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  1. Daughter came in from N.C. This morning. Her DH ended up having to work so was not able to come down. She will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. We went out to lunch and then on a half day shopping trip. We did get everything out of the china hutch and got it moved away from wall so they can hopefully get the floor leveled when they do the work under house. It turned out to be only one floor board that had broke. So will have to have that one replaced and floors refinished. I have some things that was in the china hutch to go through for yard sale. Don't think I need all that stuff any longer. She will be coming back in Aug. for granddaughter's wedding and then again in fall to help with yard sale. then my grandson in Washington state said he is coming down in November and leaving on the 20th. Was hoping when he told me he would have been staying until after Thanksgiving. But I know he has to work. He had to take what he could get for vacation this year. My house is totally torn up again. Going to now start looking for contractor for the fireplace, den and bathrooms. Will be glad to get all this behind me and I can do a little traveling and other things I want to do. Need to work on garage so I will have room for the old fridge come October when the new one comes. I am looking at all the tomatoes all over my kitchen counter. So trip tomorrow to market as it is way to many for me. Daughter took a lot of them and will see if granddaughter wants some when she gets back into town in morning before heading to market. Got a load of cucumbers today also. That was the biggest picking of those so far. More on vines will be ready in a few days. Getting green peppers now as well. Still waiting for the eggplant. Won't be to much longer. Starting to worry the bed will not be here before granddaughter in Washington gets here. They said by end of August but haven't heard a word. Might have to call them on Monday. Never a dull moment around here these days. Told daughter I am selling the house and moving in with her because things are getting crazy around here when the construction starts. That fireplace is going to be one big mess. But I will be able to use it when done.
  2. That is so cool. Wish when I used to go fishing the fish would jump up at me like that into a net. What can I say, that would be easy fishing.
  3. Blessedhomemaker, the blog is not coming up. It just says widgets, and nothing other than not secure.
  4. Thank you everyone. Yes my birthday was yesterday. (71) That's turned around (17). Not getting any older, I have decided to stop having birthdays. I keep getting older when I have them.
  5. The lady came today for the appraisal early this morning. In and out in 5 minutes. Took pictures of all the bedrooms, kitchen and den and inside of both sheds. Pictures of outside of house and the generator and well. Then measured around outside of house and left. So just a waiting game now. Took another load of tomatoes to market and got paid for those. Money will come in handy for next years raised beds. I think raised beds will be much easier on me than just tilling up the yard and trying to keep it weeded. Not doing anything else today. I'm tired and going to do something I hardly ever do. I'm going to take a nap in a bit. Maybe in an hour or two I will feel better. I am going to can the rest of the roma tomatoes. I had a bumper crop and now it looks like I am going to have a bumper crop of eggplant. The plants are loaded with eggplants and still loaded with blooms which will soon be more egg plants developing. Eggplant parmesan soon to be on the menu. I make it and freeze it for quick meals. Add a salad and dinner is served.
  6. My alcohol so far is still good. Not quite a year old yet. But I just didn't trust the swollen bottles. That is good info on getting rid of old alcohol and peroxide. I don't store much of it anyway. But I do use a lot of alcohol as being diabetic, I wipe my finger before I check my numbers. Have to prick the finger. No fun, but must be done. The info on how long they last is great as well.
  7. I have had a very busy day today. Got this estimate for jacking up the floor. Not as bad as I thought it might be. But I need a plumber to turn off water and gas in that area under house and move the pipe so they can put 5 joist that should have been there when house was built in 1964. Then it will take 2 jacks to jack the floor up and no guarantee that they can get the floor back up to the wall where it should be. But will hold the china hutch after they are done. If it doesn't come up to where it needs to be, When I have the floor fixed in that area, there might be something they can do. As for the fireplace, that is a joke. These people can't do that, but knows someone that they will have contact me. There should have been concrete blocks for support under the fireplace and there is nothing. So the shifting over the years has messed that up. They might just condemn it. I sure hope not. Will see how that goes as I really don't want to open that can of worms right now. Tomorrow morning the appraisal will be done. Then I can close on the loan. Will be glad to have all this work done so I can concentrate on bathroom remodel. But first the structural stuff has to be done. The bad part is that I am going to have to move all the food off the shelving units in the small bedroom, so nothing will fall as they jack up the floor in that area. That is not as bad and only a precaution just in case. Don't want an issue like the dinning room floor. That joist follows along the garage wall from front to back of house and no joist going the opposite way to hold any weight. So floor separated from wall and is sinking. That is why I am doing the small bedroom. Don't want that same problem. So been busy cleaning house all day as well. Cleaned bathrooms. Washed bathroom blinds. washed sheets And lots of dusting and mopping floor in kitchen and den. No wonder I am tired. I haven't eating all day. Just my coffee and got to work.
  8. Mt. Rider your muscles stop spasms stop and you start doing better. You are right. There are a lot of variables that can cause those spasms. Just have to figure out which one is the trigger.
  9. I have had that same problem. Had 2 unopened bottles of alcohol that did that. I was afraid they would burst, so I opened them and they seemed fine. But to be on safe side I poured it into a large canning jar and put the plastic lid on it. Still good. I have also had that happen with peroxide as well. But not as bad as the alcohol was.
  10. We are with Dominion VA Power. Big company and also in several states. Not happy with things going up like they are. Even gas has gone up again, now $2.99. Haven't been to store in 2 weeks. Almost afraid to see what the prices are now.
  11. Prayers for the family and special for the little one as he comes to grips with this.
  12. That all is well for your hubby. I know that is a big worry on you. Take care. Prayers going your way for you and hubby.
  13. Has anyone gotten notices about your utilities going up? Awhile back we got notice that our water is going up 25% but not the percentage for over how many years. Now I got a notice that our electric is going up 45% over a 10 year period, That is an increase of 4.5% a month. Cable has gone up 4 times in one year. haven't heard anything about gas yet. But I am sure it is coming. All this because we are now depended on other countries for oil. All these companies except cable depends on oil. So we are in deeper trouble than we think.
  14. I never owned a cow or goats. But I know it would be fun. My grandparents had a milking cow. I was young, so don't remember to much about it. But I do remember grandma making butter, and the milk as I remember was really good. Store bought does not compare to fresh straight from the cow.
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