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  1. Have a safe trip Annarchy. Miki, glad your DH's friend is doing better and out of hospital. Praying he will stay well now. Hospital is no place to be right now. Mt. Rider, I know what you mean about not sleeping. I feel like I have a new born in house. DH wakes me up about 3 or 4 times during the night. I am lucky to get 3 to 4 hours sleep at night. But the rule is, if you have to get up, you are to wake me. He can't get back into the bed on his own. Legs are really weak and the surgery on right leg didn't help any. Out of physical therapy now going on 3 weeks as
  2. I have heard in VA we are up almost 8,000 I think. But I am thinking it might be a bit more depending on rather it is Northern VA or South side. They don't tell you that figure that I have been able to find. So thinking that number is only part of VA.
  3. From what I have been searching, it is true. We are in deep, deep trouble.
  4. We can knock out that house in a day. We are all such fast packers,, As for painting that is another story. Done enough of that in my day. Next time my house needs painting, i will just hire all of you guys on here. Packing party and a painting party. FUN! Speaking of packing, painting and moving. My DD and SIL are packing, painting and moving, Granddaughter is moving today. Better them than me. Because if I have to move, I will pack the bear necessities and leave the rest for someone else to deal with, or get one of those dumpsters to throw it all in. Waiting for s
  5. Yes Kappy and Ambergris are missing in action. Hope and pray both are doing ok. Kappy and Ambergris please check in long enough to let us know you are both doing ok. We all miss you guys.
  6. Miki. Sorry to hear about your DH's friend. Hopefully he will get through it. Times have been hard on everyone this year and I am afraid it is going to get worse with a Biden presidency. One of the Lady's from Sunday school called and she said that the fraudulent voting system is what happened in Venezuela with that take over. I am afraid we will be just like Venezuela if this mess keeps up.. I need to really study what happened there and how they dealt with it. I think we could learn a lot from them. I was going to clean bedroom today and dust but DH decided he didn't want to
  7. I wouldn't be any help on that as I have never smoked anything. But has been on my bucket list if I can get the time to learn to do it.
  8. DD and SIL came over this afternoon. Left overs for lunch. And left overs for dinner. Going to make something with the rest of the left over turkey but not sure what yet. Will work on that tomorrow. Our friend came over today with a template for the ramp. I gave him that old office chair that had been sitting in garage in my way forever. DH wanted to keep it when we got a new chair for office. Never used the one in garage. Gone now. Our friend was glad to have it. His broke. I have been cleaning up in garage both yesterday and today. Trying to get things out of way for the ramp
  9. Seems to be rising in VA also. I went to Bennett's Creek Market to pick up our dinner the day before Thanksgiving and the manager came out to talk with me a bit and to find out how DH is doing. He said they all had to get tested as a cashier tested positive and was sick but came to work anyway. She's not there now. But they had to scrub everything down and clean and everyone was told they had to be checked, I think he said 3 others tested positive. So it is right here around us for the first time in my area that we are aware of. This was all a week ago. They all have to go back and be tested
  10. We will not be getting the vaccine. For one my daughter can't take the flu vaccine as she is allergic to it. So no way she will take this one. We are not getting it because of what they said about it changing your DNA. No vaccine should be able to change your DNA. That is not a good sign. Also they said it will make you sick. You will have mild symptoms of the virus and the 2nd injection will make you so tired for a day you will miss a day of work. It contains the lung tissue of a 14 week old aborted male fetus. ChAdOX1-5 gene cloning. MRC-5 is the aborted male fetus lung tissue. Then there
  11. Mt. Rider, so sorry to hear about a death in family. I know that makes it much harder when it is at Thanksgiving or any other holiday. It's hard on family at any time but to have that happen during a holiday just makes it that much harder. DH"s father pasted away on Christmas Eve. Very hard times in dead. And Corvid does not help it any. But on a good note. Hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving and didn't over eat all that good food. I need to go on a diet now. Ate to much. DH did eat more than usual. So that was a good sign. The guy that is going to put in the ramp, came
  12. I just ordered them, I did have one of them though. Thank you Jeepers.
  13. Annarchy, Be careful making that drive and stay safe. Miki, I have been thinking about getting a small freezer, but have to figure out where to put it first. Sorry to hear your step daughter has this virus. Praying for her and family to not be to sick with it and for a fast recovery. Jeepers still praying for neg. test and that no one in your family or DH's work place gets this virus. This is going to be a tough winter. We had a quick change in plans for Thanksgiving. I am going to have a ramp put on house rather DH likes it or not. It took me over
  14. I have not done it but have had a couple of family members do it. I was doing the scrapbooking for my daughter and the 3 grandchildren to give each of them. but had to put it on hold with DH being so sick this year. Hoping to get back into it again next year. I haven't even done any sewing this year. So yes my world has been turned upside down, but not letting it get the better of me. Been through tough times before and God got me through all of it as he will this as well. So next year, I am hoping to be able to get back to the scrapbooking, sewing and a garden again. Hard to believe I had
  15. Mt. Rider and Annarchy. Prayers are going out for both of you and Ann's MIL. that none of you or anyone in that doctor's office get's the virus. Don't fret over it as all will work out. Praying that everyone here has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe one as well. We all need to be with family right now. We have so much to be thankful for and praising God for keeping us from getting this virus. I know God was with DH when he ended up so sick and in hospital the first time. He kept him safe from this virus as well as myself. So yes we have a lot to be thankful for th
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