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  1. Thanks for the maintance Annarchy. You do a great job.
  2. Homesteader, I love those doors. Wish I had a place in this house to convert somewhere for a pantry. But it is what it is. Thanks to all of you about my question on the food in den bookcase. I kept it in the small bedroom. Went through all the cookbooks and don't ask how I ended up with so many. I packed up the ones I really don't use and put the ones I do use along with all my canning books back in the bookcase, but in much better order. I have my nick nacks placed on the shelves in different places as well. I had so much room left over that I took the books that I am reading and moved them from bookcase in office to the bookcase in den. Now I have a place to store my spices. going to make a curtain to go on the bookcase like I did for the 2 bookcases in small bedroom that house a lot of my canned goods. I use top sheets to make the curtains and it works out really great. Keeps the food hidden and in a dark cool area. Under my 2 beds are already full of canned food. I did a great deal of canning last summer but a bit less this summer. I was thinking about not canning next year other than meat as I really don't have enough of that canned. But with the way this country is going I may rethink that idea. Only because I know I will have family members coming here to stay. Things would be much better with more than just DH and myself. Safety in numbers. Mt. Rider, I hope things turn around for you soon and you will be feeling much better. One of my neighbors has MS. Good days and bad days. DH has been disabled for several years. Haven't had any gov't interference yet. Right now he is in bed asleep. The conjestive heart failure I fear is getting a bit worse. Going to see doctor next week. He went to market to cook collards for them and he needed help. He can't lift the 35 gal. pot they cook them in to put it on the burner. Nor could he bend over to pick up the collards to get them to the sinks. This has happened the last 2 times. He looses his breath so easy when he bends over due to the fluid that keeps building around his stomach. Plus his feet swell up so bad his shoes don't fit. As it is I have to now put his shoes and socks on him. I am really starting to get very concerned about him. Sometimes I wonder why we are trying to prep, if that is what you want to call it. I sort of call it keeping ahead of inflation. I think I am just getting tired out and need a break. It's funny that my daughter wants to sell her house and down size. She still has two kids at home though one is 24 and still in college plus works full time and has a dog sitting business. The youngest just turned 18 yesterday and was over here earlier today helping me a bit. My house is small and I don't have enough room. I think it is the way the house was built. No flow to it. But the house came with DH as he already had this house when I met him 38 years ago. And it is paid for. So not going anywhere. I will make it work and find solutions to the storage problems and next spring start going through a lot more stuff to get rid of. I think we have just acumalated a great deal over the years and it is time for it to all go. Spring cleaning in a few months and daughter and I can have a nice big yard sale. Ambergris, hoping you as well will be doing much better. I know how it is to having those down days. Right now my back and neck is hurting. Guess I was lugging to many books at one time. Think I need to have a yard sale next spring.
  3. Thank you both for the input on this. So I will just leave the canned foods in back bedroom. I do have a lot under the bed in that room and can't get another jar under there. I was only going to put out the oldest to use first but after what the two of you said, I will just keep bookcase for cook books and nick nacks. Though more than half of those books are going to get packed up. I have several I don't use like I used to. I guess old age and changes in diet due to salt restrictions and diabitics. But still don't want to get rid of them either. I am thinking of passing them on to all the grandkids to go through and pick out what they want at a later date.
  4. I have a question and need to know what would you do. My kitchen and den are one room. There is a wall between the fridge and the book case that is on the den side of kitchen. I just got through pulling all the nick nacks and I swear over a 100 cook books that I am going through and pack up a great many of them. Just keep out my canning books and the few that I use all the time. So I am thinking of taking a lot of the food I canned and putting it in that book shelf. Though everyone that comes to house would see it. Not that it matters, but I know my granddaughter that lives in another state would be here and pack a big box to take back with her. I don't mind her doing that, but she is getting ready to get transfered across the other side of the state and I won't be getting my canning jars back. Which half the time I don't get them back anyway. And her DH threw away some of my tattle lids. GD found it out and fussed at him. So can't afford for that to happen again. So what would you do. Store your food you canned on book shelf where everyone coming in would see it or leave it in bedroom in closet and underbeds? thank you ahead of time on help with this issue.
