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  1. Happy Anniversary Miki. DH had his surgery on Thursday. It took 2 clamps to close off the mitral valve. There is still a very tiny leak but they are going to keep an eye on it. We got home from hospital on Friday morning. Both of us were worn out. If he was stronger they would have replaced the mitral valve. But he just isn't strong enough for that. So I am thinking this is just a bandaid sort of speak. But still hoping and praying this will work for the long haul. He is still very weak. And needs a lot of care. So I am thinking about leaving the forum for a while depending on how things go both with him and everything else going on in this world. So much to do and way behind on everything. I feel like I will never catch up. I do have a free weekend as far as having nurses and physical therapy coming in all week. that alone will wear you out and you really can't do things that need to be done. While DH was sleeping, I went out to garage and cleaned up. Had a lot of stuff just piled up everywhere. TP, paper towels, cleaning items. Mostly things I would pick up when I could find them as our stores are still empty here. Don't know about Kroger, Walmart, BJ's or Sam's club as I have not been able to get to those stores. Though I don't miss Walmart. Rather go to BJ's wholesale than Sam's as well. I am thinking about a trip to BJ"s as DH said he would go with me and stay in car. Might do that just to get him out of house for a bit. But my trip would be a hurry up and get out. I really don't like the idea of him staying in the car while I shop at this time. Don't think he will be ready for that trip anyway for a couple of weeks or longer. Will see how that one goes. I did get more done in garage than I thought. Got all the TP, and other paper products moved to attic and got it inventoried. So now I know what I have in paper products. All the cleaning items such as toilet bowel cleaners, dishwashing liquid, and all my laundry stuff are now inventoried and on the shelves in the proper order. I have enough stuff to make my own laundry detergent for a year. So won't be buying any cleaning products nor paper goods for at least 8 months. Need to inventory the food again as we have gone through a lot of food and I am not doing a garden this summer. But looking at a winter garden if things go well with DH. I can't leave him for to long and that keeps me from getting some things done. Don't want to get out of hearing range from him. Guess I will need to break out the walkie talkies. At least I will know how well they work. DH is already planning what he wants me to can as soon as I can get clear of all the nurses. Going to go pick up the hamburger tomorrow. Or let them bring it to me. I do have plenty of canned veggies and really need to concentrate on canning as much meats as I can. So will start with hamburger and then move to chicken. I still have a lot of canned beef so will work on that last. Will be looking to buy some salmon and tuna to can as well. Being diabetics we do need the protein. DH wants me to buy the frozen italitan meatballs. I always buy a 5 lb. bag from BJ's for spaghetti, but this time I'm going to make my big pot of spaghetti sauce and add those to it. I don't really want to add anything else to freezer right now as I am trying to get it emptied. After I go through it and can the rest of what is in there, I am going to stock up on meat to freeze. Then I can just can that as time permits. Need to make more soups as well. Want to get some cabbage planted for some cabbage soup to can. Everyone loved the last batch I made. So if no one sees me for a while, it is because I am just so busy right now with DH and trying to get canning done between all the nurses coming in on a daily bases. Only have the weekends free from nurses but still need to care for DH and do the canning as well as the house cleaning.
  2. I have been using Ghee for a long time. It is really great for frying. Also I use Coconut oil. It is also great product for cooking and frying. Gives food a really good taste. I have never tried to make ghee. But am thinking of trying it out when I have more time to get back into kitchen to try out things and get some canning done as well. I don't use Ghee for butter as to me it just doesn't taste the same. but in cooking it does seem to give food a buttery taste depending on what you are cooking and how.
  3. Littlesister

    What Do I Want

    Are you talking about a solar charger? I have 4 of them. They are great. I can charge the charger by plugging it in or use the solar power. I use it a lot for my phone and kindle. Works great and if I don't have a way to charge it by plugging it in, I can just put it in sun to recharge. also I can plug it into the car cig. lighter or the other plugs if your car has those.
  4. Thought of another item. Adult bibs. You can either buy them or make them from old towels. I have several bar towels and I usually put one over DH's chest when he is eating his breakfast in bed. Yes he is spoiled. So thinking of making a few that could tie around the neck.
  5. Well, here it is the middle of June and feels like a cold, wet Sept. day. Temps in the 60's, with off and on rain. Sun is trying to peek out a little. Been so busy with DH since before April with his heart issues that I really haven't been on here as much. DH is going to have his procedure on Thursday morning. Please keep him in . He is a tad bit stronger with the phy. therapy. Was able to get him to the car and in it with no help this time. He had to go to hospital for labs this morning. We have to be in Norfolk by 6 am. I will be driving there this time as it has been 20 years. So going to take a trial run tomorrow morning. Things there has changed a lot. Not to mention just going to the tunnel from my side of town He has to stay in hospital over night, so I will be staying with him. Hope everyone has been doing well and keeping safe from this virus.... I haven't been able to keep up with many of the post over the last couple of months. Lots to catch up on when DH is better. Hope everyone's gardens are doing well and the canning is going great. Once this procedure is done and I have DH settled at home again, I am going to start heavy on canning meats and ordering veggies by the bushel a little at a time to can. First tomatoes, then green beans, peas and other things that we need to restock on. Need to get some more soups and such canned as well. So much to do and here it is the middle of June already. I did inventory my canning jars and I am good. But still going to pick more up here and there and maybe next month order some more canning lids as well. Once I start canning I will be going through them fast. I now have 2 pressure canners. So that will be a big help in getting things done faster. Looking at getting a second water canner as well. This time I want a stainless steel one. I think they would last much longer.
