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Thanks I would love to have that link. One of the problems I have when I am making two of something that has to be the same size, I have trouble making sure that they are both the same size. Doing both socks at the same time would make that less of a problem.

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Originally Posted By: Deb2of9
I learnt how to crochet many, many years ago from my mother. I don't know when she learnt because the first time I remember her crocheting was when I was 11 or 12. She taught all of us kids at that time how to do a granny square. My sister and I kept at it. Fast forward many years and I decided I wanted to do more than just blankets and I didn't see you doing much more than that with granny squares. (I know you can make more than blankets with a granny square, but I didn't know how.) So I decided that I wanted to learn to knit. I taught myself from a book. I have since taught my self not only many different stitches but have also broadened what I can do crocheting. I have made sweaters, hats, blankets, scarfs, and crochet slippers. I started to make a pair of knitted socks, but lost the pattern after having one and a half sock done. I need to pull it out and try again to see if I can find a new pattern to make them. I feel that if TSHTF socks are something I better know how to make. Right now I am making sweaters for my grand-daughters. I have given up on a lot of knitting the past few years and mostly just make baby clothes any more. It is because of arthritis. I quit before a project is done then never complete it. Smaller projects are easier to complete. However, the girls thought that I should make a sweater for them. They had seen me with a store bought sweater, and my knitting needles and thought I had made the sweater. So now I am committed to making them the sweaters they asked me to make. I find that now I have to take alot more breaks. I used to be able to finish a plain sweater in a week to a week in a half. Now It takes me much longer. However, I love to knit and crochet, so I keep at it. Usually I have two or more projects going at a time and often one is crochet ( baby blanket for grandson number 5 due in Febuary) or the sweaters. That way when stitching one way starts to hurt, I can switch to a different project and change the pressure on my hands.

I've had the same problem (suspected arthritis) rear its ugly head for the first time about a month or so ago; it was in one knee and my hands would stiffen up and get almost numb after doing just a little knitting or similiar handwork.

Well, I tried some glucosamine/chondrotin dietary supplement I got over the counter. There are several brands; I got "Move Free" by Schiff. This particular one doubles the dosage for a couple of weeks; 2 tablets twice a day and then goes to 2 tablets once daily. It's said to work by re-hydrating and lubricating your joints. It really does help; I've been able to knit with little difficulty since taking this for a little over a month. It sure beats the cortisone injections people talk about taking for arthritis. My knee isn't 100%, but it's WAY better than it was. You may want to try this; all I can say is that it made a world of difference with my hands especially.
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I love knitting, it is my passion. I taught myself using the videos at www.knittinghelp.com


They are great, and there is a forum where you can ask questions and recieve answers within minutes, kind of like here lol.


I am also more than willing to answer any questions anyone has. I have been knitting for a year and a half now, and I have made socks, sweaters, gloves, scarves, hats, blankets, dishcloths, skirts for my girls, you name it and I have knit it or have a pattern for it lol.



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This winter I taught myself how to knit. I kept remembering my grandma and her knitting needles. I'm not too bad at knit, but need to work at purl. I've made a couple of scarves and am working on a third in curly angora - FOR ME, just ME and no one else! (I gave away the other two). I haven't even attempted to make anything with a definite pattern yet, although I do subscribe to a knitting magazine. clap


A funny story - when I was a small child, I LOVED to run my hands over my mama's knitting and crochet needles. She kept them in this long rectangular zippered case and I love the noise they made. Recently, I borrowed a pair of wooden size 13 needles that were her grandmother's. As I was using them, I realized that around the tip of one needle was a perfect circle. It kept catching the yarn, so I called her to see if she would mind if I sanded it smooth. She began to laugh when I told her of my problem. When I asked her why she was laughing, she said it was only fitting that I fix the needle, for I was the one to make it that way. Evidently when I was 3 or so, I jammed this wooden size 13 into a metal knitting gauge for a size 8 or 10 needle, leaving this perfect ring. She was finished with her project and never did repair the needle. busted



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that is such a cute story!


I am always glad to meet another knitter. Let me know if you need anything.


