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  1. I am hoping we will be able to go outside. Will need to go to my shed for things now and then. We have one neighbor next door but far enough from where I would be in back yard to be ok. They don't come outside much. Across my driveway which is back yard is a neighbor that keeps to himself. I know him but he doesn't visit neighbors. So should be good and they are far enough away from us. I went to Wal mart, Lidil's and Harris Teeter today. I loaded up on the foods I needed to go with some of the foods I have. I also bought because of diabetics. Sugar free jello and pudding. got 10 of each. Also found sugar free brownie mix and cake mix. Found icing to go with the cake mix that was sugar free as well. Might not taste as good as the real deal, but will give us something for a snack. Bought the chrystal light lemon aid, and the milo electrolyte to put in water. Got some sugar free gaterade and that is hard to find. Also some V8 low sodium, Got some more powdered milk as well as some mac and cheese incase kids come here. (picky eaters will learn to eat what's put before them). Got my cat little for the toilet buckets for just in case. 2 boxes. I did not get the cheapest for that as it is dust free, and kills odor for 7 days. though it will be changed out as needed. I have 2 buckets with the toilet lids for camping on them. Bought 2 big boxes of cheerios. DH loves those. The dates are 12/20 so that should hold us. Bought some cleaning supplies as well that I was low on. got some alcohol and peroxide. Picked up some more OTC meds as well that I couldn't get a Walgreens. Canned fruit is way over priced but did get 4 more cans. Also picked up more flour for bread. I am hoping to not have to go out to any stored now. Maybe the closest one Food Lion for eggs. I will stock those as it gets closer to time to really need to get ready. We live in an area that now has over 1 million people. This is why you will hear of me stocking and doing things early. It will not be safe to venture out in maybe another month or two. We really have no clue. I am reading up on pandemics and what to do as well as what could happen. Don't like that outcome. We could loose water, electric and natural gas. I need to fill up one of my propane tanks and need to buy a couple of more. Also need to get the gas cans together and get them filled as well. Need to buy fire wood as well to get us through the rest of winter. I think maybe a couple of cords. But will see how that goes. Our well is electric and not in the best shape but as long as we have the electric, we should be ok with that. But filling up everything we have. Large pans, all of the empty canning jars, and all of my water containers as well as the water bob for bath tub. If you are on city water and sewage, it will create a whole new host of issues and none of them good. Back up of sewage is one issue. We are going to try to rehook to the septic and see how the lines are. But after 3 years, I fear they have collasped. Reason I have listed some of what I bought is to help give anyone on here some ideas of things they might need to add to their preps as well.
  2. I think it would be a great idea to have a section for when this does hit hard, that we can as long as we still have internet to just check in and say we are ok. Maybe at least once or twice a week for check in's. If we do loose the internet, Like Mt. Rider said. We also will be praying for everyone here on this forum. None of us has ever been through anything like this and it is in God's hands. And above all, no matter what happens, Keep your faith in God and don't loose hope. That hope is in God. Going to do a bit more research this evening after I get back from Church tonight. Will post what I learn tomorrow.
  3. You are right about nutritious factor, but in a situation where we cannot get fresh until gardens come in. We will do with can fruits and veggies. Hoping it won't get so bad that we could loose electric and water. Wishing we were still on the septic tank. Thank you city for forcing us to go with city sewage. We still have the septic tank but the lines have probably collapsed by now. Been a few years. Going back out to stores today. Want to get kitty litter and a few other things. I have 2 6 gal. buckets with toilet lids on them for emergency situations. That is why I need the kitty litter. Also if we come to a point because of city water that we cannot flush toilets. You can tape plastic garbage bag onto the toilet seat to use then take bag off and tie off and put in trash. Saw that one on a prepper forum a long time ago. Need DH to stay home so I can go get things done but he wants to go and he does need the exercise and to get out a bit to get his strength back. I need to pick up some things to keep us going food wise that I need to go with things I already have. Not much but instead of just going to get it when I need it, it's time to stock those particular things as well. I have already started my lettuce growing from scraps. Lettuce is doing great. Got 2 heads of it so far. The celery I started 5 days ago and now it is growing. Will be planting that in the pot on dinning room table in about 4 or 5 more days. Going to keep doing things like that for the fresh produce. It is a learning curve I have been trying to do for a while now and I think I am getting the hang of it now. We have 60 of the pads. Should check for a plastic mattress cover just in case. One for both beds as well as for the pillows. I have been ready for hurricanes but this one is different. Heard this morning that doctor said it is already a pandemic and this country needs to say so. But they don't want any panic. Panicking will get us no where. We just need to step back, look at what we have and make a list. Ask ourselves will this last me a month, 2 months and what do we really need that will not require a lot of water.
  4. Not really with the program today. But thinking it's time to get ready for bed. news is on so need to watch that. Later all. Goodnight.
  5. sometimes nurse practitioners are better than some doctors. Wish you both the best on that. We have been in that situation. Still not a good doctor but better than the last 2 we had.
  6. We are on a corner lot. almost 1 acre. On our street in front are 3 houses on my side and 4 houses across street. On the side of us are several houses going down toward back of neighborhood. This neighborhood used to be farmland along with the neighborhood next to us. Our neighborhood is the oldest and on one mile of land. Next to us has a street that goes between our neighborhood and their neighborhood. That neighborhood is very large several acres of land. They cut through our neighborhood all the time.