  6. Wish I could get to the yard sales this spring. But with DH I am unable to leave him. I am going to talk with my daughter about coming over on a day she is not working or having classes. She went back to college and should be finished by end of year. And SIL has also gone back to college for management for his job. Grandson is now working 2nd shift in food distribution and granddaughter that still lives here is working 12 hour shifts at hospital and also in college for Nurse practitioner. She will be starting medical school in the fall I think. So that really leaves me with slim timing to have someone stay with DH so I can get out for a bit. I do leave him long enough to go pick up RX's and groceries. But I have a urinal, water and a snack where he can reach everything from the bedside along with the phone. So far he has done well with staying by himself for about 2 hours. But that is as long as I will leave him. I rush to get what I need to do done and then right back home. I do have a neighbor that will go to store for me and DH's cousin brings me things I need from the farmer's market. So we are making out ok. Just missing getting to go to places I like to go and not able to make the Sam's club or BJ's club right now. They are two far away for me to make that trip without a backup for DH. Just wish they would let us know about a surgery date and get this done so he can be on the mend and back doing things again.
  7. I remember my grandmother washing clothes using two square tubs and having the rollers attached to the one for rinsing. Granddaddy made a stand on rollers for her to roll the tubs out to use. She would wash the clothes and granddaddy would hang them up to dry. Those were the good old days. I used to stay with them during the summer when school was out and then having to come home to go back to school. I really loved it on that old farm. It is where I learned to garden and can. My grandparents taught me a lot. I remember the old outhouse as well. Yes I've used many an outhouse in my younger days. The house my grandparents had was built by my grandfather when they got married. It didn't have a bathroom like we have today. You had to go to the outhouse. We took sink baths and grandma would wash our hair using to basins, one for washing and one for rinsing our hair. She would have the basins on kitchen table and we just bent our heads into the basin of water and she would wash our hair for us. We never went dirty. Thinking we may be one day having to go back to using these old methods if things get really bad.
  8. Wonder if you could grow mangos in a green house. Been taken care of DH. He still needs a lot of help to move around and do things. Worked him over doing his exercises today. He is worn out now. But must be done if he's going to start walking without help and be able to do for himself again. Still waiting for hospital to call for his surgery date. Maybe they will call this week. The sooner he gets that done the sooner I can get him on the road to recovery. It has been a tiring and slow process for past few months. Our yard man still has not bought the mulch for the flower beds. Guess I will be calling him or finding a new yard man that will take over doing all the yard work. I have asked him now for 2 years to do the flower beds. He still won't do them and now I am trying to get outside to get it done. Not easy when you are having to take care of a love one. But I am slowly getting things done. Got all the winter clothes packed and put away and the summer ones are now put away. Just need to get floors mopped and clothes washed tomorrow. Thinking the physical therapist is coming tomorrow. That always slows me down with things I need to do. Need to clean bathrooms again. Maybe I will get that done early in morning. Going to sit down while DH is resting and read Bible. Not able to go to church right now and we are both missing it. But DH is unable to go and I can't leave him by himself yet. He is a fall risk. Going to try to finish power washing the back porch. Got all the loose dirt and grime off and now just need to clean the patio. Hoping to get that done Tuesday.
  9. I love my cast iron pots. Have a bunch of different ones. I use them often. As I also have weak hands, I have learned to adopt in order to use them. I have a great deal of stainless steel pots and pans that I also use for canning. Can't say if cooking foods are different using cast iron verses other pans. But I do how the food taste in the cast iron verses the other pans.
  10. Good ones. And yes I do remember the layering. Thanks for the reminder Ambergris. I do have a stethoscope. And a regular cane and 2 quad canes. I still am looking into the wheelchair rollator. Not sure which one is best, so having a problem choosing. I need to get the right one that will work for DH. I am getting a collection of things for the elderly now. Will be holding on to all of it. It can all be passed down to my daughter some day. It would save her a lot of money having to buy this stuff like I am having to do. Medicare only pays for so much and then it is the cheapest stuff they will pay for. Not all ways the strongest or the best quality. Good to know about the puppy pads. That would make for a last resort in case we can't find the chucks. I have heard of people using the trekking poles before. But never bought any. Seems they will give you better stability when outside. Might later look into getting a set of them. If lucky enough, if I can start going to yard sales again, maybe someone will be selling some in the yard sale or even in a second hand store. Will have to keep my eyes open for those.
