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  1. I haven't been keeping up with what is happening with the virus. I am just to busy and so over it now to even try to keep up with it. I do like that you are posting on it Ambergris as this is the only way I know if counts are going up or down. Guess I am just getting tired of the whole mess now. Just to much on my mind with DH and his health issues and they just seem to keep growing. The skin cancer doctor has not called back for the appt. to remove the cancers, but in all fairness, I think he is going to wait till heart doctor takes him off the blood thinners. And now facing the idea of
  2. This is my first time seeing this. But so glad your father is doing so much better and on the way to recovery. It is always a blessing when prayers are answered.
  3. So far, so good. I don't care for changes either but sometimes it works out well. Just a little bit of getting used to.
  4. Mt. Rider, glad you and your mom had a good time and your foot didn't give you any trouble. Kappy, You are doing great with getting your brood to behave. You should have them trained to do what you want in no time. Miki, You also have training lessons to do. I remember those days well when we had our dogs and cats. Our cats learned the hard way about not getting up on counters and tables. Didn't take but one time of picking themselves up on the other end of the kitchen floor, but it worked. They never climbed up on the counters and table again. DH had a rough day
  5. I have some of the patriot meals that were on sale but have not tried them. Though I did send some to my granddaughter in Washington right after they moved there in March of this year. Her DH loved them. She didn't say anything about to salty nor watery other than she didn't use as much water as it called for. We won't be using those because of the salt content. But I will be holding on to them for emergencies. I have a lot of the freeze fried stuff with no salt for soups and things. i usually make my own now because of DH's heart failure. No salt.
  6. There is a lot on that list that I can no longer use and some are brands that I don't use, so not a problem there. DH loves his Hellman's mayo and Jiff peanut butter. So far no shortage on those.. Though the baking goods listed, I better check into for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I do a lot of baking then.
  7. I have heard that the shortages we have been having could get worse maybe next year. I hope and pray they are wrong. They are saying because of the riots and with who ever wins the election and it won't matter who wins, the truckers will have problems getting the food to the stores That also will go for non food items. i just hope I am set for all the mess that's on the horizon. They are talking about shortages because of the wild fires in CA and flooding in other places causing shortages that we may not see till next year. Wish I knew what those shortages would be so I could be ready. Though
  8. Baby chicks that is great news. I have been busy trying to get things cleaned up around here today. My middle granddaughter called today and said she has a couple of days off and is coming to help me clean house. Her fiancee is coming Sat. with her to help me move some furniture so I can clean under it. The couch in den is so heavy. DH had a better day today. Makes it easier for me to get things done when he feels better. When he is having a bad day, he can't get around as easy. I just wish his swelling in the stomach would go down. There are times when he looks like he
  9. Jeepers, I am with you on not being a burden. I to am trying hard to do what I can so as not to be depended on anyone. As long as I can still drive as DH cannot any longer, I can get to the markets and such if I can't plant a garden. Like this year there was no garden. Though I did have some herbs planted. I am mixing 25 year foods in with my canned goods to keep things in date as much as possible. But some things are over a year past date and still good. I have been thinking about rather to buy more long term foods such as the veggies mostly. I do have some long term meats but holding on to
  10. Ann, glad you are home safe. TheCG, I know how you feel about trying to fix and store up food for picky eaters.. I am finding that DH is not eating like he once was and things are tasting different to him now. I am having a problem trying to figure out what he will eat now. But I am also dealing with his swallowing issues as well. He gets choked easy and has to be careful. He had one bad choking spell the other day. And when I say bad, I mean really bad. Took 2 hours before I could get him straight again. He choked on chicken. So Don't know how I will do meat now as this is go
  11. babysteps, so glad you got that much needed rain. There is a lot of great info on here about what to do. i am going to have to make time to go through a read it all. I have read some of it but not enough time right now to read all of it. Things I should know even though we are not in an area that has what you are going through. Though a lot of that can apply to hurricane evacs as well. Granddaughter from CA called today and said they have clear skies for now. No smoke. So they have been trying to get yard work done and spent some time in the pool. She said the smoke could be b
  12. Never knew that. Good video. I will be much more careful. My granddaughter a month ago sent me some garlic from CA. That was good. The rest is now in freezer. It was to much to use up before it might go bad. I will be using that next time I make my spaghetti sauce to can. Think I will start growing my own garlic. Never tried it before, but a first time for everything.
  13. Midnightmom, I didn't think about the pans. I will try to go to dollar tree tomorrow and pick some up. I don't use those to often other than Thanksgiving and Christmas and also when we have our Church dinners. It would be good to have them now than to wait till I need them and can't get them. My canning jars and tattler lids are all on back order.. Starting to wonder if I will get either of them. Stores don't seem to be getting them in now. But if I do see any, I will just grab them no matter what size they are.
  14. I don't have a garbage disposal as we had been on septic tank for years and we couldn't have one. But yes, I also use the vinegar and baking soda for slow running sinks. The soda in fridge is perfect for doing that. It's what I do also.
  15. Have been going through all the stuff that you just don't know rather to keep it or ditch it. Made some progress. Just need to figure out how to get it all put where I want it. I have notebooks full of canning recipes, and other things that I want to scan to the computer when I can get time to sit down and get it done. Then took DH to the plastic surgeon to see about getting the skin cancer removed. Turns out they are going to remove 4 of them but need to talk with heart doctor about his blood thinner. He should be coming off it around the 6th of Oct. So might wait till then to set it up. Wil
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