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Hi Mr. Cavey......my buds got puter troubles.....


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Hi Debbielee, your friend has been hit with a few things along the same lines as Theyd's....most of it came from not having a good firewall in place.....without a firewall and Microsoft's security updates it's only a matter of time before the systems get nailed with nasty spyware, viruses, worms and browser hijackers like your friend has right now....antivirus and anti spyware programs can't prevent these things from coming in through the firewall.....oh sure they can help you find the bugs and dump it just to have the bugs sneak right back in....while it's possible to eradicate the problems it's very difficult as most cases require registry hacking/editing....the best bet at this point is to do full restoration back to the way the system came from the factory (making sure the data is backed up first) then do the 4 steps to keep the hackers and bugs off the system

1..turn on the firewall

2..get latest security updates from download.microsoft.com

3..install an antivirus program....keep it updated.

4..Install a spyware killer....KEEP it updated as well.


Hope this helps your friend.

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Caveman, I was just wondering what you thought of Hijackthis, I use it on my mothers computer, she's a wonderful lady who CONSTANTLY goes to sites that have browser hijackers lol. I've found it to be fairly easy for me to use, but I'm pretty experienced with computers. It's not something I personally would recommend for a new user, or one who was unsure of editting the reg, but if an advanced user was backing someone up, I think it would be a fairly good program for getting rid of her hijacking problems. I've set my moms computer up with Spybot S&D, hijackthis, AVG, and winxps basic firewall, now unless she really gets silly in her browsing, I usually only have to do routine maintence for her.

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