  11. Been a busy couple of days. Yesterday Took DH to Hospital for his test. Ended up taken all day as the computers were down and we had to wait. They did the dental clearance but when the pulmonary test was to be done the computers went down and we had to wait till after 4 pm. It was after 6 before we got home and I still had dinner to fix. Then today we had home health, physical therapy and speech therapy for his swallowing. DH has gone to bed already. He is worn out. To much for him in these 2 days of test and therapy. Yesterday was his first day out of house since he got out of hosp. on the 22ed. It was rough to say the least. Thank goodness for my son in law. He has been a big help. Today after the 3ed therapist left, I got DH a late lunch and then went outside to pressure wash the house. I haven't done that in a long while and the house on the outside just felt dirty. The patio was really bad. I haven't finished with everything I want to do, but if weather holds out I will work outside tomorrow also. I have a lot of catching up to do and the inside can be done on the rainy days. I will miss the garden this year though. But am going to till the garden up and have it cleaned up for hopefully a winter garden. Working on the details for what I want to plant. Collards will be one of them but not sure of the rest yet. Thinking I will be taken a muscle relaxer this evening before bed. Every muscle in my body is hurting tonight. DH had a hard time getting up on his walker and I had to help him up. I am starting to feel that pain in my arms as well. He is dead weight when he can't get up from a sitting position. That only happens when he is really tired as his legs just give out. But once up he is walking with the walker.
  12. Happy Birthday Jeepers.
  13. I had said in another post I would list things that would help when caring for the elderly, or just someone that is handicapped. A lot of these everyone knows of and might be some things that are new for some. Anyone have other ideas please add to the list. It might help one day to know and to maybe buy some of these things as you are able. I for one had to buy some of it at one time. Ouch! Gloves Portable toilet Commode pail liners Toilet safety rails Bed assist bar extra sheets as you might have to wash them more often. I have 3 sets and have had to wash them twice a week as DH stays in bed more now. lots of towels and washclothes pans like the size of a dish pan for washing person in bed. I have done that many times with DH both with his stroke and now with his illness now. grab bars for shower shower chair baby wipes as well as the adult bath wipes that are much larger for adults walker cane wheel chair or rollator that can be used as a wheel chair also. I am thinking of buying one of these. elevated toilet seat condom catheter for men. Great for night time as you don't have to get up during night every hour.. women's urinal with collection bottle. Much like the go girl but has a tube and a bottle for collection on urine. Also great for camping and road trips. Adult diapers or pull-up style for both men and women Incontinence pads for under the patient waterproof pads for bed. Get the size for your bed. I am getting a queen size one for us. Bidet for elderly that has a problem with wiping. Risers for raising the bed if needed. We had to lower ours. small trash bags as well as the larger ones. Blood pressure cuff thermometers oxygen finger monitor diabetic supplies scales for weighing. Needed for cong. heart failure This is all I could think of right now. Please add anything you think would be useful. I really do think our medical field is collapsing. Doctors offices as well as dentist offices are still not opening up. Nursing homes at this time are really not safe and for some of these homes patients did not get the care they needed. This virtual doctors visits will not work. They cannot lesson to your heart or do anything else for that matter. This is not medical care. There are many people out there that DO NOT know how to take blood pressure and other things that should be done at a doctors office.
  14. So true. The water in a hose left out in sun will get extremely hot. I am also looking at buying a stainless steel hose for the well. Not for garden but for drinking. The garden hoses have things in the plastic you don't want to be drinking. So looking into one of the stainless steal ones. Also you can buy food grade garden hose from the camper supply places. But remember even those will get very hot if left out in sun.
  15. Ambergris, I can't believe that Sears would be like that. No excuse for not getting the freezer delivered in a timely manner. Glad you were able to get a full refund. You might could try Lowe's or a Home Depot if you have one. Here we have appliance stores also. You might have better luck with some of those. Our Best buy here used to sell appliances but not sure if they still do. I would like to get a small one for garage as well. It would make it easier when I defrost the big one. That one is the biggest one they make and it is a chest freezer. Right now it is loaded to the brim as well as the one on bottom of fridge. The canning will be on hold for a least another week or two. Getting close to DH having his surgery and then at least an over night stay in hosp. Not sure what after that but I am sure the nurses and physical therapist will be coming for another month. I am so tired of having to keep so much hidden. Don't want them seeing my stash of food and paper goods. Keeping the small bedroom door closed and locked. They have seen some of my canned goods, soups mostly as I keep a few on the kitchen counter as that is about all DH wants to eat for dinner sometimes. He can't handle a large meal and I am now feeding him 5 to 6 small meals a day. Trying to keep him from loosing anymore weight. That is starting to worry me a bit. He was down to 145 this morning. Got him on Glucerna. I am thinking of trying him on muscle milk. Will have to check the sugar content but at this time, I don't think I am going to worry about that as much as getting the weight back on him. He needs to gain at least 20 pounds back. I have snacks and ice cream for him to eat between meals as well. Just mainly having to watch the salt.
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