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  1. Mt. Rider, I have both you and your Dh in prayer. Hoping his back will get better soon. it is hard to take up that slack when your health is not good either. But we do what we have to in order to keep things going. I know full well how that can be.
  2. DH worked for the natural gas company and also they had propane. So he has this house gassed up. My grill has been converted to natural gas. Most of my house is run by natural gas. Hot water, clothes dryer, stove, and heat. We used to have a natural gas air conditioner, but at the time the gas company paid for most of it. Back then it only cost us $50 to run everything. Then later they sold out to another gas company and he lost that. the new company wouldn't pay for anyone's gas bills after that move. Nice while it lasted though. This house does not have a pantry and the kitchen is a small U shaped kitchen. The cabinets don't hold a lot and that is why some of my pans, food, and such is in other parts of house or in garage. One of the reasons I want to have something done in the remodel I am going to be doing. I am working on some sort of a plan and then will talk to the contractors when they come. Fireplace and main bathroom will be a must have. As they say, the 60's are calling and they want their house back. Other than windows and doors, we really never got around to doing much in the way of remodeling. If I don't upgrade some things, I don't think I could sell this house very easy. Still not sure if I will sell or not, but come end of February, the last of my family is moving to SC. So it is something to think about if I want to be near them. Not getting any younger so time to think about it. It has all been hard on me with loosing Dh and family all moving away in less than a year. But when your job says you are moving, you have no choice and then of course military moves and the one still here getting ready to graduate college and off to SC for PA school. They are planning to settle in SC.
  3. Wow Kappy, that is a lot of damage from those snails. I heard they changed something in the seven dust as we used it for years for that. Now it doesn't seem to work as well as it used to. Next year I am going to try the white vinegar. I think you mix it with something but will have to look it up again. Hope I can find it again. I think I need professional help: A chef, A butler, and a maid should do it. Still have some other books to go through, but all the other stuff is now done. Shelves clean and all the knickknacks I want to keep are now back on the bookcase. Hope it is not raining tomorrow so I can take a load of stuff to Good Will. I have another car load. Daughter is taking the knickknacks I am not going to keep. So that is good. I have until the first week in Oct. to finish up in garage to get the old fridge out there. Granddaughter may have sold the other stuff of hers but they need to come pick it up. Will need to find out what is going on with it, but she is working tonight, so will check with her tomorrow.
  4. Jeepers, I do have an Ollie's, but is about a 40 to 45 minute drive to Newport News to get there depending on traffic. I am going to take a trip out that way in about a month or so as there are other places I want to go to out there. Finished getting the bookcases emptied and everything dusted down. Don't want to talk about the almost 2 years of dust in that bookcase. But taken care of Dh and spending my time with him was more important than housework at the time. But I am paying for that now. It will all get cleaned up and reorganized again. Getting rid of a lot of stuff is starting to feel really good. That could be a good thing or a bad thing if I decide to get rid of the wrong things. It has been raining off and on all day, so only working in house today. But I am really getting tired now. Thinking of taken a power nap which is something I hardly ever do. More books to go through still. I am thinking of only keeping certain books and the rest will be on my kindle. Maybe my breakfast is over and I need some lunch. Haven't taken the time to eat since 7 am. So maybe something fast and it will give me my energy back. Otherwise that nap will be looking good.
  5. Jeepers, what I have is nothing like that. Though I do have a couple of those. The one I want to use for canning is one made from an actual gas kitchen stove. DH took 2 burners out of it and made a steal case to put the burners in. The BTU is like what I have in kitchen now, so is high enough for canning. If I can get someone over here to get it off the loft for me, I will take a picture and try to post it on here. I am not good at getting pictures moved from one place to another, but will be trying. I need to get all the grills, burners like the one you posted above, plus the one Dh made and get them cleaned up and check them out. Want to make sure they are in good working order. I now have 4 propane tanks all full and going to buy 2 more and fill those. That will give me 6 to work with. Need to do that before propane goes up. I am getting tired now and it is still early yet. Got everything off the bookcases in den and all cleaned up. Daughter is taken the knickknacks I don't want to keep. So will be packing those up for her. I always give the kids a chance to pick through everything before I get rid of it all. Can't believe none of them wanted cookbooks. They all use Pinterest for recipes now. So no books. I still like the books. Though Pinterest has a lot of good ones. I have a lot of survival books that I want to keep, but moving those to a different location in house. Not sure yet as to the best way to organize it all. The living room, dinning room, kitchen and den are mostly all open and I don't want people coming in and seeing all my supplies, so working on a totally different solution to the problem. This house has a huge storage issue. Hoping to figure it all out soon.