  5. Kappy, we are having the same problem with canning jars as well. I am beginning to think that because so many people have either gone back to canning and gardening as well as learning to do the lost art of canning that the demand has increased. Also I think either ball or one of the other companies that make them come out of China. So could be a tarriff issue. We are paying for those tarriffs through increased pricing. I agree with Homesteader. Check out yardsales as well as charity places. I am going to head to CHKD which is the Children's hospital. They have a large one about a 30 minute drive from us. And I can check out other places while I am in that area.
  6. They haven't had the dented can sales here in ages. I think they are now giving it to the food banks. Right now we have a huge sale on turkeys but limited. Just to get 3, I need to go to 2 different stores. One for 27 cents with a fourty dollar purchase and the other one for 28 cents limit of 2. I am getting some to can. So I think if I get 3 of them, I will be canning for the next 2 to 3 days. Not sure I will do it as Thanksgiving is just 10 days away and then Christmas and I am still trying to get a lot of heavy cleaning done. Though I did finish the kitchen. That was the worse. So now I am working on the den. So turkeys may or may not wait. I am watching on that one and trying to figure out a plan. maybe only get one to can. Fresh fruit and veggies are up around here as well. But sweet potatoes should be going on sale here soon. I am going to get some of those to can as well. When I went to pick up my RX, which is inside Harris Teeter, I went through the store to see if I could find any bargans. The shelves were picked clean. Don't know if it is because of Thanksgiving or they just haven't gotten a delivery. But it just seems strange that these stores are always having so many bare shelves. I have a bad feeling that the USA is about to feel the pinch of the wild fires, flooding, to much rain, extreme hot weather, and now freezing temps. Other countries are already feeling the pinch and I fear we are about to as well.
  7. Kappy, keeping you in prayer that your surgery goes well with no issues. Grandson's 18th birthday today. So going to daughter's tomorrow evening for his party. Haven't done a whole lot today. Went to store to pick up an RX. Then came home and started pulling everything off book shelves in den to get everything dusted. I really need to go through cook books. I have way to many. Those are one thing that's hard to part with. So will see how it goes. Maybe just box up some that I don't use as much and put on shelf in garage where I can get to them if need be. My 2 butane stoves came today.. They are nice. Hope to get to try them out in the next week or so. Waiting on the butane now. It will be coming in a few days. I think these will work out good for what I want. Mt Rider, sorry you are having deer problems with keeping your garden to yourself. Guess they like to eat to. We had planted cabbage one time and the rabbits would get in and eat half a head and leave the other side. So nice of the rabbits to leave us just a little bit of our cabbage. We only got one head that year.
  8. This is an old one, but with what I am reading from this for 2011, has anyone noticed the prices today of food. Gas right now is down though at 2.19 a gal. to 2.29 depending on where you go. I have been noticing some price hikes on mayo, peanut butter, flour, meats, mostly pork, and even can goods. I help out and buy food for our church food ministry as well. and I have been using kraft mac and cheese for a price watch at lidel's. They are about the same as Aldi's. They started off with a price of .25 cents, then up to 45 cents and now 69 cents. That is just a refence as to what is happening around here. their can goods use to be anywhere from 27 cents to 45 cents and now creeping up into the 60 cents and above price range. How are things going where you guys live?
  9. Not canning yet today, but we have 2 stores with turkeys on sale. One is 27 cents a lb. with a 40 dollar purchase. Limit of one. The other has them for 28 cents a lb with a limit of 2. Looks like I might have some canning in the very near future. Will have to time it as I have no room in my freezer for even one turkey right now. So will have to buy and can within a couple of days. Jeepers I will have to give canning chili a try. And as for ketchup, I have always added that to my chilli. Gives it a much better taste. Kappy, that is good to know about all the different fish. Though some of them I might not be able to get around here. My youngest grandson lives for fish.
  10. Seems I will need to make a Habor Freight trip. Lots you can do with those blankets. Kappy, in order for you to feel better. I have been putting food such as oatmeal, grits, pancake mix, etc. in mylar bags with O2 absorbers. At least it will keep a couple of years if not longer past the due date. My gut feeling of adding more food and working harder to get things I needed turned out to be to just take the food I got and get it into mylar bags and the buckets. That feeling is gone now. Though I have been thinking about how I could cook indoors if things went south and we lost current for more that the 2 weeks we were without. Did fine for 2 weeks. but an EMP type of thing is another story. Have lots of ways to cook outside but inside was the issue. Was on Amazon this morning for a bit and found 2 butane burners. One is Camp chef mountain series one burner stove and the other one is Gas one GS-1000. 7,650 BTU portable butane burner. First one was 16.95 and the second one was about 39.00 On sale. Also got 12 Butane fuel canisters on sale for 24.79.. When all was said and done, All came to 80.74 plus tax and free shipping. I used my prime points that have been building up and got it all for 23.00. That was to good to pass up. the stoves both had high ratings but we will see when I try them out. Then it was back to stuffing mylar bags.
