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  1. Hi Jeepers and Annarchy! It's nice to be back and see familiar folks. I made six quarts of ham and bean, and it looks like all six sealed!
  2. Today I am pressure canning navy bean and ham soup, thanks to the leftover ham from New Year's Day. I haven't canned for a while, and this got me to reminiscing about Mrs. S. So here I am! I can't believe I remembered my login.
  3. Turtlemama, I hear your pain, and I appreciate that you are lashing out in defense of your child, for fear that he and others like him will be painted with the same brush as a mass murderer. This is a safe place for you, and no one here thinks that way. If anything, it makes me and many others here make a point of covering you and your boy in prayer. I don't think that acknowledging that the killer was reported to have Asperger's Syndrome and exploring how that condition was one of many factors that led to this horrific tragedy makes anyone here cruel or ignorant. Nothing will change the fact that people with mental and/or developmental disorders are not immune from violent behavior, and have limitations that may make it more difficult for them to behave appropriately for those that develop mental illness on top of a developmental disorder. This is the fact sheet on Asperger's from the NIH web ste: http://www.ninds.nih...il_asperger.htm Snippet, emphasis added: Asperger syndrome (AS) is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), one of a distinct group of complex neurodevelopment disorders characterized by social impairment, communication difficulties, and restrictive, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior. Other ASDs include autistic disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (usually referred to as PDD-NOS). ASDs are considered neurodevelopmental disorders and are present from infancy or early childhood. Although early diagnosis using standardized screening by age 2 is the goal, many with ASD are not detected until later because of limited social demands and support from parents and caregivers in early life. The severity of communication and behavioral deficits, and the degree of disability, is variable in those affected by ASD. Some individuals with ASD are severely disabled and require very substantial support for basic activities of daily living. Asperger syndrome is considered by many to be the mildest form of ASD and is synonymous with the most highly functioning individuals with ASD. Two core features of autism are: a) social and communication deficits and fixated interests and repetitive behaviors. The social communication deficits in highly functioning persons with Asperger syndrome include lack of the normal back and forth conversation; lack of typical eye contact, body language, and facial expression; and trouble maintaining relationships. Fixated interests and repetitive behaviors include repetitive use of objects or phrases, stereotyped movements, and excessive attachment to routines, objects, or interests. Persons with ASD may also respond to sensory aspects of their environment with unusual indifference or excessive interest. The prevalence of AS is not well established. It is often not recognized before age 5 or 6 because language development is normal. Although ASD varies significantly in character and severity, it occurs in all ethnic and socioeconomic groups and affects every age group. Experts estimate that as many as 1 in 88 children age 8 will have an autism spectrum disorder1 No studies have yet been conducted to determine the incidence of Asperger syndrome in adult populations, but studies of children with the disorder suggest that their problems with socialization and communication continue into adulthood. Some of these children develop additional psychiatric symptoms and disorders in adolescence and adulthood. Males are four times more likely than girls to have ASD. Studies of children with Asperger syndrome suggest that their problems with socialization and communication continue into adulthood. Some of these children develop additional psychiatric symptoms and disorders in adolescence and adulthood.
  4. Any references to Aspergers/Autism I heard on the news regarding this shooter is that early information suggested he was autistic AND had a personality disorder/mental illness. Those on the spectrum are not immune form mental illness, and it makes sense to me that concomitant disorders would make treatment even more challenging. Having aspergeres/autism does not mean that they are all destined to be violently psychotic, but it does not make them exempt from it, either. Edited for spelling.
  5. What a tremendous loss. Thank you, Cat for letting us know. Love you, Westie.
  6. Exactly!!!!! We need good, decent mental hospitals. There truly are those who need to be sheltered and cared for, not drugged up and forced to cope with an environment that they simply are not equipped to handle all in the name of "inclusion" and "mainstreaming". Especially since the society we live in now is even more frightening than it was in the 70's. A person with mental illness subjected to daily onslaught of violence on television, movies, and video games in a culture that no longer teaches self control or moral boundarie is a recipe for disaster, because that person cannot protect themselves from the effects of those myriad influences IMHO. The mentally ill deserve the dignity of a safe, sheltered environment. As a society, we have abrogated our responsibility to care for the most fragile persons.
  7. Winterized the chicken coop yesterday, went to Mass, laundry done, gadgets charged up, tanks full, filling bathtub and just brought in my door wreath and autumn porch decorations. The more basics preps already in place.... food, water, lights, heat, etc. Ready as we can be for the effects of Sandy. Now we wait. Good luck and prayers for all the other Mrs. S families in the path/region.
  8. Neato Frito! Now to download my selections and top off the charge on my Kindle before the storm hits. Thank you.
  9. This is another "prepare for the worst and hope for the best" opportunities. The line separating Severe and Active winter runs straight through my little neck of the woods. I love this smiley
  10. Thank you Cat. I will be adding my thoughts and prayers today. I just thought it was a nice time to think kindly of our friend, and wish his family well.
  11. We were lucky. Had some house damage and went without power from Friday night into wee hours of Sunday. There are plenty of folks in the area went almost a week and still many in the state continue without. Thank Heaven for our preps, including the battery powered fan I tucked away a couple years ago prompted my a discussion on Mrs. S! I have since added two more and the house damage has been repaired. With heat indices over 100, we stayed pretty comfortable by opening up all windows early in the morning to let in the relatively cooler air. As soon as it began to warm up outside, we closed up the house, pulled down the blinds, and closed drapes to keep the heat out. Using the battery fan circulated the indoor air. Even one small fan makes a huge difference!
  12. Pressure canning your stored meats makes them shelf stable. The downside of a deep freeze are power outages, like most of WV experienced this past week. Unless you have a generator and plenty of gas to keep it going, you could lose all your meat stores at once. Soooo... who know... it may be a blessing in the long run that your hubby was "inspired" to sell the freezer!
  13. ereaderiq.com is a good source for the daily "freebies" on Amazon. I've let my mouse finger get ahead of my eyes a couple times, too. I was able to go through the Amazon site and cancel the order right away. There was an "ordered by mistake" option. I think I went to Manage Your Kindle to locate the book and cancel the order.
  14. Back atcha, (((((((((Annarchy)))))))))))))
  15. Oh Westie!!!!!! I am SOOOO happy to see your posts! This has made my day. Loads of hugs to you!
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