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  1. for MtRider's mom for Mt Rider, and for things to be manageable with MtRider's dad
  2. Never mind. I think I hit quote. Is that where edit used to be? And I can't seem to edit any of them. I think I should just stop now.
  3. Help! I tried to go and edit my post to add another few sentences and it did this.
  4. Most, if not all, of the bedding at WM and other stores is from China. Maybe that's why. And, I think most people aren't usually homebodies, and after being forced to spend so much time at home, are putting $ into their homes, be it remodeling, painting, new bedding, new furniture, ect. I heard that there's a desk shortage now, too (people working from home, kids schooling from home). I kept wanting to have DH buy more printer ink, but kept forgetting to write the ink cartridge # on the list. Finally remembered to last week. Well, we can add printer ink to the shortage li
  5. E, Congratulations! She's adorable! I wouldn't have made it through the first 48 hours of breastfeeding without this stuff: https://lansinoh.com/collections/breast-care-nursing-pads/products/lanolin-nipple-cream After a couple of months, I didn't need it everyday, but did have to use it again when DD started teething (teething baby's saliva is more acidic). We bought it at WM. Most stores carried it.
  6. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Ann! Thank you also for the acknowledgement of my disdain for change.
  7. Years and years ago, I was part of a now non-existant board about celiac disease. There were people on there allergic to corn. Even with all the stuff I have to avoid now, I'm so thankful I'm not allergic to corn! Here's some stuff most people don't think of when it comes to corn: plastic wrap (they don't have to list it, but corn oil to keep it from sticking to itself) paper cartons--Milk, juice containers, ect regular table salt (I think it's listed as an ingredient) toothpaste most paper products fillers in many medications (I'm thankful when it's corn not
  8. LittleSister, for you and your DH Jeepers, have a safe trip to Indy. Ann, I'm glad you and Storm made it to TX okay. Miki, I hope you are seeing improvement with your thumb soon.
  9. Euphrasyne, I'm continuing to pray for you and your baby. That's the stupidest policy ever, obviously written by someone who has never been in labor, seen someone in labor nor imagined anyone in labor. Talk to the doc. My midwife (was part of an OB practice) made sure I had the nurses that weren't the tyrant nurses during labor because she knew my concerns. She had no say-so in post-delivery nurses, but at least in labor I didn't have to deal with it. Does your doc have pull at the hospital? Is he willing to make accodimations for you at all? If it's him and the n
  10. MtRider, can you use marshmallow root? (Not the junk food marshmallows) I can take the capsules and it helps with my sinuses some. It doesn't work for DH at all. Marshmallow is one of those duc....... things( I forget the word), sticky, gooey in your guts, like aloe and slippery elm, where you should space it from other medications and supplements because it can mess with the absorbtion.
  11. Miki, I hope the Pred helps your thumb.
  12. Littlesister, praying for you and your DH. Hang in there!
  13. Great. Jeepers will patent it and be rich. For the rest of us, it will be another infomerical-type commerical where we have to see butts wiggle. However, MtRider and I will cash in on the fame of the Jeepers-Butt-Wiggler-Pencil-Sharpener-Exercise-Gadget by writing a tell-all about our Indy trip and what it was like to know Jeepers back then.
  14. I appreciate your shopping report, Jeepers. With DH doing all our shopping, it's sometimes difficult to get a bunch of information out of him with how the stores are. Him: "I got what I could on the list." And he's on to focusing on something else. Me: "But I want to know all about it." So I come here.
  15. For back to school items, I had DH pick up more printer paper and more lined paper. I think we have everything else. Homeschool-wise, I have a couple things ordered to supplement. Wow, there's a sudden high demand there. August was already one of the months I tried to avoid ordering anything homeschooling as places were always the busiest then. This year, so many, many things are backordered! Even on the publishers sites, they are saying backordered/orders will be delayed. I guess it's a supply and demand thing. But, I also wonder if the printing companies in the USA are running
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