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  1. Answers for Homeschooling: Top 25 Questions Critics Ask by Israel Wayne is available as a FREE PDF for a limited time here https://www.familyrenewal.org/store/product/answers-free/?fbclid=IwAR35Jxyk4zVxnom1f17Wy6b44_yAug8m1T_9vnPju_5qh3lEBjlLq8EVyUA It's a good book. I bought a copy last year.
  2. Sorry to hear about the mice, MtRider. DH killed a slithery in the yard. It was coming out of a critter hole in the ground (chipmunk or ground mole?). At least it was OUTside, not IN like last year. And I wasn't the one to actually see it. Looking foward to freezing temps here.
  3. You're welcome, Littlesister. I hope that helps. Homesteader, something like that might help with your mom, too.
  4. Don't get one with the PUL backing...those slide. We have a flat crib mattress pad cover (supposed to go under the fitted crib sheet) that worked well. That company has since made them much thinner and the newer ones slide around. I can't find the site now, but there's a company that makes washable chux-type pads. They are heavy and looked quilted. Some hospitals use them under mothers in the days after childbirth. Think as wide as a twin bed, but not as long. I had it bookmarked on my old computer, but I can't find it now. They were made in the USA. Something similar to these https://www.northshorecare.com/incontinence-products/incontinence-bed-pads/washable-bed-pads
  5. Would baby changing pads work for putting underneath your DH, Littlesister? We had a nice absorbant ones for under DD, but they also worked very well under ME when she was a newborn and my milk seemed to be leaking everywhere...especially when I slept. Saved on changing sheets many times.
  6. We've been neglecting this thread! What have you all been reading? Here's what I've been reading lately, that I can remember quickly... The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. I pre-read everything before giving it to DD. She doesn't know we have this. I'm probably keeping it back for Christmas. It was cute. I bet DH would like it, too. 101 Hymn Stories: The Inspiring True Stories Behind 101 Favorite Hymns by Kenneth Osbeck. Oh, this is good! One page or so is the music, then a page or so with the story behind it. I like that it makes for a lot of short readings when I don't have time to sit down and read chapters. DD is reading it here and there, too, as she asked for a book about hymns after I read her a chapter about Fanny Crosby from Lamplighter's reprint Girls of Courage Who Became Women of Influence by Elsie Egermeier (originally printed in 1931). I'm re-reading Ruth Beechick's books on homeschooling. Hers is more of a common-sense homeschooling that makes it all seem very do-able. Susie: The Life and Legend of Susannah Spurgeon, wife of Charles H. Spurgeon --I liked learning about Susannah Spurgeon (oh my, her years of ill health and suffering kept her at home, yet what an inspiration!) , but the writing just didn't click with me. I'm still glad I read it, though.
  7. Happy Birthday, Koa! We are finally getting rain!
  8. Is anyone else very concerned that the mask mandates will turn into the vaccine mandates? Right now, many governors signed mandates requiring masks to be worn to enter places of business, medical care, anywhere near other people, ect. In the not too distant future, will those same places require a "vaccine certificate"/proof of vaccine to enter? I look at the reasons for mask wearing and think most of those reasons will be used to urge, then force, vaccines.
  9. Kappy and Chainsaw Mary, I'm sorry for your loss.
  10. Most of my birth plan went out the window. Complicated emergency medical stuff changed it to trying to keep me and the baby alive. I had a doula and was thankful for the support, especially after the birth. By the grace of God, the doula was there to help me hold DD and help with breastfeeding for the first time. I found out later that the nurses didn't even want to let us try. The hospital was supposedly breastfeeding friendly, but they were no help the whole time I was there and they pushed formula. UPMC hospitals in Pittsburgh are now allowing the doulas as a "second support person" for births. If no doula, then only 1 support person is allowed. Is your hospital allowing something like that? Do you have a good breastfeeding book? I wish I would have taken a class because I needed to "see", but we made it work with the books. I found the LeLeche League's The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding to be very, very helpful. I think separating the mother and baby is the stupidest thing ever. The mother's milk is liquid gold and a gift from God. Even if the mother is ill with something, mama's milk is supplying the baby with those specific antibodies. If baby is ill with something, mama's milk produces antibodies for that, too. And the bonding....it's so necessary for both. Praying for you and your precious baby!
  11. MtRider, I hope everything goes well! I know how it is to deal with a new person...I'm always thinking "will they listen and understand all the health stuff they need to hear and understand before we get to the treating the new symptom/problem"....
  12. for MtRider...for healing AND guidance.
  13. Pennsylvania's homeschooling law requires 180 days, too. Or 900 hours. I'm going with the counting days option. Less math. HSLDA's site has good info: https://hslda.org/legal
  14. There's supposed to be an exemption here the masks for people with health issues. However, people are on a weird, giddy power trip with mask enforcement. Non-mask wearers with health issues have been harassed, kicked out of stores and have had police called on them by store employees and other customers. Even when they clearly explain breathing/health issues. Giant Eagle stores here are being sued.
  15. Not at all. My health isn't what I need it to be and I'm not feeling well so I push myself to get the bare minimum done. Push beyond that and there is more of the health issues. We also will not comply with a vaccine, either, so there's that. Anyone else read about the Bill Gates/digital certificate/mark of the beast stuff? DH is working from home. I like that he's here, especially with all the crap going on. Hooray for not having that very long commute. Especially when the "protesters" are above the law.....march illegally out on to restricted access highways, block traffic for hours, do whatever. Our house is very small so the kitchen table is now DH's desk. Supper is at the coffee table. I can handle that. It's the lack of space for anything, even for setting up the dehydrator. Canning is definately out. We need more room. Still worth it for the safety factor of DH working from home. Moving was the plan. The nice plan for several years. Saved for it. We knew DH needed to switch employers first (I refused to buy another house/get another mortagage with his current company's firing policy and now it is even more unstable). Recent job offer and most other employment opportunites have dried up thanks to the shutdown overreach of gov't. In addition, there's not much left to buy in our price range anyways now...and what is isn't a better situation that we have here. Absolutely a seller's market. Everything is moving super fast. People in the cities want OUT of the cities. Everyone else wants to be more rural. I so much want and need to move! I'm trying to look at the positives, like hey, we can continue to save up $ (depending on DH still being able to work), but with the way things are going economically, will that $ be worthless anyway? The vaccine thing is very distrubing. Pennsylvania governor said that the (unconstitutional) mask mandate is in effect until the vaccine is out. Will my family need to leave PA (pre-American Revolution roots!) if the vaccine is mandated by the state to a non-mandatory vaccine state? for everyone for God's guidance, help, protection, blessing and favor for a Great Awakening for our country....for our Republic
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