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  1. Wow. We had 70 degrees today and will be that again tomorrow but with rain. Then tomorrow night the freezing temps come. Not looking forward to that. Stay safe and no falling on ice. Those are the times I stay home and don't go out unless I have to for some reason. I am not fond of snow and ice these days. Though it is pretty, it can be so dangerous. Well off to bed as DH is heading that way as well. So need to help him get his socks off so he can get ready for bed. Later.
  2. I joined USA alerts. Trust me you don't want to know all the mess going on around the world. The one I got earlier this evening was from Hong Kong. I did not know there were 85,000 Americans working and living there. The report is that police defused two sophisticated IEDs cont high explosives and nails on Queen's Road at the Wah Yan College. That region is on high alert. Seems there is a college or something around that area. It did not say that Americans were the target, just gave the number of them living and working there. More will come on it as it develops. Glad that they were able to get ahead of it before something bad really happened.
  3. Got lost trying to find Fireside. Don't think I found it yet. Or maybe I did and didn't know it. Thanks. I'll be watching for it.
  4. Jeepers, how did you not get the big update that no one wanted for windows 10? I hate windows 10. I had windows 7 and still using this one but windows 10 did an update and little by little started downloading windows 10 till now my windows 7 is windows 10. When I got that e-mail asking if I wanted to upgrade to windows10 I told them no. I was happy with windows 7. So so much for my not wanting it. I do now have an Apple computer but still trying to learn it. To me going from windows to apple is like doing things left handed and totally different. But I am working with it. But still mostly using my old windows computer. With keys sticking and all. This one is old.
  5. Ok. so how do I get on Fireside? I am not seeing as how to get to it.
  6. Did not know about Fireside. I will check it out. Thank you for the input about it. Maybe I can find some good stories to read there.
  7. My granddaughter and her DH lives in the Sunnyvale area and was not effected by the shutoffs. Hoping she will be ok.
  8. Ambergris, i have gotten the e-coupons and some of the drug stores refused them. I am going to see if doc. has samples to get me through till after the 1st of year as we have changed his RX insurance to something that won't be a pain about the prices that we have to pay. Hoping the new insurance will work out.
  9. Our phones are consumer cellular and mine is a piece of crap. I am thinking about looking into the jitter bug phones. Prices are still going up but some good sales because of holidays. Just have to watch for them. The sweet potatoes I got for 19 cent a lb. has not been that cheap since. So glad I got some to can. I will do it again if they go that cheap again. Watching now for chicken to go on sell so I can get some of that canned. I am getting low on chicken. The TP I get on Amazon prime on a by monthly basis is the family pack 32 mega rolls of Cottonelle. These are the same size as what they sold years ago before cutting it back and inlarging the cardboard to make it look like you are getting the same amount. I am paying 29.00 aeach time it is delivered and free shipping though now I have to pay sales tax. These rolls are huge and I haven't seen any brand including the cottonelle in stores as big as these rolls. The deal is the more you put on an auto ship, the cheaper the prices. So far I only have 3 items that will be shipped like that. Thinking about paper towels but have to check their prices against store prices as well as the sizes first. The cottonelle has been a great deal so far. Though 29.00 seems like a lot, for what I am getting it really is a bargan around here. As for food on amazon, the only thing so far I have gotten was B&B canned bread and name brand grapefruit in the can. Cannot find canned grapefruit in cans in stores since Farm Fresh closed it's doors. We don't get the canned bread very often. Just now and then when we want it with soup or something.
  10. We may be getting an Aldi's closer to us. I sure hope so. And now Lidil's is doing a thing that if you pay 49.00 a year. You can order your groceries on line and they will do the shopping and bring the groceries to your front door for you. That sounds good if and when I can't do my own grocery shopping. But for now I will go to the stores and shop for my groceries. Besides I would rather pick out my own meats and produce. The only thing I can say about our government is coruption at it''s best. Donald Trump said in his campaine promses that he would drain the swamp. Guess that is what he is doing because for the past 3 years and before the 2016 election the dems had already had plans for impeachment if he won. So here we are. Our tax dollars at work. We all better hope and pray that he wins in 2020 because if he doesn't. All hell is going to break loose. God has removed his blessings from this country and now we are going to see some bad stuff. I am trying hard to get things ready but do not want to be living where I am if it does break loose. We love our neighborhood and get along with our neighbors but we do have some that are full blown dems and welcome socialism. One of those that lives across the street is the sister in law of our horrable mayor. She will be voted out in next election if we can get the realastate people against her. Again Coruption at it's best. Just another dem. that's not looking out for the instest of the people.
  11. I have not read anything as of late but my Bible. That is a daily read for me. Has anyone read the book Lights out by David Crawford. That book was a wake up call. Very good read. There are many more I have read but can't think of them off top of head right now and youngest grandson just got here. He is spending the night and maybe tomorrow night as well. Going to help me around house and stay with his granddad while daughter and I do our yearly christmas shopping.
  12. snapshotmiki, that sounds good. Though I have never had pumpkin applesauce. I bet it is good. I only made fig preserves once when my daughter's neighbor gave her a bunch of figs before she took the fig trees down. She bought them to me and I make fig preserves. Haven't seen any figs around here since.
  13. Ambergris, Please be careful with that arm and I pray you don't have anymore seizures. Taking meds can be bad. I think a lot of DH's issues is the Eliquis blood thinner he is on. I did the research and he has almost every side effect and then some. Just have to get him through this weeks line up of doctors and then off to heart doctor to get him off it. He can't just up and stop this one. My gut feeling says I am right about this and I have everything to carry to doctor with me to prove it. So I might have to pay upwards of 600 to 800 dollars for 3 months supply of prodaxa, but so be it. He can't live like this because of these side effects. He is missurable. This might be the cause of his shortness of breath as well instead of conj. heart failure. That is one of the side effects. Please just keep him in prayer that we will get it figured out and on the right track to recovery.
  14. So glad to hear that things are looking up for all of you with so many health problems. Prayers anwered indeed. I am now thinking that DH's issues is with his blood thinner. They changed it about 8 months ago and it was after that he started going down hill. I did the research and sure enough he has almost every side effect coming and going right down to why his back has been breaking out with a rash.. So off to heart doctor as soon as we can get by this week of doctors. Boy am I tired. They got a clean marker for the basal cell cancer. So that is gone. So just has to heal now from where they took it out. Everyone please try to stay well for rest of year and next year as well. NO colds, flu, cancers or anyother disease that they try to throw at us. I think from reading everyones post we have all had enough illnesses and need a break. As it is right now I pulled a muscle in my back helping DH get up out of his chair the other day as they told him he had to sleep with his head propped up. Our bed lifts up but that hurts his back so he decided to sleep in recliner. I slept on couch in den with him. His legs got weak in that chair after being in in all night and I had to lift him out of it. Once on feet he was ok but slow walking. But I have my heating pad and aleve. So it will be fine in a day or so.
  15. That chilli does look good. I had not canned anything since Oct. but on Dec. first we had a good sell on sweet potatoes, so I canned 14 quarts and 8 pints. That will now be it till after the first of year when I start to get everything out of freezer to can. I really want to get that freezer emptied. Usually I would get it half empty and then fill it up again with a good sale on meat. This time I am not buying anything till I get the freezer emptied. Then I can start over again.
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