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New and loves this site!


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Hi there and welcome, believe me this site becomes very addictive. There are a lot of really great people here. I believe you will enjoy it. We learn alot from each other, we teach each other new things, and we do have some good clean fun from time to time in here. That is the good thing about this site, you are assured that it is a nice, place to call home. There is no profanity, no pornography, and no weirdos. Just clean, down home, hardworking christian people.....

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Welcome to the family. Help your self to the goodies, iced tea, cookies, cole slaw, mac salad, potato salad, tacos, hamburgers, and hot dogs are on the menu.

Can you tell it is sweltering here for the first time this summer?

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I wonder if she works there, or just *loves* their food!!!


Probably NOTHING to do with the business...


**edited by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cause, well cause she forgot the ANCHOVIES!**

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You sound like me...that's exactly what I did the first day I found MrsSurvival and I never left...lol


Welcome to our online *home*...we're so excited you've joined us!

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