Also, have you heard of a site called Ravelry? It is a members only site for now, but it is full of knitters and crocheters with lots of advice and lots of patterns! There is a waiting list to get in, about 2 weeks at this point, I think. It is still in Beta testing, but it is worth the wait.

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I found this, and it seemed just perfect to post here for all you knitters...


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One of the skills it seems we may need is how to knit socks. I know they are complex, compared to a scarf, but I want to learn to knit with the dpn's and create my own socks.

I have been studying up on it and have found quite a few sites with great buys on supplies and dpns and circular needles.


I Ordered dpns of various small sizes and several knitting or sock knitting books from amazon last night. I look forward to getting them.

I also am a member of the yahoogroup Socknitters and they have lots of detailed help for any question or problem or method I am thinking. They are great folks and really pleasant.


Being able to knit socks is a good prep skill. We are already seeing some of the typical store bought socks not available at stores like Walmart. The economy is going on its domino affect and these most basic items are not manufactured in our own country anymore. I decided it would be wise to learn to knit.


I too can have pain in my joints and had it the whole time I was in the navy and another decade after that, then it went away, seemed like the lupus went into remission, but I did not learn to knit as a youngster or in my 20's or 30's


I have figured out knitting hats and scarves on the round and almost got the straight loom down, but socks, other than tube socks, are an art, and more advanced, but necessary!


When I saw how manufacturing overseas and the shipping affected by the oil and economic troubles affected our availability of such simple items, and living in a four season place, I knew knitting socks and later on sweaters maybe, would be a truly worthy skill.


So, I hope I can get the right tension and keep count of things as I go as socks are quite complex!

Wish me luck! knitcrazy

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At one time I did make a pair of socks, but, that was years ago. Every thing I learned, I forgot. frownmecry Guess when I am ready, I'll pick it up again, but, for now, I am doing other things.





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Ok, figured out knit and purl with making a stockinette stitch on Bernats satin which is a 4, but I used no. 3 dpns to knit it and got 6 to 7 stitches per inch... a bit odd.....more like 7, but was also looking over the basic sock pattern for a plain work sock and will stick with 6 stitch per inch pattern, as I can increase or decrease if i need to after doing the frogging..... rip it, rip it, rip it..... ah well... so I learn... noticing metal dpns are really slippery, but i really did not drop too many stitches, so it's a start! ( in just doing the gauge patch with the yarn first. ) I did find it relaxing and nice to focus on, but you need very good light at night for this because of fuzziness and older eyes.

I find the books I purchased are a huge help and are mostly in big print and have great illustrations.

The smaller pocket sized book: The Knitting Answer Book is full of solutions to all kinds of dilemmas by the way, no matter what you may want to knit.


The other thing is that while a worsted yarn, Bernat Satin comes out fuzzy as you stitch it and may well be pretty soft for the foot compared to plain worsted acrylic yarn. Will let you know. As it was well stocked at Michaels and very reasonable in cost.


I will practice a long cast on technique today and if I can do it neatly I am going to use it because its a top down pattern, rather than starting at the toe like some sock knitters like to do.


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Glad you're having such good luck with socks. I agree with you about those metal needles being slippery little guys.


My problem lately was my kitten randomly pulling a needle out of my knitting basket. (After all, they are SO tempting.) So every project is now in a zippy bag WITH some needle caps. If the needles are still pointing out of the bag, I toss a towel over it.


I just recently completed my needle set and am now getting started on the dpn's. I've not started a sock yet though, but am considering taking a class that teaches the '2 socks at a time' technique. Sounds pretty cool.


Have fun! C4C

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I have a knitting notes category in my Lists Book of Preps and skills that I recently set up. I can list the pattern I use on a sock, how many cast ons and the measurements, and as I mark the rows in the various sections of a sock as I knit it, can note how many rows or length the section is, and add notes if I must increase or decrease or do some technique required, like dealing with the gusset parts, so I know what I did when I get to do the second sock of the pair as I only have one set each of the dpns from sizes 000 - 4.

