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  • 1 year later...

Good-good-good! One of the very first things we did in August was go to every seed source we had locally and stock up on seeds. Some we bought for 5 cents a pack. One of the most concerning things was corn...I had told hubby I expected corn seed to spike or be hard to come by this next spring, and was surprised that we couldn't find any stores that had them. Finally found some at ACE and paid $4 for a scoop. Bought them anyway because I felt we might have to pay more this spring. Just sharing some of my concerns.:shrug:

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  • 5 months later...

Just thinking that a reminder for me is to stock up on my seeds, especially those that will be directly impacted by the drought (corn especially) and if possible plant some additional fruit of some sort. My choice last year was blackberries and rasberries rather than trees. May put in a mound of strawberries. Hopefully I'll get a good yield this year on last year's berry bushes, and be able to screen them to keep the birds from "harvesting" every berry the minute it colors!


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I noticed the farm supply store had their seed packets out last week. I wondered if they could have been mostly seeds left over from last year? I didn't look at them but if I was buying early packets of seeds, I'd check the dates. They were probably new but I'd look anyway.

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Your absolutely right Jeepers...check the dates...IF they've even got them on them. Just because they say "heirloom" doesn't always mean the retailer didn't pull them back and keep them for this year. I know for a fact that ACE and Tractor Supply stores do it because when we went hunting last August, they took us back to their "stash" to buy the seeds. I'm sure they didn't just throw them out. We have a place where we can go to buy heirlooms (it's about a 3 hour drive) but they're very expensive. I have some of theirs from last year in my deep freeze. Bought some of the cheapy stuff around here though last year because we just didn't know what was ahead of us and wanted some stocked up. Hated losing all our heirloom corn though...just too dry last year, no matter how much we watered.

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Ha! It was the Tractor Supply store where I saw them.


I went in looking for water barrels but couldn't find any. When I asked at the info desk, they had no idea what I was talking about. Even after I described what a water barrel was and what they looked like. She asked me what they were used for.


I said: Uh, water.

She said: Hum

I said: Keep your mouth shut, don't make eye contact and for for pity sake don't mention the P (prep) word.....in my mind.

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  • 3 months later...

On our recent motorcycle "day trip" we were astonished at the huge numbers of acres that had NOTHING on them but dry dirt & corn stubble from last year. A few fields were in grain, alot were in just pasture, and saw NO BEANS. Heads up?

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