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  1. Do not spray N95 masks with anything it will destroy it. We've been researching the ways to sanitize and the only safe home way is to put in the oven 158 degrees for 30 minutes not touching any metal is a safe way to sanitize. Or the Battelle hydrogen peroxide steam system which your employer would have to implement. All other methods will either not work or destroy the masks. You can also if you have enough masks reserve one mask per day you work and let sit for 7 days in a paper bag and then re-use. I've been looking into this for my workplace.
  2. I'm ever so grateful I stocked up in January. We moved last summer so I gave quite a bit to my daughter and her friend that we didn't have enough room to move. Made several large trips to Costco and Winco to stock up and also stocked up my child who lives in Portland very well. I saw it coming and immediately took action so while everyone else was looking for TP and still are!!! and the shelves were bare of tomato products, pasta, rice and beans here I had plenty. Shopping to maintain right now and putting in a garden.
  3. Ours arrived. Going into savings.
  4. Kappy so happy your surgery was so successful! Yes do keep up with the PT. My grandmother was able at 90 to recover from 2 broken ankles and was up and walking in 6 wks because she did all her PT It really does make a difference if you do the exercises. I have been looking into starting a garden this spring in my new yard, library is running a few classes in March on gardening in this area and I want to go. Different climate and I didn't do much gardening in Ashland because the deer were so pervasive they ate everything. Have not seen one deer here so hoping I can have a go at growing at
  5. The red area for me is an area where power would be cut in OR. So even if it's part of the most population dense in the state the infrastructure is poor and vulnerable. I am right next to a hydroelectric dam though so I suspect my town might not end up losing power even if the next county over is shut down.
  6. This is 100% happening. In our area the power company will shut off the power with very little notice if the winds are over a certain speed and it's coming from the east if the temperature is over 100 and it has been dry. They are asking health care centers to identify patients who are vulnerable and to make them aware who might need back up in an evacuation. Only 1 patient has self identified to the local power company and we know there are more dependent on power for ventilators, oxygen generation, cpap, and other health vulnerabilities such as mobility issues or breathing conditions such as
  7. Unsweetened 100 % cranberry juice or the cranberry pills work best in my experience Jeepers. Hope you are feeling 100% soon. Hi Ambergris! This weekend I pretty much did laundry and focused on making up my shopping list to go to stock back up on basics. Still replenishing my stocks after moving last summer. One area at a time I'm getting there!
  8. Hi Everybody long time no see! Might need to update my pic he's 8 now I'm adjusting to living in a new place and 2nd new job in the last year. Loving it but I moved and life got crazy busy. Iam now in charge of Operations for a federally qualified health care center so super busy and every day is chock full of things to learn and do. I miss you all though so came by to see how life's treating you all. Also wanted to alert you that we were unable to order any more facemasks today and thankfully have a bunch on hand but I am concerned about restocking them during flu season because of the worldw
  9. Praying for you! My DH has been out of work for 6 yrs, now working on re-education to try for a different field. I am very thankful my job just barely meets our needs and has benefits. But long term we are sliding backwards so really need a second income. I hope your DH gets a job soon!
  10. Just to update I had my ICD placed on July 12th and am doing well. All healed up, the kids tested negative for now, but will require annual EKG's to check (tends to show up sometimes but not others so hard to capture sometimes). I am feeling almost 100% back to normal now and not stressing about it anymore. I'm going to get the fullest out of every day <3
  11. "Feel the fear and do it anyways" Your story really illustrates that well Mt Rider! It's learning to sit with what is hard for us and just take that next step.Next time one more, and then one more until eventually you break through, then repeat until it becomes normal. That's how I went from being agoraphobic to having a complete and full life. One push the envelope experience at a time until now I rarely if ever feel that way 28 yrs later It works!
  12. I love real vanilla beans! I made some delicious vanilla sugar years ago, think I'll make some again!
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