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  1. I used to know all this stuff, but can't remember right now. There's a connection with Vit D and vitamin K2. I forget exactly what....it could help with absorbing it or your body utilitizing it? There's supplements that contain both. Metagenics makes one.
  2. Is Ann okay? I haven't seen her posting.
  3. Homesteader, MtRider, would Koa go for ice cream?
  4. Drive Thru History's special on 9/11 is free to watch:
  5. Been for you all. Sam's is limiting the TP to 1 package per membership per day. Don't know if that is due to lower supply or increasing demand or ? It has been hot and very humid here. It will be awhile 'til we get that frost to take care of the goldenrod and ragweed.
  6. Batteries have corroded in the unopened package here. And I've always bought Duracell, thinking that was supposed to be the better brand.
  7. A Proverb A Day Handwriting Practice https://www.icanteachmychild.com/a-proverb-a-day-handwriting-practice/
  8. I thought I'd start a thread on free downloads/materials for homeschooling. The Good and the Beautiful has a free download of Nature Poetry for Kids, 10 pages: https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/nature-poetry-for-kids/ Nature Poetry for Kids is just part of the poetry in I Sat By the Sea, which is also available as a free download through The Good and the Beautiful's Free Language Arts Curriculum for Level 3: https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/free-downloads/free-language-arts-level-3/ Their Levels 1-5 Language Arts are available as free downloads. https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/free-homeschool-language-arts/ It is available for purchase in the print version. I'm satisfied with what I'm using currently and will not be switching at this point, but thought it might be helpful for someone else. I don't do ebooks and I don't typically print much out, but I did print our these poetry resources. Poetry is so easy to integrate into homeschooling. We get a lot of use out of the book Favorite Poems Old and New, but it was nice to get these collections as well. DD likes the illustrations, too.
  9. Adding that one to my " eventually get" list. Thanks, TheCG! We're reading The Burgess Bird Book for Children by Thornton Burgess right now. It is a very pleasant read. We are learning (and remembering!) with this one. Excellent "living book" for homeschooling.
  10. I read it this year and it was excellent! I have the print version. I don't do ebooks. No minimalist book shelves here! DD and I were to see it is a trendy-minimalist-decorating-thing to have bookcases without books on them! It was up there with the article we read on buying books by the foot in certain colors or styles to have on shelves behind you to look good for the computer-camera-zoomy thing.
  11. Jeepers, how did Lehmans look inventory-wise? Seems like everytime I'm on their website there are less and less items.
  12. Happy Birthday, Amber! I hope you are feeling better soon. Happy Birthday, Skagitgirl!
  13. MtRider, I hope you are feeling better soon! I keep making steps forwards and back again. I know it is frustrating.
  14. Congratulations! I very much want a cookstove. There's just not any room for one in our current (small) house. I've had my eye on those Pioneer Princess cookstoves. That's why I can't go to Lehmans. Regardless of not having space (at all), I would want to bring one home with me.
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