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  1. I can't think of anything you don't have listed. Except maybe tags for his collar with your contact # on them?
  2. I hope it goes well!! I feel like MtRider and I should have helped you with a list.
  3. Ann, I'm glad you made it safely to Texas. Is this the trip you'll have a Storm with you for the ride home?
  4. We haven't bumped up a thread like this in awhile.
  5. Mt Rider, for healing for you and your DH.
  6. That's a big Storm! I hope it all goes smoothly!
  7. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  8. The Little House series. I started reading them in 3rd grade and was THRILLED to read about a family that did some of the same things mine did--had a big garden, preserved food, got ready for winter, split wood. No one else I knew did that!
  9. Jeepers, I hope you're feeling better! Homesteader, the drill and tools on the kitchen counters--we've been there before! I hope everything goes smoothly. LittleSister, I haven't shopped at Big Lots in a long time. I used to find good deals there a long time ago, then ours went downhill. I hope your DH is doing better. Mt Rider, that's great news about your car! Sorry about the struggles and challenges of your friends. We took the Christmas tree and few decorations down last weekend. I officially finished the last of the undecorating by getting the Christmas placemats off the table and washed. I kept looking at them at supper every night, thinking, tomorrow, I really need to change those out...day after day.
  10. Sorry that happened, Sasha! I once overfilled a coffee pot and what a mess that made! We haven't done it with the Berkey-- yet. We have the glass thing on the spigot so we can see how much water is in the bottom part, so I think that helps.
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