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  1. Praying for you! My DH has been out of work for 6 yrs, now working on re-education to try for a different field. I am very thankful my job just barely meets our needs and has benefits. But long term we are sliding backwards so really need a second income. I hope your DH gets a job soon!
  2. Just to update I had my ICD placed on July 12th and am doing well. All healed up, the kids tested negative for now, but will require annual EKG's to check (tends to show up sometimes but not others so hard to capture sometimes). I am feeling almost 100% back to normal now and not stressing about it anymore. I'm going to get the fullest out of every day <3
  3. "Feel the fear and do it anyways" Your story really illustrates that well Mt Rider! It's learning to sit with what is hard for us and just take that next step.Next time one more, and then one more until eventually you break through, then repeat until it becomes normal. That's how I went from being agoraphobic to having a complete and full life. One push the envelope experience at a time until now I rarely if ever feel that way 28 yrs later It works!
  4. I love real vanilla beans! I made some delicious vanilla sugar years ago, think I'll make some again!
  5. Glad you didn't blow away! Hope anyone that is in the areas of concern dries out soon! We're thinking of you <3
  6. Relaxing day, calls and flowers from the kids and my hubby made dinner. Reading is on my agenda for the rest of the evening
  7. It came back positive meaning I have it and will need genetic testing and a defibrillator. My kids will all need testing. I was so hopeful it would be negative. A bit overwhelmed and anxious but coping ok for now.
  8. Thanks Cat I can't tell you how much it means to me to get that hug from you ❤️ I have missed you all very much. I get on the plane tomorrow and my test is on Friday. I'd appreciate any prayers you all can send my way!
  9. Oh my goodness! I hope you won't need any more adjustments after this!
  10. Thanks everyone! It's a bit overwhelming and a lot but here goes: Family is doing well for the most part now after a few years of some rough stuff. We had a really rough patch a few years ago and went to marriage counseling which helped a lot. Then my husband had sepsis last May and several surgeries so we feel very blessed to still have him with us. He has spent the last year just getting back up to his baseline and now walking 10000 steps daily. Still looking for a job 6 yrs out of the job market. It's depressing, but he's been working with the job source people and getting weekly help to try to get employed. Thank goodness I love my job and can financially support us. I have also had some health issues, went to the ER last fall with chest pain/abdominal pain and had a strange EKG that showed some abnormalities but not a heart attack. Saw cardiology and they are evaluating if I have Brugada Syndrome a rare potentially fatal genetic defect in the sodium channels of the heart. I have been undergoing tests and will be seeing a specialist in LA on May 4th to have the final testing to confirm if I do actually have the condition or not. If not then no worries, but if I do then I may need an implantable defibrillator and my kids will have to have annual EKG's to see if they are also at risk. Super scary but I have had enough time to process this that's I'm feeling quite calm about it. Still working full time. My oldest finished college awhile back and is living nearby with her boyfriend of 10 yrs and his mom and looking for a job. My oldest son is in his last year and a quarter of college and will finish up next spring with a degree in computer science. Middle son is taking his last GED test next friday and has 3 of the 4 completed. He wants to find a job as soon as he's done. So we are very excited about that. Next youngest is homeschooling 10th grade and Ben is in K this year and just turned 7. He's a handful but a joy. So busy and trying to get life back on track!
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