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  1. DH's umemployment thru the state came (many people haven't even seen that yet), but we still haven't seen the extra $600. He's working again (for now) .
  2. We haven't gotten ours yet. We were supposed to be getting a paper check, but now they are apparently sending out pre-paid debit cards if you weren't sent up for the direct deposit. So much going on (stress-wise) that I've decided it'll get here when it gets here and I'm not thinking about it anymore.
  3. Pennsylvania's death numbers are counted very, very...oddly. If someone has PA residency, but dies of Covid in another state, PA is counting it as a PA death. Same with counties in PA. In some counties, especially the more rural ones, there have been instances of the County Coronors being shocked their county has Covid deaths (it is supposed to be reported to the County Coronor). The state is counting the county deaths by residency, not the death place.
  4. In PA, you have to wear a mask or other covering (homemade mask, scarf, bandana, ect) to get in a store. There's limits on how many people can go into a store at once, as well. DH does all the shopping. He's had to stand outside in line many times already, waiting to get in. Many places are still closed as they're not deemed "essential". It's ridiculous. They did open the booze stores back up. They're state-owned and the state was losing a great deal of revenue; people were crossing the border into Ohio and West Virginia to get alcohol. Clearing the shelves. Several WV counties banned sales to out-of-staters.
  5. I heard that, too, Jeepers. We don't buy any meat there, though. (I get sick off of/don't-digest-well-at-all grocery store meat.) I've heard Sam's has been doing that for awhile. And I read that 1/5 off all Wendy's had to take hamburgers off their menus because they can't get beef (I know it's not a time to joke around, but I keep thinking of that old Wendy's commerical with the lady saying "Where's the beef?") We buy all our beef, lamb and turkey from local farmers. Chicken I buy at a grocery store, but it's all the Gerber brand from Ohio (I think it's headquarters are somewhere near the same town as Lehman's). It's the only store chicken I can have. So I have good "sources" for most of our meat, it's just now with what's going on, my meat sources are suddenly experiencing much higher demands than normal.
  6. https://www.moodypublishers.com/help/ You have to scroll down some. It says free ebooks every week.
  7. Happy Birthday, Midnightmom!
  8. Little Sister, see if you can get copies of the labs and other records. For the 2nd round of labs I had in Dec., the cardiologist said my potassium was now "good". I got a copy of the lab work. Yes, it was in range, so as to not be flagged as "low" but it was just barely....like another .1 less of their measurement and I would have been flagged as low. I know that's too low. Thankfully I'm working with a good doc now (well, until everything shut down) and that's the first thing he brought up when looking over my records from Dec. We want "optimal" not just barely over the line for the range for it. for you & your DH. Be that advocate for him the best you can without being able to be there. I know it must be hard.
  9. We used Rescue Remedy with our dog during thunderstorms. It helped some.
  10. Saw this on a homeschool site; I don't do ebooks nor Kindle, but thought someone here might be interested: https://www.amazon.com/Happy-Hollisters-Secret-Fort-ebook/dp/B008VJY652/ref=as_li_ss_tl?dchild=1&keywords=happy+hollisters+and+the+secret+fort&qid=1587223701&sr=8-1&linkCode=sl1&tag=rarforum-20&linkId=7e65775221a9511da03d6abf5fc0d1ee&language=en_US The Happy Hollisters and the Secret Fort (#9) free on Kindle I think Kappy brought up reading the Happy Hollisters. I don't know how long this is free for, either. edited to add: And there's more of The Happy Hollisters series for free on Kindle. You have to scroll down past the first few paperbacks to see the free Kindle ones. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=happy+hollisters&ref=is_s
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