wear the cap awhile it has a tendency to lose its shape. The elastic was tied with a knot and she used washable fabric glue on the knot to keep it from coming undone.


You might have to find instructions on HGTV and click the link over to DIY. Sorry I did not catch the name of the show. I can catch it tomorrow if anyone wants the name.



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I got on here tonight with the intentions of asking for some knitting help. I had taught myself how but could only do 2 shapes. A big diamond dish towel or anything in a square or rectangle. I have a couple of projects going right now but when I am done I will try a couple things I saw in here. I will let you know how it turns out. Of course, I have a 22 month old so don't look for it soon. Thank you!!!!!!!!

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I taught myself to knit a few years back with an article in a Martha Stewart Living magazine! I'm so glad I did it, too! I love it, although I don't knit on a regular basis. I get an urge, so I knit, and when it's over, I put it down for several months until that urge comes again!! But I'm learning more and more, so my urges are becoming more frequent! My babysitter taught me how to crochet when I was in elementary school, but for the life of me I can only remember how to do a chain. I need to brush up on it! Happy knitting!!

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I learnt how to crochet many, many years ago from my mother. I don't know when she learnt because the first time I remember her crocheting was when I was 11 or 12. She taught all of us kids at that time how to do a granny square. My sister and I kept at it. Fast forward many years and I decided I wanted to do more than just blankets and I didn't see you doing much more than that with granny squares. (I know you can make more than blankets with a granny square, but I didn't know how.) So I decided that I wanted to learn to knit. I taught myself from a book. I have since taught my self not only many different stitches but have also broadened what I can do crocheting. I have made sweaters, hats, blankets, scarfs, and crochet slippers. I started to make a pair of knitted socks, but lost the pattern after having one and a half sock done. I need to pull it out and try again to see if I can find a new pattern to make them. I feel that if TSHTF socks are something I better know how to make. Right now I am making sweaters for my grand-daughters. I have given up on a lot of knitting the past few years and mostly just make baby clothes any more. It is because of arthritis. I quit before a project is done then never complete it. Smaller projects are easier to complete. However, the girls thought that I should make a sweater for them. They had seen me with a store bought sweater, and my knitting needles and thought I had made the sweater. So now I am committed to making them the sweaters they asked me to make. I find that now I have to take alot more breaks. I used to be able to finish a plain sweater in a week to a week in a half. Now It takes me much longer. However, I love to knit and crochet, so I keep at it. Usually I have two or more projects going at a time and often one is crochet ( baby blanket for grandson number 5 due in Febuary) or the sweaters. That way when stitching one way starts to hurt, I can switch to a different project and change the pressure on my hands.

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WOW! clapsmilie



Recently I saw something about making two socks at the same time on the same flexible, long needle, and that way you never had to worry about so much counting. Sounded like a neat way to do it, though I'm not brave enough or knowledgeable enough in knitting to try it.


If I find the link, I'll post it... wink




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