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  1. Welcome To Our Online Home

    1. The Sunporch


      Moderator - Becca_Anne

      Welcome to MrsSurvival! Take a moment to say hello, grab a glass of iced tea, and make yourself at home!

    2. Streams In The Desert


      Moderator: Darlene

      God's faithfulness in our lives, as we walk those lonely paths at times, reminds us that He is the quench for our thirst...He knows our thoughts, our hearts, our hopes, our dreams and our desires...May you find refuge beneath the shadow of His Holy wings and may all who enter be blessed...

    3. Reporting For Duty

      This is a special place where we remember and honor the men and women who are serving our country, laying their lives on the line, so that we might remain a free Nation. Without them, we would not have all that we have.

    4. The Best of MrsSurvival

      This is where we've archived the best of the best that MrsSurvival has had to offer over the years. Come join us as we walk a journey over memory lane, picking up the gems we've learned along the way to help us survive more gracefully and effectively.

  2. Getting To Know Each Other

    1. Daily Diary

      The days of our lives, over time, add up to weeks and months and years...come join us and see, no matter what part of the world we live in, how we all move through time.

    2. Where the Heart Is


      Moderator - Momo

      Home is where the heart is and this is where we share what burdens us, whether it be family, friendships...whatever that may be. Always remember that a burden shared, is halved.

    3. Humor Me!


      Moderator: Jeepers

      Come on in and share your jokes and funny stories. Please add a caution in your subject line if you think your joke might be offensive to anyone.

  3. Getting Healthy

    1. Nature's Prescriptions


      Moderator: Mother

      Years and years ago, our ancestors learned to rely on the many health benefits that could be derived from plants and herbs that are native to Mother Earth. It's in our best interest to educate ourselves about the endless benefits of taking care of our bodies naturally. DISCLAIMER: Please remember that this information is not meant to substitute for a consultation with your physician, or another health care professional. Speak with your doctor if you have questions about primary care, or about any medical problem. This information is for educational purposes only.

    2. The Flu Clinic

      For years, many of us have spent countless hours researching and educating ourselves in order to prep for an unknown health threat. In March of 2020, COVID hit the scene and the years that were spent preparing for the unknown, suddenly appeared out of no where. Here is where we share what we've learned.

    3. In The Kitchen-The Heart Of Our Home


      Moderators: Dee and Buttercup

      The kitchen is a place that holds many memories, and those memories hold much value as they play a large part in shaping our lives. Here is where we gather as a family to share meals, or sit with friends over a good cup of coffee to halve our burdens...it's where we've shed tears and great joys over accomplishments and defeats. Whether we're making a pot roast or a new batch of soup, it's a multi-purpose place to gather around as family and friends to nourish not only our bodies, but our hearts and minds as well.

    4. The Spa

      Here we sit around in the hot tub sharing health issues we might be dealing with, whether it be exercise, physical, diet, emotional...you name it. Hopefully, when we go home for the day, our *massaged* hearts feel calmer.

  4. Getting Educated

    1. Are You Really Ready?


      Moderators: Mt_Rider and Jeepers

      What would you do in the event of a natural disaster, or if there was an economic collapse or war in our homeland? Are you prepared to provide for the daily needs of your family and loved ones? These are tough questions we don't like to think about but here is where we share the wealth of information on becoming more self sufficent and less dependant on those around us.

    2. Country Homesteading


      Moderators: dogmom4 and Mother

      Homesteading, living off the land, livestock and animals... whether it's a dream or a reality, you'll find like-minded people here to share ideas with.

    3. Pinching Pennies


      Moderators: dogmom4 and Momo

      Bargain shopping, discounts, financial planning, garage sales and more, this is the forum for discussing how to live simply... and frugally!

    4. The Homeschooling Haven


      Moderator: Becca_Anne

      ABC, 1+1=2...the fundamentals and even more are important when we make the commitment to homeschool our children. Come share your experiences, questions and references that you've found of value so that we can all give our children the best education!

    5. Homemade Memories


      Moderator: Becca_Anne

      Things that we make by hand hold much meaning. The time, effort, patience, talent, and many times sheer determination to complete a project from start to finish, are creations that reflect our unique personalities, likes, dislikes, talents and gifts. What better gift can we give or receive than one that was made by someone's own hands.

    6. Within These Pages


      Moderators: Dee and Becca_Anne

      The words that are hidden between the covers of books are many times doors we can open to view new vistas. Come and join us as we explore the treasures hidden within.

    7. DIY

      There is so much that goes into keeping up our homes and property. It is sometimes an area that is foreign to us as we face many challenges on fixing or creating those things that help make the overall picture, "our home". Come and join us as we learn together how to use more than a hammer to get that job done! Don’t wait for someone else to fix it! Grab that hammer and come on in! We’ve got chocolate!!!

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