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  1. Pennsylvania's Amish Community May Have Already Reached Herd Immunity https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/pennsylvanias-amish-community-may-have-already-reached-herd-immunity
  2. I also lurked longer than I wanted to because I couldn't come up with a name! Finally, in desperation, I decided to go with something like Special Diet Lady or something like that...It was late at night when I finally decided. I was signing up and wondered if I was spelling special correctly. How embarrassing it would have been to be new here and mess up the spelling of my user name. Anyway, I got the dictionary to look up the spelling of special and one of the definitions was "out of the ordinary". LittleSister, is your user name from the Gene Stratton Porter book Lad
  3. FIre extinguisher nearby? Battery operated CO2 detector? I know the Buddy Heaters are suppsed to have oxygen sensors, but we we've had to run ours, I made sure about the CO2 detector nearby.
  4. Miki, I'm sorry for your loss.
  5. So it is not just me! Miki, I hope your toe is feeling better!
  6. Jeepers, that's neat you have those things bought ahead for your grandson! Looking back, most of my toys were more educational than entertainment. If there's any lurkers out there interested in Made in USA stuff: For the puzzles, White Mountain is made in the USA. Cobble Hill (a Canadian company) is made in the USA, but their tray puzzles are made in China. For tray puzzles, Maple Landmark's tray puzzles are made in the USA (I think they source some of the wood from Europe for the tray puzzles, but I can't remember). https://www.maplelandmark.com/product
  7. No problem, Jeepers! I didn't even know floor puzzles were a thing until a couple years ago. DD just does them on our carpeted living room floor and the puzzles fit and stay together just fine. Our USA Map one is White Mountain. I might have bought it at Ollie's. But, now, I bet they don't get or keep puzzles in very long anymore. The Butterfly Life Cycle one we have is Cobble Hill brand. It's completed size is 24" by 36", so it's not HUGE. Both brands have held up well for DD. She has taken them apart and put them back together many, many, many times. I don't think you'
  8. I've never been to Goods Stores, but have ordered from them. There are floor puzzles for kids, too, Jeepers. I don't know if you know about them. They are giant over-sized pieces. The puzzles completed are a a couple feet wide and high. We have a map of the USA and the Life Cycle of a Butterfly. I think both Cobble Hill and White Mountain were making them.
  9. I've never been to Lehmans. I want to go someday. I used to tell DH that I didn't want to go to Lehmans until we had moved, so I'd have room for all the things I'd want to buy. Why, hello, cookstove! We stick with the 500 and under puzzle counts because of DD (pre-2020, I bought 1000 pieces if I found them on clearance and put them back for someday). Cobble Hill has ones that are "family puzzles" where there are 3 different sized pieces, one end is very large, part is medium sized pieces and part is very small. It's supposed to be so that the whole family can wor
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