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  1. Zeta is now a cat 1 hurricane. Don't think it will go any higher. Also more fires in CA. Stay safe everyone. Seems the gulf stream has really had it bad for hurricanes this year. Not to mention the wild fires in CA, CO, and Wash. state. Though I haven't heard anymore about Washington, so thinking those are now out.
  2. I've never used chat box, so not sure what it is. But hope it will start working again so I can figure out how to use it.
  3. Wed. can't get here fast enough. My tooth is killing me. As much as I don't want a root canal done. I am looking forward to it if it takes the pain away. Took DH to phy. therapy this morning. So now we have exercises to do at home as well as going to therapy twice a week. It will be for at least 8 weeks. Today is DH's Birthday. He is now a young 83 years old. He wanted some of the barbeque I had canned for dinner tonight. So we had barbeque and I bought him an ice cream cake also. He was loving it. As soon as I feel like doing something again, I am
  4. Glad those fires aren't close to Mt. Rider. Praying for all in those areas to stay safe. There is another hurricane heading to the gulf stream. Right now it is a tropical storm Zeta in NW Caribbean. Forecast to become a hurricane tomorrow. Don't know how much more that area can withstand. They have really been hit hard with hurricanes this year. Looks like from the projection we will get rain from it. As to how much remains to be seen. Though today has been much cooler and rain off and on all day.
  5. Praying for strength for Mt. Rider and for her mom to bet much stronger. Glad all is going well.
  6. WE2, those mask are to big for me as well. I bought some for children and they fit much better for me. And more comfortable. I never put my mask on till I get close to the building as long as I stay away from people in parking lot I think I would be ok to do that. Glad you didn't get hurt to bad when you fell. That can be much worse for us older people. Stay safe out there.
  7. Ann, Hope all went well at the eye doctor's. We all need our eyes to be in good shape. We have an appt.. coming up next month for our eye appt. I always try to get mine and DH's together so I can help him get in and out easier. He has a hard time getting into the chair. Today DH got up and went to the den and sat in his chair till I got up and just watched TV. He usually wakes me if I don't wake up before him. I must have been really tired as I slept in this morning till 11 am. That's not like me. I washed up, got dressed and went and fixed him some waffles for brunch. My too
  8. We used to do Thanksgiving at my house. But at that time I was working and DH was disabled and still is but more so now. So the past few years we have had Thanksgiving at my daughter's house. I have some things the kids want me to make because they say mom doesn't do it right. Go figure. That's grandkids for you. And though they are all grown now, I still have to make those dishes for them. One has already requested her dish. Sweet potato casserole. The one in Washington state and the one in CA. will not be down for Thanksgiving this year. Not sure about grandson in the Army yet. Chris
  9. Today I got kitchen good and clean as I want to get started on some canning again from freezer. Washed clothes and did a bit of picking up around the house. Tooth has been hurting off and on and I think the antibiotic is making me a bit tired. I have the root canal done next Wed. Not looking forward to it but if it stops the pain then I will be all for it. Just be glad when it is all over. DH starts his therapy on Monday, then Tues. we go vote and then off to have those skin cancers taken off of DH's leg and other areas. He has one on his head that the skin doctor just freezes and it keeps
  10. Jeepers, you did very well today. I shopped yesterday and did find canned lima beans. I bought 6 cans for a back up from my frozen ones. But the can goods were not fully stocked. Though it looked like they may had been a couple of days earlier from the way the shelves looked but the stores here that I go to closest to home were packed with people. They are buying up by the cart loads it seems. in a couple of weeks, I am going to try to venture out a bit further from home. DH did well for a couple of hours when I went to dentist, so going to try for 3 hours next time. Things with doctors has
  11. Glad to hear a report about Mt. Rider's mom. That is great they don't need to put in a stint. So not to bad. But she will be on medication to help her heart. Hope she is not close to the fire nor come anywhere near them.
  12. Didn't get a lot done today like I had hope to. Did run up to Food Lion as I was out of eggs and milk. Came home and just rested and did a bit of this or that around here. Tooth throbbed all day. Took a pain pill that I had left over from 09. Vicodin. I hate taking that mess. Though it was from 2009 it still stopped the pain. But I get that drugged feeling for a long while and I hate that feeling. I will only take them at night. One works and the pain is gone but it still lets me know it is there. Going to call the place I have to go for the root canal to see if they can just go ahead and d
  13. Jeepers, hope you get the electric back on soon. My generator a couple of weeks ago didn't come on to check itself and charge battery. I checked it and it just needed oil. Though we haven't lost power in a long while, I think I better get it serviced. Oil change and air filter. I put oil in it and now it is coming on and checking itself fine. But it needs some upkeep that I don't know how to do and DH is no longer able to do. We do have a company that will come out and do what needs to be done though. Going to start out watching the debates in a bit, but not sure if I will continue to w
  14. Went to Dentist early this morning. Took e-rays. Turns out I will have to have a root canal. I am on an antibiotic for a few days first though. Not looking forward to having to have it done. But they think they can save the tooth. I say lets just pull it for the fun of it and get it over with. But It is a molar and I guess saving it is the better option. DH did great staying buy his self for a couple of hours. So Market was down street from dentist. So went and got us a sausage biscuit for breakfast. They are the best with deli mustard and onion. Came home and had breakfast wi
  15. Thank you Darlene. She is now in my prayers. Mt. Rider has been through a lot trying to keep up with everything and helping out with her parents also. She will need a lot of prayers.
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