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  1. Midnightmom, I have The 5000 Year Leap book and it is EXCELLENT. One of the authors of God’s Hand in the Building of America appears to also be the author of I Love America, a resource I've been using for homeschooling lessons. Please let us know if we have to do the zoom thing to watch later on.
  2. Strolling around the house with a yardstick. Trying to figure out where I could fit another bookcase in.
  3. I use vinegar for most of the cleaning in our home. WM has always been horrible at keeping name brand vinegar (Heinz) in stock here, in the big jugs, for at least the past 7 or 8 years. During garden canning season (think pickles, pickled veggies, ect), it is nearly impossible to find.
  4. Dr. David Brownstein's new book is available, A Holistic Approach to Viruses. https://cube-blackbird-rjba.squarespace.com/shop/p/a-holistic-approach-to-viruses Did we talk about Dr. Brownstein here before? He's one of the good ones.
  5. I save the same type of things, but I toss them in the stock pot when I'm making broth/stock. It looks like I'm simmering trash, but it smells wonderful!
  6. Welcome to MrsS, elfriedalegros! Sorry I don't have any experience with salves to help you. If you get poison ivy easily, also be cautious of the roots. My husband ended up with a bad case of poison ivy or poison oak on his hands during a snowy winter after digging into the ground and coming in contact with roots. He didn't realize at the time what type of plant those roots belonged to!
  7. 2021 PA Farm Show's (virtual this year) Duckling Cam https://www.farmshow.pa.gov/pafarmshow/participate-virtually/duckling-cam/Pages/default.aspx Looks like they're all sleeping right now. There's also a Bee Cam, but I don't know if I could sit and watch that one. Still, interesting. https://www.farmshow.pa.gov/pafarmshow/participate-virtually/bee-cam/Pages/default.aspx These are live daily from 8am-8pm this week. edited to add: Jeepers, I hope you are feeling better. The links worked, so you won't have to fix that
  8. It's in the 20s here. There's frost covering everything. DD wanted to know if she could go sled-riding on the frost. She wasn't happy that our last snowstorm had melted off quickly.
  9. I wasn't optimistic today, but found something optimistic: In counting homeschooling days, we're over halfway through. We'll continue to learn when we're done with the 180 days, but it will be a relief to get a break from the record-keeping for a few months. One less thing.
  10. Mine for this year is "Trust God". I feel like I'm constantly thinking "What am I going to do? What am I going to do? What am I going to do?" My health, what is going on in our nation, my health, so many decisions..... Trying to figure it all out is stressful and so very overwhelming on top of what is going on. I keep coming back to I need to trust God. Scriptures about trusting Him keep coming before me. So to me always thinking "What am I going to do?" I have to keep telling myself "I'm trusting God. God has a good plan for my life, God loves me unco
  11. Jeepers, some libraries here are just closed. Some of the ones that are open, you can't go inside the building, but you can order and pickup books curbside.
  12. I haven't read those magazines. Will have to have DH check into those sometime when he's out shopping. For Eric Sloane, Diary of an Early American Boy 1805 was excellent. We've referred to A Museum of Early American Tools when we did family readalouds of the Little House series and Little Britches series to see pictures of the farm equipment/tools used in the books. I know it is so easy to search stuff online, but, when we can, I'd rather have books in our home library to refer to. I haven't read a lot of Holocaust and WWII books, but those are the ones that
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