  6. I have been going through things all over the house. What I can't use or just needs to go because of having so much stuff is getting packed up and out of house. Have made a couple of trips to Good will and more is going. went through a ton of cookbooks past couple of days and boxed up 5 boxes to go. As I do all of this, I am taken inventory of things I need and things I have. This is so I will know what I need to buy and what is well stocked. I have inventoried all vitamins, pain meds cold meds etc. I am working on a shelve in closet to put all of this in alphabetical order so I can find what I need fast instead of having hunt through things. Going through the first aid stuff as well. I have all that together now, so it is just going through to make sure I have everything I need. I did pick up another box of band aids. Can't have to many of those. I have most of the canned foods inventoried and just going to add to that as I can from freezer. Clothes, I think I am good on but could use some more tea shirts. I am good for messing those up. Also looking into buying another pair of good quality tennis shoes and rain boots. Need to check on rather I need anymore towels, sheets, blankets, and such there as well as all paper products. I am trying to get a handle on things and watching prices go way up and the economy crashing. Not to mention we have not seen shortages yet like we are going to see. Things are going to get much worse. I am also looking into heat sources, other ways to cook such as a Dakota fire pit. And other means to can if we loose electric and gas. I have a propane stove in shed but need someone to get it off the loft for me. Then I need to clean it up and check it out in hopes it still works. Dh made it for me. We used it a lot for camping, but have not tried to can on it. He made it from an old gas stove. Going to be calling about the well in a few days. Will be needing a source for water also. Can you tell how much I trust our government.
  7. Not only that, but who will protect the unvaccinated from all the illegals coming over the boarder. They don't have to get tested and they are exempt from getting vaccinated. I know for a fact that at least half of them have corvid and are being let loose all over the united states. I am not vaccinated, not going to get the jab and I have not been wearing a mask as it has been proving they don't work. Great for the flu though. Speaking of flu, the reason there was no flu season is because last year when someone got the flu and was put in hospital, if they died from flu (not corvid) as over 2000 or more die each year from flu, It was blamed on corvid for the 35% increase in the amount of money the government had the insurance companies pay out. So a lot of people that did not have corvid, died from corvid. This has already been reported but nothing this administration will do about it. I personally know someone that their brother passed away from a lung condition and never tested positive for corvid and was tested 3 times. The death cert. said he died of corvid. Friend forced the state to change the death cert. to what he really died from and proved he did not have corvid. They changed it. I will wear a mask in certain stores only because they are over crowded. I do try to stay out of those stores, but sometimes I don't have a choice. I use a lot of hand sanitizer, and carry wipes to wipe down the baskets. As soon as I leave the store I use both wipes and hand sanitizer before getting in car and as soon as I get home I wash hands before getting anything out of car and again after I get everything out of car. So far that has worked for me. But for the most part I try to do things on line and have it delivered.