  11. Great article. I am a prepper myself but not a survivalist. With DH's cong. heart failure we don't go anywhere anymore. He's not able to travel like we used to. The swelling and loosing his breath is about all we can keep up with. He has had a hard time of it the past couple of days. We are living in what used to be country and now urban, plus in the middle of military bases, shipyards, etc. No where to run and no where to hide. I am not concerned about it. It is what it is. I just prepare the best I can and what happens, happens. I did figure out that feeling I had for a couple of days that I wasn't preparing fast enough. That feeling doesn't tell me what I am in need of to do like stocking more food, ammo or whatever. I prayed about it and the answer came to me later in day. Not to stock more food, but to take what I already have and get the mylar bags out and get the food I already have stored properly. So I started on it yesterday and all day today. That feeling is gone now. Still have more food to properly store for longer term but It is almost done. Then I can get it all organized in a way I know just what I do have and get that inventory done. Like Jeepers said. Age in place.
  12. Kappydell, the only fish I find that can be canned is tuna and salmon. Both great for tuna salad and fried salmon cakes. I don't know of any other fish that can be canned without being mushy. Maybe mackel. You can also make mackel cakes as well. these are alot like making crab cakes and done the same way. The We2, how do you make your chilli to can? That is one thing I have never canned. I always make it the day we are going to have it for dinner. I am going to dig into canning everything in my freezer after the 1st of year. Also going to buy a much frozen veggies on sale as I can and deydrate them. I am going to start to do more deydrating next year as well. I am having this bad feeling again today that I need to get more and more done and stock more food and non food items. Normally I can shake it off, but something has been nagging at me all day. Need to go pray about it as to what I need to be doing. When I get like this, I feel a need to be praying about it. Hopefully my answer will come. Though I cannot afford to do much till after the first of year due to the driveway and walkway. But glad it is behind me. But the fireplace is now next on the list of needs. So saving up now to get that done.
  13. Kappydale, I have never heard of anyone canning leftovers. I wish we had turkeys for 69 cent a pound. So far only ones on sale is 99 cents a pound. DH does not want me to get any to can, but I have 3 turkey breast and 2 hams in freezer I am going to can after first of year when I have more time. The only thing I can think of for leftovers is making Turkey soup and canning it. Would be great to know what they do. Interesting.
  14. Kappydale, I did not know you were having a lot of medical issues. Will be keeping you in my prayers. My DH is on elequis. It is one of the only two that if you are injured they have something to stop the bleeding. If you have surgery, you will have to come off of it for 5 to 7 days. That will give it time to get out of your system. It is a good blood thinner. Don't be afraid to take it. Only thing is that a small scratch will bleed like you really cut yourself. If you go to the drug store just look for the bleed stop. I keep a lot of it here. So far only had to use it about three times over the years DH has been on the blood thinners I posted earlier in another section while readling up on the economic collaspe that the Deep state Dems. don't get Trump impeached, they will collaspe the country to keep him from winning a second term.. Also got an e-mail from USA alerts that Tel Aviv Israel is under rocket attack following IDF killing of Islamic Jihad Commander Baha Abu El-ata. Public bomb shelters are open. This is surly the end of days as the Bible predicts. Israel may deem this as an all out war. The Bible says keep your eye on Israel. So just watching for the signs of the end times and trying to prepare as best I can. But I always try to follow God's will as to how I should prep. More long term food that I am looking at but cannot buy till after first of year. And looking at ways to cook without gas nor electric indoors. That one is harder than I though it would be. I did buy some sterno cans a few days ago. So that is a start but need to head to Sam's club and BJs wholesale club soon as well. I like BJ's as they take any coupon with their coupons and I can coupon them to death. Big savings when I do that.
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