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  1. Miki, I hate when I check on line for something and then I get a zillion phone calls. I have had to block a lot of them. Seems they sell your phone number to everyone. Enjoy that train trip. I know it will be fun. And getting to see your great grandchildren. That will be the highlight of your trip. Have fun. I was so sore today even after taken that muscle relaxer I didn't want to take. My arm is the worst right now. I think I must have had all of DH's weight on that arm trying to hold him up yesterday. Heating pad did help my back and shoulders. He has stayed in bed all day onl
  2. Our Pizza Hut is really bad. And as for KFC. The last time we went there, they had no chicken, no pot pies, notta, nothing. Very bad management. They forgot to order chicken and they had a sell going on and nothing t sell. It's one of the reasons we don't do fast food very much unless we go to Smithfield or somewhere else.
  3. Midnightmom, you are making me hungry. That turkey looks good. I am going to give that a try using the above directions. Turkeys are still frozen though one is just starting to thaw. So going to wait till Tuesday and for sure Wed. to start canning these. Going to go buy 2 more, one for freezer and one to try that above recipe. I just can't pass up buying a 12lb turkey for just over $.3.00 for the whole turkey. Can't beat 29 cents a lb. I really thought they were kidding when I saw that price. Cheapest I have ever bought a turkey for was 59 cents a pound and that was many years ago.
  4. We will be going back to having to depend on other countries for oil. So gas prices, and our utilities are going up. So far our water and natural gas bill has doubled in price. Haven't gotten the electric bill yet. All the neighbors around here are raising cane. DH said it was on news that they are putting 25 cents a gal. tax each month on the gas. They are going to try to force us all to use electric cars. Biden plans on putting up charging stations everywhere in the US. So now with so many out of work, grocery prices going up, utilities going up, and yes even our newspaper jum
  5. WE2, I am so sorry to hear of your losses. That is a lot to have to deal with. Though they are in heaven and singing glory to God as they are no longer suffering from this Virus. And also your brother that had cancer, he no longer has it now. I am sure he is dancing to all the singing to the glory of God as well. No more sickness for any of them. I know it has been tough on you and your family. Take care and praying for both you and your family to get through these trying times. May God Bless you and yours. I started out having a tough day this morning. DH decided to take his
  6. Here in N. Suffolk where I am, We can't seem to get a true quote on how things are going with this virus. I am starting to see more and more people going in and out of stores with no mask. Despite the fact that the stores are demanding it. In Western Tidewater Suffolk, that seems to be where the most cases are. That is also where we have the jail, downtown, and several nursing homes. So that might explain the spike on that end of Suffolk. Not letting my guard down and still going to keep taking the precautions needed to keep us as safe as possible. Praying for everyo
  7. I got DH a rollator that is for outdoor use with bigger wheels. That thing can go. I now have a wheelchair I ordered that just came in yesterday but is not like a wheelchair but looks more like a lawn chair on wheels. It weights 19 lbs and no sides other than the arms that raise up to slide into the chair. i got this one to help me get him in and out of the car easier. I rolled him into the bedroom last night on it to see how well it would roll. Nice chair. If I can get pictures of it on here, i will try to post a picture. This old computer doesn't always work like I want. But will try.
  8. Midnightmom, I have never tried cooking a turkey that way. Interesting. I just cleaned my oven a couple of weeks ago. It is a self cleaning oven. But still have to wipe down after. I keep foil lined on bottom of the oven in case of spills also. Just might give that a try for one of the turkeys. They are both still in fridge thawing out. They have barely started to thaw yet. So might have to put in pan of cold water tomorrow as I want to get them canned Monday. Got den and bedroom cleaned up today. lessoned to preaching on U-Tube for a couple of hours also. I try to do that every
  9. Wow Mt. Rider, you are right. Had to go back to the first few post. This was suppose to be about martial law and ended up being about spam and ham. But that's ok. We need to know how to get the salt out of things and fix it right incase of martial law.
  10. Midnightmom, that is a wonderful story. And yes, places I used to live I felt like an outsider at times. So I do know what that can feel like. I always try to welcome new comers when they move into our neighborhood, but these last ones moving in are young and some don't want to be bothered with us older folks. Just glad the ones right around my house do. We are always saying hello and doing for each other.
  11. Ours went up from 1.98 to 2.29. I won't be surprised if we don't start seeing prices go up to the 4.00 mark again. All of our utilities are also going up. We were getting the newspaper, Just Wed. and Sun. and that went up 7.32 for 3 months. I was paying 12.00 for it. So cancelled the paper. I can go to Dollar Tree and get it for a dollar. Even with paying taxes on it, it would be cheaper. I only get it for the store adds and can get that on internet, so I really don't need to get the paper. Just another expense. Even our cable and internet went up again. We are checking into other options as
  12. Have gone through most of the herbal meds and they are being dumped. I am only keeping a very few of them. Jeepers on some of the herbal meds, I don't think I knew about some of them either. But we learn and move on. I do not give any herbal meds to DH do to the amount of prescriptions he takes. I still have the old prescriptions we no longer take to go through. So that job is almost done. Got everything together for the taxes and getting ready to get things together for that. Still waiting on the banks and such before they can be done. Picked up DH's RX today and got a list of all meds for ta
  13. MidnightMom, that series sounds interesting, but I don't have time to do something like that. Is it something that will stay up that you could do a few months from now or is it something you have to sign up for now?
  14. Good idea about the graft paper. I have done that before but a lot of times I just move furniture to the places I want it to be. Works sometimes and sometimes I have to try something different. Graft paper does make it easier. I have been washing clothes today and looking at both my office and makeshift small bedroom pantry. Both rooms are bedrooms. I am thinking of moving 2 bookcases out of the office as I use those for storing food. I would like to move the double bed into the office, I have been looking at that situation for a long while now. But have to get rid of a lot of stuff to do it.
  15. Ambergris, I am also sad you feel like you do. I hope I haven't offended you. Things have been so tense for everyone. Trying to bite my tongue sometimes is a hard thing to do when you see things going on all around the world. This corvid virus doesn't help that. The fact that I cannot even get wound care for my DH and the plastic surgeon has left him hanging with an open wound that I have been dealing with on my own, just put even more strain on me. I think sometimes I just have to let loose and say something. But truly I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings or offend anyone. I have been un
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