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I do best with someone right there beside me showing me how to do things. I haven't crocheted for years. When my oldest was a baby our nextdoor neighbor taught me. I was making a baby afghan. We talked and crocheted and before I knew it it was a twin bed afghan!


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i have been on a crocheting wirlwind lately. i have been making things to sell at the craft fair coming up in novenmber plus all the x-mas gifts i have been dreaming up. i am glad i found this post! great for new ideas. when i take photos i will post them so you all can see what i have been making. thanks all for the links!!!

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Well, I have been collecting crochet hooks, books and patterns for a few years now. I finally got a book that tells/shows very clearly how these stitches go together, both left hand and right hand. Where to connect them was my downfall previously. I started crocheting a week ago and so far have mastered: chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, and will be starting double crochet tonight or tomorrow. I'm just doing practice pieces. I can see where I have hooked into the wrong stitch and it shows on the back. Only a few places, though. The book says I can do a potholder with the stitches I've learned so far. I want to make a scarf with the fancy kind of yarns that I bought already, like eyelash yarn kind of. You mix it with regular yarn for strength and the fancy stuff for the feathery effect. I can hardly wait to get good enough to make it.


The book I got is by Leisure Arts and is titled,

10 - 20 - 30 Minutes to Learn to Crochet.





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i had a learn to crochet book that my SIL lent me, it was very informative, and had very good diagrams. i cant recall whaat it was called though. i shall have to ask her. another friend of mine gave me a stack of old crochet magazines from eht 60's and 70's. also, mcalls crochet pattern book, there are some pretty good ones in there. i shall have to scan them for you.

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is knitting easier???



patterns are easy depending on 2 things

A) the ability of the person writing the pattern to explain things in an easy, non complicated manner.

B) wether or not you know what the abbriviations mean.

basic stitches and thier abbriviations:
sl st = slip stitch
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
tr = treble stitch, or triple crochet

here is a pattern stitch that uses a treble stitch.

this is the first pattern stitch i leaned.

if you can make a sampler, or scarf, or something with these partterns, that you are doing good, and can move on to a simple garment pattern.

when you get to more advanced patterns, you will find abbriviations such as these:

blo = back loop only
flo = front loop only

combinations of abbriviations:
dc in ch i sp - double crochet in chain space dc in ch 1 sp

once you master all these techniques, you can make whatever your heart desires.

here is the hat i made that everyone seems to like so much. nubby brim cloche

i changed the pattern just a bit, if you want to make the hat and you want my version just let me kjnow and i'll get it down for you.

hope this helps !

happy crocheting!

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Guest Guest

Oh boy, I found a little bunny pin in a thrift store and bought it. Figured I could copy it. Now the shamrock push is over, I want to do the bunny. So I did a google search and found several types. This is one of the first I found and it is similar but mine has longer stick up ears

Bunny Pin #1


This one is more like it.

Bunny Pin #2


Then you can buy this one:

Buy a Bunny Pin #3


This one is just a bunny face:


Bunny Pin Face #4


Are we having fun yet?? ...

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