  7. WE2 I also am about as ready as can be. With DH's health issues, I did decide to get the suits. we have lots of N95 mask that I have had stored in the closet for a few years.. The suits were a 6 pack for about 65.00. Had enough points that I was able to get them for half that. So used the points from Amazon. Not going to use them unless something happens that we must leave house for a doctor or ER. praying it doesn't come to that. Got lots of gloves. So hoping we should be good. We just filled all our RX's for 3 months. So unless I pay out of pocket, 3 months is it. Hoping this won't last that long but China has been add it since December 1st when the first patient showed up with it. So it has already been 3 months for them and they still are growing in numbers last I heard. My prayer is that everyone will be safe from this virus and everyone will be well prepared before we are forced to stay put. I have heard rumors that we are suppose to tape up and use plastic on windows. Not so sure that would be necessary. Not going that far. We are in a neighborhood but the houses are not that close together.
  8. Daughter not lazy. She just got tired of picky eaters. This one doesn't like that or that one doesn't like this. She used to put veggies on DH' s plate when the kids were little and dare him not to eat it. She should have made all 4 of them sit down and eat what was put in front of them at a very early age. Though when my grandson came over, I never had a problem. I just cooked a fish dinner and he couldn't get enough of it. Have you ever heard of a two year old that loves sardines, or a 5 year old that loves oysters. Daughter couldn't figure that out and I kept telling her seafood is the way to go. That they will eat. So she doesn't cook anymore. Grandson is 18 and middle granddaughter is 24 and still lives at home, but work and college is keeping her away right now. She as well as her father will be hitting the stores. I worry about her as she is a scribe in the ER. Going to school to be a nurse practitioner. Starts medial school in the fall. The oldest one is on her way to Washington state as her DH is naval hospital and they got transferred there. Worried about them as well as he has to go to school for a year in CA. She will be staying in Washington state. He will be on base for that year.
  9. We are under doctors orders to take vit. D3, fish oil and Q 10. DH has to take B12 as well and now Liv 52 liver cleans and milk thistle. We don't do Vit E as DH cannot take that one with the blood thinners. Kappy glad to know you are home and doing much better.
  10. So true. But those ferrets stink. I already know my grandson will be knocking on my door if she doesn't go to store. I think her DH is about to knock some sense into her. Like I said they have a camper. Pull into driveway and there you go. quarantine room.
  11. Good article. Looks like it has started. There is no controlling this when it is reaching all around the world.
  12. Seems to be climbing in the US, china and S. Korea and some of the bigger countries as well. Guess it's time to get it together. I really don't have the energy for all this but am working on what I really need should we be staying in house for at least 30 days.
  13. Joyfilled, the last thing you want to do is panic. That is the worst. Do not panic buy anything. As far as fresh fruits and veggies. They won't keep but so long. I have canned my veggies from my garden and have some no sugar added canned fruit. This is how we will work around that. If you have a freezer, you could buy frozen fruits and veggies. potatoes will keep awhile as well as onions. But you could use rice instead of potatoes, I canned 10 pounds of potatoes about a month ago. Just buy what you eat and find ways to substitute the fresh stuff like the fruit for canned, etc. They are saying about 30 days but I am looking at these other countries and thinking a good 6 months of food and water. Buy what you can now and just keep adding. If you usually buy two cans of corn a week then buy 4 instead of 2. Do that with everything you buy each week for as long as you can. You will build your stock up. Buy in bulk if you can on things like flour to make bread etc. I have been canning for years and have a good years worth of food. But I started doing it when my kids were trying to get on their feet and on their own. They would come and shop from my food storage. Now they are doing fine and I am well stocked now that they don't need it. But They may end up at my house with their camper before it is said and done. And there goes my stock. She does not stock food. By some powdered milk and pudding and jello to make for snacks as well as if anyone does get sick with nothing more than the regular flu. they could eat that if nothing else. Chicken is a good one. Canned or buy and freeze. Chicken broth is something you might want to add as well. Hope this will help. You will get there. It just takes a bit of time.
  14. Dogmom. I heard that on the news today as well. I think there are more than they are letting on. They also said on world news that the US is not prepared and the White House is releasing funds for an emergency outbreak. They also said that the hospitals are not prepared as they cannot get the mask They need over 30,000 mask for heathcare workers and there is a shortage. So my question is why didn't they get them when the first 2 or 3 people come here with the virus. That should have told them something. You cannot wait till the last minute to get prepared. It just doesn't work that way. I talked to my daughter and told her to get prepared. All she had to say was she doesn't feed people. She really does not cook for her DH, son and daughter that still live there. DH does the cooking and son helps with it sometimes if it's something he likes to eat. She is more worried about those 7 ferrets of hers than the kids and DH. Her priorities are a bit mixed up. So they have a camper that sleeps 10. She can park it in my driveway, Live in it and I will fix her up a care package. That should do it.
  15. Have you tried to contact them? Could be they are just tired from the trip and unpacking and washing clothes etc. Hope all is ok.
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