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There is a revival of earthy looking wooden beads and so-called "ethnic" beads of bone, stone, and clay going on right now. I've been seeing tons of these kinds of beads available in Michaels and AC Moore.


Funny, I was just looking at a used book I got--Reader's Digest Encylopedia of Needlework and Crafts--it's an old one. But there's a section on macrame in there and I was remembering the very cool plant hangers I made. I even made a macrame purse back in the day--and wall hangings. My favorite was a leaf pattern I did of half hitch knots. I still have it....hidden behind the door in my office, LOL


Macrame somehow isn't one of those crafts that is still popular. It's rather tedious and does require a lot of material AND you can get all tangled in it trying to make a large piece. But it is really beautiful. I was skinny in the 70's and confess to having a fondness for the color green then. I made the most marvelous satiny green macrame belt with a white elephant buckle..LOL LOL (but I thought it was SO groovy!)


If you can find vintage books like I just did, you will find a wealth of info on macrame and tons of patterns.


I was thinking that I might revive the craft around here and make a combination plant hanger/window screen for half of my sliding door. This would disquise the porch behind it and let the light in as well as allow room for some small trailing plants.


I don't use patterns as a rule. To make such a screen, I would have to incorporate some large rings to support the plants and allow for spaces for them. I'd work it as the spirit moved, which was how I mainly did all my macrame stuff. It's more fun that way, but you have to know all the knots so you can create your patterns as you go.


For me, the best designs were simple ones: areas of twisted spiral knots contrasted with flat areas or even some empty areas. I'd put beads on the ends of all the strands I was using so that when it seemed I needed one, I'd have them there to use.


I'm showing my age here, I know it, LOL But I just had to post because not ten minutes ago I was looking at that book and thinking of doing a macrame project! Maybe WE can revive the craft, eh?

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I thought it was time to update this thread. :)


Here are a few more places that might be of interest to those of you who are interested in macrame. :) Some may be in other posts, not sure. :)








This site has so many things on it. :)


I'll add more places in another post, so you can look at a few at a time. :)




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Here are a few more. :)








There is so much information on these pages, and some have more info than others.





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Here is where you can get a book on Macrame. :)




This is the History of Macrame. :)




You can get them at Amazon.com too. :)


You can get patterns here:





Hope these sites help someone. :)





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I love macrame!


Back in the 1970s for some reason I used to burn myself every time I turned around. When I started macrame classes, Hippiedad was pleased that I had found something where I couldn't burn myself...

To finish off the nylon pieces, one melts them and shapes them while they are still warm... confused.gif

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Guest macramotiv


I do not know if anyone is still interested in the topic, but I would like to share a link, where you find micro-macrame tutorials.

Micro-macrame is the modern version of the old craft, where knotters use thin cords and little beads, often gemstones and create magnificent jewellery.

The basic knots are the same as in the old times, but because of the tiny sizes the result is finer.

I used to make them for fun and sold some, and created a website for some beginner and medium level tutorials.

If you are interested, visit here:


Happy knotting! :)


DSCF9886 (1).jpg

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"Okay" by whom?  If you are entering it in a contest, check the rules before you start (or the standards of last year's winner).  If not, do whatever suits you.  I've used narrower cords in pairs for special effects, but remember that with mixed sizes you will have to work harder to keep your lines straight and your flow uncluttered.

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