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Never Too Old for Mama Radar



After a fender bender on April 1 (ironic, huh?) I had to take my car into the body shop this week. Just last week, I had removed the studded snow tires and put on all season radials.


An important sidebar: Last year DH got these fancy rims that didn't need hubcaps. He claimed they were cheaper than regular rims with lug nuts that needed hubcap covering. Whatever. He also said that they needed a special tool and that tool could only be used on those particular rims and nuts. Not as easy as any regular rim, I said, but fine. Little did I know this would be a problem come spring when he LOST the lug nuts to the fancy mag wheels. I had to go buy an entire NEW set.


This was done just 3 days prior to taking the car into the body shop for some work. I've been enjoying a rental car for the week and I picked up my car this afternoon . . . Friday . . . with wicked rush hour traffic.


The gentleman reviewing the work with me noted that I only had 2 lugnuts on the front passenger tire. :o WHAT? Where did they go?!?!?!?! They can't just jump off. Anyone who puts on lugnuts puts them on opposite sides - like on a clock - 10 and 4, then 2 and 8, then retightens them. These were missing on one side; 2 & 8 o'clock, respectively.


After a conversation with the guy who did my tires - perfect work, YES, he hand-tightened all four wheels, put 4 nuts on each wheel, etc. I called the tire shop. They confirmed they sold me the correct amount of lugnuts AND the tool.


Foul play? Gang initiation in the neighborhood to steal lugnuts? Could they have fallen off by themselves?!?!?


Flabbergasted, I requested 2 more lugnuts and asked the tire guy if could they please check the air.


So, the tire guy looks at the file, notices we come in there 'often' and comps me the lug nuts, about $12. He and another guy check the air. A pound or so low, but nothing to worry about. What did cause great head-shaking was the fact that on opposite tires - passenger front right and passenger left back, the lugnuts were loose enough to SPIN BY THEMESELVES. Unheard of with this tire and nut system. :blink:


This young man (reminded me of my red-haired 'adopted' nephew) was absolutely shocked...he said, "Ma'am, I do believe you've given your guardian angels some extra work today. We haven't seen ANYONE drive in here with such loose lugnuts without losing at least one tire and damaging their axles."


Did I also mention that while I was finishing the business with the body shop and driving across the bridge toward the tire store and home, my phone kept ringing. It was my mom...I hated to send her into voicemail, but I just couldn't risk chatting on the phone while I KNEW my car was missing lugnuts.


I finally called her back and she was frantic. Seems her 'mama radar' had been going off and she was worrying. The first words out of her mouth after "What's been going on?" were "ARE YOU OKAY?"


It's amazing how inspite of being an adult and married, I'm still not too old for Mama Radar. I was touched. I knew that when I needed it most, Mama was praying. Because of the prayers, I knew I was extra safe.


Can you imagine the accident I could have been in? Losing a tire(s) on the interstate, possibly rolling my tiny car, let alone the physical damage to my body?


Thank the Lord for Mama's who pray!!! :pray::wub:

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