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GOODMORNINGDOGONSWING.gif you are so right, I put that there lets see, how long ago. I suppose it has been changed at the site. THANKYOUBUTTERFLY.gif for bringing it to our attention. smile


sorry-3.jpg I'll try to find the right link as soon as I can, right now, it is late and I need to feedme breakfast. Then I'll see about fixing it.


Yes, it was me, but during the last change in Mrs. S., our names got all mixed up and so those of mine are now under LCM. smile



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Ok, so I didn't wait.


Here are a few links that did work for me just now. I did a google search and the link that I had before just isn't working there either. frown








and books,





floating5Fthanks01.gif for letting us know. smile





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Okay furbabymom, when I did it this time it took me to my sign in too. I don't know what I have done wrong. The picture is of a cradle that she made with macrame and it is gorgeous! Hope I can get this figured out to share with you guys.

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Okay folks here is the sad news........she made the pattern and keeps it in her head. So no passing it on. She (like I) is very creative but does not always write patterns down. So when one is requested she just builds it from memory.
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GOODMORNINGFLOWERS4.gif yet for a couple minutes at least. smile


Nett, that is really nice. smile


Now, did you realize you can put the picture right in the post? Just click on the IMG code and it will copy the picture and then just paste that into the post. smile


I've been using photobucket for a long time now. smile



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The only places I know of would be like Hobby Lobby and other craft stores. I've not seen this type of stuff in any of the Wal-Mart stores. I haven't been to the dime store lately, but, don't remember seeing any Macrame stuff in there the last time I was in there.


I'll do a search on line, and maybe a person can get it on line. smile






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