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  1. We're using the Pathway readers right now! DD really likes them.
  2. I'm behind on my reading, too. I've bought books quicker than I can read them, but it's for our home/homeschool library. If you get to the library, Jeepers, see if they have Little Britches by Ralph Moody. One of the best books I've bought. It might be one you want for your grandson when he's a little older.
  3. Now I've started Evidence Not Seen: A Woman's Miraculous Faith in the Jungles of World War II by Darlene Deibler Rose. MrsS wouldn't let me edit my post to add that.
  4. For our family read alouds, we are reading the Moffat series by Eleanor Estes. We've read The Moffats, The Middle Moffat, and Rufus M. so far. They're for kids and set in Connecticut, at the end of Rufus M., WW1 ends. I think they were written in the 1940s. The family doesn't have electricity , has a gas meter in the house that you have to feed quarters into and money is tight. So are the family relationships, which is what I like. Before that, we read Heidi. I searched for one that wasn't abridged. I had 2 different abridged/edited copies from when I was young. Those are going into the donate bag. Oh, my, the unabridged was so much better. Better story, much more beautful language... and those abridged/edited ones took out all mention of God! For my reading, I finally finished From Sea to Shining Sea (2nd book in the God's Plan for America series) by Peter Marshall and David Manuel. That one had been in my reading stacks awhile. Good, just very long.
  5. Those are nice! What are the varieties? I think I see butternut and hubbard.
  6. I made a dentist appointment for me for next week. I shouldn't have put this off so long. Hoping it doesn't mean more time in THE CHAIR.
  7. Our brand new washer was horribly unbalancing, even empty loads. Enought to smash up the outer panels. It had a broken balance ring and bent leg springs. [The box it came in had a crushed corner, too. I say they dropped it.]
  8. My doctor's office has that hanging on the wall! Olive oil is the only oil I don't have an allergic reaction to. I'm even allergic to coconut. I buy the Bertellis (sp?) brand. I've seen articles saying that different brands, including the one I buy, have been tested and shown to not be pure olive oil (containing those other bad oils). I always say a prayer when we open a new bottle that I won't react. We use it for seasoning our cast iron pans and cooking in them. I don't think it's the one you're supposed to use for that, but I have to work with what I can have.
  9. Glad we're back up! Thank you!!!
  10. Yes, I've been doing laundry....as long as DH goes first, checks everything and then stands there and teases me while I get the laundry into the washer and everything going. I visably shake the whole time. Once it's done washing, if it's an all-into-the-dryer load, he takes care of that. Same with the all-hang loads. If it's a load I need to sort (some of it into the dryer, some hangs), we go down, I sort and then (see, the planning here) get the washer set up for the next load so I'm not going down there any extra times. He also brings up the dryer loads. Except for the teasing, he's being very good about all this. I really, really want to move. There's the overall economy thing. Then, DH's company has been very slow this year. They've let go of so many people that DH said the office is noticeably quieter during the work day. That doesn't line up so well with the buying a house thing. I guess it's giving us more time to save up $.
  11. Mt. Rider and Amber , I hope you are feeling better soon. Jeepers, Sam's Club has nice discounts on their magazines. I used to pick up Mother Earth News there, but it seems like they keep recycling the stories. If you buy the Farmers Almanac with the yellow cover, that's discounted, too. I had to switch to the ones with the orange cover (which I ended up liking better, anyway). The yellow cover ones had full page ads (with pics!) showing male "help" products that I don't want my little one to see. It's humid here and was near 90 today. I'm ready for cooler weather.
  12. all goes well! You've made the decisions and that's a big part of it. We need to move...or not..or have some kind of plan here. DH and I need to get the whole decision made part taken care of.
  13. Sorry to hear that. When I was a kid, we took a family vacation with my grandparents. I went home with my grandparents and the most awful smell greeted us as we walked in the door. Their fridge/freezer died sometime in the 2 weeks we were on vacation, in the middle of summer. Grandpa was my hero because he sent me and Grandma to the neighbor's house while he cleaned up. More than 30 years ago, and I still remember how bad it smelled.
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