  8. Lots of good ones here. Will be trying some out. This is one I make when the kids are here. Baked Ziti with Italian sausage 1 lb. ziti noodles 1.5 lbs. ground spicy or sweet Italian sausage 4 cloves garlic, minced 1- 28 oz. can crushed tomatoes 1 teaspoon salt 1-1/2 teaspoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper 1 cup heavy cream 1/2 cup grated Pecorino Romano or Parmigiano Reggiano cheese 1/3 cup chopped fresh basil, plus more for serving. 8 oz. whole milk mozzarella cheese, shredded about 2 cups Instructions Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. Cook Ziti according to package directions for about 6 or 7 minutes. (it will continue to cook in oven so you want to undercook it just a bit. Drain and add pasta back to the pot and set aside. preheat oven to 425* and set oven rack in middle position Heat a large saute' pan (preferable nonstick) over medium-high heat. Crumble sausage into pan and cook, breaking apart with a wooden spoon, until lightly browned and just cooked through, 5 to 6 minutes. use a slotted spoon to transfer the cooked sausage to a plate. Drain all but 1 tablespoon of the fat from the pan and set over low heat. (if you don't have enough fat in pan, add a tablespoon of olive oil. Add the garlic and cook, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until soft but not browned, about 1 minute. Add the crushed tomatoes, salt, sugar and red pepper flakes and simmer, uncovered for 10 minutes. Add the heavy cream, 1/3 cup of the Pecorino Romano, cooked sausage, and basil to the pan, stir until evenly combined. Carefully pour the contents of the saute pan into the large pot with the pasta and gently stir to combine. Spoon half of the mixture into a 9 x13 inch baking dish. Sprinkle with half of the shredded mozzarella and half of the remaining Pecorino Romano cheese. Spoon the remaining pasta mixture on top and sprinkle with the remaining mozzarella and Pecorino Romano cheese. Transfer to oven and bake uncovered until the cheese has melted and browned. 15 to 20 minutes. Sprinkle with more basil and serve.
  9. Mother. you are so right about the coumadin and vitamin K. Dh was put on coumadin right after he got the watchman put in. I had to run to hospital pharmacy to get the vit. K to give him as he could not take the coumadin and his INR was way to high. He was only suppose to be on that for 4 weeks and then stop it, but didn't work out that way.
  10. Mt. Rider, your puppy is a hand full. Hope she gets better really soon. I know that can be tiresome as I have been there and done that. Guess that is one of the reasons I don't want anymore dogs and cats. Just can't handle all the work to take care of them any longer. And yes, where is Annarchy, It has been a long while. Last I heard I think she was having work related issues due to health. I just hope she is doing ok.
  11. I have a case of the keystone ground beef, turkey, and chicken. Though I have not tried it yet. I will drain and rinse the ground beef first. I am used to the 93% hamburger as that is what I have always bought. I have canned a lot of hamburger, chicken, turkey, beef and pork. I will use the keystone as prices go higher in meats. And right now it is not looking good at all on beef. Really high prices there.
  12. Glad that Koa is doing better. 5 Went through all the cook books yesterday and today. I am getting rid of 5 box loads of them. Only keeping the ones I use a lot and of course all my canning books, and gardening books. I also have some books on herbs I am keeping. The rest are out of here. Going through more stuff that are just sitting on shelve collecting dust. Lots of knickknacks that I am going to pack up and get rid of as well. Time for a total clean up of all the mess we had collected over the years. There are some things i will keep, but there is to much of it around here. Guess I am getting at an age where simple and less stuff is the way to go. Easier to keep house clean that way. And besides, the way this country is going, I could use that extra room for much needed stuff. the book case is right next to kitchen and fridge is on other side of wall that separates the fridge and bookcase. I see a way to clear off my kitchen counters. I am going to fix that bookcase up for what cook books I am keeping and put my canisters of sugar, flour, etc. on there. That will give me much needed counter space in a small kitchen. What I really need is a real pantry. But guess you can't have everything. The first estimate on fireplace is Oct. 5th. 3 weeks out. I am thinking of a stove insert as they are more efficient than just an open wood burning fireplace. I thought about gas logs, but with this new green deal. Might not be the best idea. And I can get wood for cheap for a while.
  13. Works for me. I have been to lazy to can lately. Need to get started on those soups. Easy enough to figure that one out. I'll be done in no time.
  14. I used to be low on Vit. D and was put on Rx D. I have been taken it now for years. I upped the dose when corvid hit. I also have been taken C and zinc. Seems to help and zinc does help with colds as well.
  15. I knew about it but have not kept an eye on it as of late. I would be in the path of the tsunami. I am not far enough in to escape it. Not sure if I would even have enough time to go inland as I would as I understand it would have to go at least 200 or 300 hundred miles or more inland to get away from it. But if it does happen, I know where I will be. As they say, good bye cruel world. I am about 30 to 35 miles inland of the Atlantic ocean. The tsunami would come in much further than that. I will have to figure out when the time would be to leave as I have not checked this in a long while. As for the prediction about it. I think it will happen at some point in time. Just not sure as to when.
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