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  1. Thank you! DD loves squash and sweet potatoes. I hadn't thought of dehydrating them before. Mt. Rider, I hope things went well today.
  2. Kappy, what do you do to dehydrate the squash?
  3. Jeepers, they sell those giant onion things here every year. I forget what they are called. The sign always says they were grown locally (western PA) by Amish farmers. The only really good produce we've been able to get is Gettysburg and Chambersburg peaches and nectarines. DD and I can't have them due to our salicylate sensitivity. But DH gets them. He waits all year until they are in. I am getting pretty decent Athena melons, but they aren't local, but from Georgia or Florida right now. There are so few fruits I can have, and am thankful for the Athena melons. WM was about the same this week. For canned veggies, they did away with carrying Libby's brand. Also, with several more varieties of DelMonte No Salt veggies. Just from last week or so. We buy No Salt when we buy canned veggies. DelMonte No Salt corn was $1.14. Much of the space is now their Great Value brand veggies. But even they are not filled in far behind the 1st row or 2. For people buying the processed junk foods (we don't, but cut down that aisle), they keep cookies and crackers and stuff in that aisle stocked, and well stocked. We don't typically buy produce there because it is always so beat up and I'd rather get local. I don't remember where I read it, but did anyone else see something about millions of olive trees (Greece? Italy? I forget where) died due to a blight or something. I haven't looked at olive oil prices in the stores in awhile. I'm feeling optimistic this morning, but everything I wrote above sounds so down.
  4. Anyone seeing less canned veggies in the stores? We used to shop at WM every 2-3 weeks, but we've been going in weekly just to try to get the stuff on our list. It's so hit or miss anymore with what they have and keeps making me think of the Compressed threads. They keep cutting down on the canned veggie varieties and even then, there's empty shelf space there. A couple months ago, when there were all those spaces throughout grocery section, I thought oh, maybe because it's because it's the beginning of the month and people using food stamps cleared WM out. But this has been continuing.
  5. We2, you might want to look into Rescue Remedy drops for Abby. Years ago, it helped my dog with fireworks and thunder. Not a complete fix, but it helped. Rain, rain, go away. The farmers here are really struggling. The cornfields are I am also noticing there's not the local produce stands and local produce in the stores that is usually here now, like tomatoes, zuchinni, green peppers, ect.
  6. We shopped at WM today. Well, tried to, for 75% of what was on my list, the shelves were empty. And we went through a new cashier line. She was being trained. Fine, I can be patient. But the girl (high school age) didn't know how to count cash. Really. DH handed her 2 $20's and a $10. The person training her had to tell her how much to punch in. And then, the coin change was wrong, too. I wonder if it's not something they are taught in school anymore.
  7. Happy Birthday, Jeepers!
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