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  1. Jeepers, I hope you are improving! A big MrsS welcome to Charlie! We lost power for a short while Thanksgiving morning. So thankful it came back on in less than an hour. We were supposed to get ice/sleet today, but I'm glad it ended up just being rain. We actually had a thunderstorm this evening.
  2. I'm glad you're seeing improvement, Little Sister! I'll have to look into that further after I get back on track here with the correct Armour dose and a new doc and what I'm thinking might be adrenal issues. I'm still waiting for my records. If you don't mind me asking, what did you or your doc use to determine your adrenal problem? I haven't had to deal with that before, so it's all new to me.
  3. Stay safe in all that, Mt Rider. I hope your DH is doing better, Little Sister. We have a high wind warning until tomorrow morning. I can hear sticks and other stuff hitting the house. I'm hoping our power doesn't go out. Jeepers, are you getting hit with this wind, too? Anyone do the Black Friday shopping? There were more ads stuffed in the newspaper today than actual newspaper. We don't go out shopping for that. Many of the small businesses (with online stores) I normally buy stuff from have sales over the weekend, so I do shop those. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  4. Thanks Midnightmom.. your turkey looks amazing...but now my mouth is watering and I still have to wait a few more days until we cook our turkey!
  5. Our current family readaloud is Stories of the Pilgrims by Margaret Pumphrey. It was originally published in 1912. Yesterday's Classics reprints it. We all like it. I bought the physical book a few years ago. But, the chapters can be read for free here (you have to scroll down) [edited to add: this isn't what now would be a politically correct book with some of the terms. It is not my intention to offend anyone!] http://www.gatewaytotheclassics.com/browse/display.php?author=pumphrey&book=pilgrims&story=_contents There's alot of good living books on that site. I'm reading Let Me Be A Woman by Elisabeth Elliot and Unshakable Trust by Joyce Meyer. For homeschooling, DD is reading aloud to me Riding the Pony Express by Clyde Robert Bulla.
  6. https://www.pilgriminstitute.org/images/stories/pilgrimcoloringpage.pdf We printed this out 2 years ago. We and DD do it every year and save them. It's a good reminder on WHY we celebrate Thanksgiving. I think they will be neat to look back on as she grows, too.
  7. Miki, I'm glad that was straightened out! Mt. Rider, I'm glad your DH found a good one! I know exactly what you are talking about! Like finding gold, anymore. I'm praying you're feeling better. LittleSister, praying for your DH. Amber, I'm praying for you, too. I hope things are improving. Jeepers, I'm impressed you remembered all those pets! Ann, did Luna's people ever say they checked into her problem?
  8. Thank you for all you do here, Ann. We appreciate it!!
  9. Personally, I wouldn't leave it out for everyone to see. One of my relatives has a small kitchen. She has a pantry closet in her basement. Really nice shelves. Most are with big items that she doesn't use often (turkey roaster, canner, big soup pans, blender, ect.) She used to can (just from her garden, not tons) and stock ahead a little with sales and such on canned goods, pasta, baking stuff, ect and kept it there because of the lack of kitchen storage. During a family reunion picnic, she opened up her pantry folding doors to get out a bottle of ketchup or a jar of pickles or something. For YEARS later, the other relatives STILL talked about the food in there. And, years later were still resentful she didn't offer any of it to them to take home. Honestly there wasn't loads of stuff in there, just what would more or less be in her kitchen cabinets if she had space in the kitchen. Their reactions, even years later, stuck with me.
  10. Kappy, I'm sorry about your health stuff. It was down to 10 degrees here this morning. I am very thankful for flannel sheets! No worries of slitheries today.
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