When I read your post here C4C, I just realized that it would be good to get more duplicate sets of the dpns, same maker and models and sizes so that I can do both socks at once... Plus it would be handy to be able to show someone at mha and let them do the same perhaps a row or two when I start teaching the knitters if they are interested. So they can see what its like, not to lend out however.

Because I have seen more and more over the years that Lent stuff just never comes back to me.


But to do the second sock at the same time on dpns, I realized you will need two sets of dpns usually.


If you are using a circular needle with enough cable length, maybe you don't need two ? shrug



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Free knit and crochet patterns, with skill levels from beginner to experienced.


I put this link in the crochet thread as well. (Looking for beginner patterns to make for the new grandchild...)

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An excuse to bump this thread up, and give everyone a chuckle at the same time...


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That's completely different, I like it. Thanks for the smile Leah.


Now if I can figure out how to knit... I tried but my fingers got knotted, so I unraveled the 10" x 10" square. :shrug: Maybe I'll try again when I have less to do and more time to focus.


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Bumping again........ and am working on plain knitting just now, but its coming along and I can remember things a bit better now. I find getting books off Amazon is enriching my collection of knowledge of knitting and I just went ahead and ordered a bunch of circular needles and some more cotton yarn for a project like a sleeveless summer tunic style shirt.

I am about to go ahead and try socks finally..... I think I can understand it and do it.

I also am waiting on a pattern book for sweaters I ordered with the needles. I ordered another book that helps you design your own sweaters and should help me figure out how to size and estimate all I need, plus includes tailoring so they fit really well, for any body shape. ( We are such a variety of sizes and shapes as we age!).

It took me a while to get around to the knitting..... there are some great knitting books available through Amazon, and I like having them available to use. I know, I need to get brave and start doing that first pair of socks. :rolleyes:

I find that knitting is relaxing and rewarding and hope to get much more skilled as time goes on. I can even take it with me to mha, and thats nice, because often times its pretty slow there!

I know that youtube videos abound for crocheting and knitting , so if anyone wants to learn and has ability to view youtube videos, just do a search or two and you can find some easy ones. Plenty are doing that to teach others.

Doing dishcloths, or scarves helps one learn the way to do the various stitches and still produces a nice item to use, and helps you sink into your brain cells what you are doing, if you are trying to learn a stitch.

cotton yarn tank tops are also something easy to do and good for some summer wear, too, easy to do, as a step up from plain flat work. Using a brand like sugar and cream makes a nice color set for such things and is easy to acquire at Michaels, Joann's or online at joann.com

Having things in hard copy or books is helpful to me, and hey, if the lights go out, I have the books to refer to! There is something for any ones tastes in clothing and if I use my noodle once I am more skilled at the work involved, I think I can maybe design something of my own to use for some things. Stephanie and I have been having alot of fun learning to knit and she is advancing rapidly with the crochet hook too, recently. I am really proud of her!!!



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Hi all! I'm glad that Arby bumped this thread up!


I'm only just seeing it now, but she is right, we've been having fun learning the fibert arts. One of the blessings of having a good basic, working knowledge of such things will be the advanatge to recycle and remake yarns, materials and etc...


My knitting project right now is a Prayer Shawl for my Mom. She lost her Mom, my grandmother, in mid April and I am doing this to comfort her and as a memorial to my precious Godly Grandmother.



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On 5/7/2010 at 6:17 PM, sassenach said:


I am about to go ahead and try socks finally..... I think I can understand it and do it.





Soooo, did you knit socks? How did it go? :bounce:

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Sass AKA Arby hasn't posted in a long time. I'd love to hear from her again. She had a lot of interesting posts.  


BUT, I do know that she learned to knit and even posted a picture of a pair of socks that she hand knitted. She did a beautiful job too!

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I came across this (free) collection of old books on knitting and crocheting so I snatched them up because I knew someone on here might be interested! I have not interest or need for them and I will gladly send them to whoever wants them simply for the cost of shipping them. The total weight of the whole kit & kaboodle is close to 15lbs. If you are interested, and willing to pay the shipping costs, please send me a message. :thumbs: 







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Going to give the tip that if you crochet or knit and want to learn the other--learn with the opposite hand method of the first one you learned.  They are opposite and it makes things 1000X easier.

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