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  1. I think liquor would be better for bartering than beer. It will last forever. Good video Beryl.
  2. I would love to have an e-bike. I like that set up Annarchy.
  3. I went on line to masonjarmerchant that Darlene posted. I was able to get both small and large mouth lids. Good score. But not the best of prices. But still not to bad either in this day and time.
  4. My daughter has Lyme disease. Right now she is doing good, but does have flair ups sometimes. Will be letting my daughter know about this.
  5. This sounds more like they are preparing for something bad to happen. And to be honest, I am beginning to wonder what is really going on under this Obama, ops Biden administration.
  6. Guess I will be heading to the fabric shop tomorrow to look for flannel. Hope they have the good stuff. I have some, but would like to add to that. Also will be checking out cotton material as well. Want to pick up more thread also. So hoping for a successful trip. What is going on is the One World Order. It will not be good for any country. They are going to control us anyway they can. They will tell us what we can and can't have. This is not over by any means. I don't even want to think what could happen with our preps somewhere down the line. Just thinking.
  7. jayceef, Hope you are feeling much better. Yes Cardio was cause of walking into spider web. Yuk. Went to BJ's this morning. Got another propane tank so am now good on those. Found out those small greens one I bought in store for small grill are refillable, just need to get an adaptor and they can be filled from the big tank. Bought mostly non food items. Couple of queen size blankets for 14.99 and they were nice blankets. Also a couple of fire extinguisher on sale. Not the big one I have now but will do for smaller fires. Rice, chicken breast on sale to put up tomorrow. Some canned corn, and peas. That was all the food I got. Got more computer paper as I need to start printing out some things off computer and a few other things for cleaning. Lysol was on sale in a 3 pack, so jumped on that also. Came home, unpacked car and then cleaned kitchen. Taken a break for now. Me tired.
  8. It is true that the vaccine is not really approved here in US. We were told it was so that people that said they would not get it unless it was approved. By doing this the Biden administration won because more people got vaccinated that was holding out for FDA approval. Follow the money and you will find out our government lied to us yet again.
  9. I did cardio this morning. I ran into a spider web when I was outside. I have gotten nothing done today. Grandson kept on texting me to the point I had to start ingoring him. He just can't seem to save money nor get his act together in order to live on his own. He has a lot of growing up to do, And in this day and age it is going to be so hard for kids like him to get on there feet. I really do feel for all these kids just trying to start out in this world. It will not be easy. It's sure not like it used to be. And it's going to get worse.
  10. Nope I don't keep my money on ice. Someone would be very disappointed if they went through my freezer and didn't find any. And I don't keep it under a mattress either. Heard that one from the old days. And besides, the way they are going on about a cashless society, cash won't be any good anyway.. And what's in the bank they are going to steal if the banks collapse. We have Obama to thank for that one. And if you have more than $600 in bank the IRS will be making sure you are paying your taxes and will know what you are spending your money on. More government interference with how we live our lives.
  11. Mt. Rider I am glad your horse riding went well, despite the rougher ride. But you held on and didn't fall off. So that was great. It's really getting colder out your way. We are in the high 70's right now. Still have air condition going.
  12. Anarchy, Hope you are able to find some good prices on beef. It is getting high here already. Though when I went to Food Lion to buy the sale on chuck roast, they only had one left. But did have some beef reduced by half price. I canned that yesterday. Got 8 pints and they had their Boston butts on sell for 99 cents and I canned that today. Also got 8 pints out of that. I was so tired from canning and other things I was doing, and it was my turn to cook for granddaughter and her Dh that when she texted me about dinner tonight rather we were still on, I said no, we are going to Applebee's. So we had dinner there tonight. No cooking or cleaning it up. I don't go out to eat often so it was a lot of fun and I was able to relax and get some energy back. Granddaughter's Dh only has one request for when they move in with me and that is can he have a place to set up his computer. Don't think that will be an issue. I am sure I can fix him a place up for that. Granddaughter wanted to know if I would be able to go with them to my daughter's house end of month and I said yes. She got all excited. So we are leaving on the 29th and coming back on the 31st. This will be my first time getting away since Dh passed. I think I am ready for it. I really do need to get out and just relax and forget things for a while. Trying to move on has not been easy. So working on getting things fixed around here and then trying to get out and away from it all for just a couple of days will be a good thing. I am ready.
  13. Haven't heard that about statins. Interesting, but questionable.
  14. Great info. And very helpful for making a decision on taken statins. Now I am going to pull some bacon out of freezer for breakfast tomorrow. What can I say. I like bacon, eggs and yes real butter. As I do have 12 lbs. of butter in freezer.
  15. It is true homesteader, my insurance company has already said that mine is going up. I guess it is not to bad since it is only $100 a year.
  16. Homesteader that is a choice we all have to make. Now they have a new one that is a 2 part flu vaccine. I will not get that one as I am not trusting the pharm. company on that yet. Didn't get a flu shot last year and not going to get it this year either. Around here flu season is not bad until around Jan. and Feb. So for those months I will not be going anywhere. I will as I always have use the precautions to keep from getting it. But again this is a choice each of us has to make.
  17. Glad to hear about the S.S. raise, but $10 a month on Medicare is a $1200 a year increase that would help to off set the rising cost of home owners insurance, personal property tax, real estate taxes, ext. So it might not seem like a lot but when you think about it that will decrease that 5.9 percent increase in S.S. It's great to get such a nice increase but not near enough to offset the rising inflation rate. Food and gas are not the only things going up in price. It will be a tough one trying to save money for things. Might have to start pulling out from my retirement as I have not touched that money. Still living on Dh's retirement. Or I could take my retirement and invest it in gold or silver. That has crossed my mind a few times. over the past few months.
  18. Kappy, you are so right about that. frozen money is great. I have one of those can openers you are talking about. I love it. No sharp edges. And it reminds me, I need to go to bank to pull out more money. Time to take my limit out again.
  19. Mt. Rider it has been a weird 2 years when you think about it. Hope the horse riding goes well. I glued my weight gage for pressure cooker together and it worked perfect. So was able to use both canners. Hoping to get to B'J's this afternoon after the barbeque is all done. If not I will go tomorrow. Need to get the gas cans out of shed and get those filled up as well as the car. B'J's gas is usually cheaper there and I can fill up propane tanks cheaper there as well. Going to buy 2 more tanks to keep in shed. That gives me 6 or 7 of them so should be good. need to check the one on the grill now to see how empty it is. But I am thinking it is almost full. It was changed out early on last year and I didn't get to use it at all. Need to buy more of the small green tanks also for my small grill. Making a list and checking it twice. Going to be a huge shopping trip for me this time. Stock, Stock, Stock. On all the things I use a lot of. Might buy more meat at the wholesale club for canning. Need to get the soups made and canned as well. Gee I have already run out of room. But with winter on the way, I can store some things in garage that I won't store in summer. Need to take a trip to the feed and seed. As well as Lowe's or Home Depot. Got to get started on getting the raised bed boxes together. Need the garden soil, peat moss and other things. Still have those 40 lb. bags of top soil in shed that Dh had bought. 6 bags of it. I really wish I knew what Dh was going to do with that. Thinking he was going to use it in the garden between the 2 sheds but now it is to shady there. Need to get those trees trimmed back so I can use it. Will now have to plow all that up again as grass has already grown over it. Need to make time to get those blueberry plants in the ground as well. So much to do. Fridge got pushed back again to Nov. 3ed On Nov. 2ed I go to the showroom to pick out my stuff for the fireplace and other things I am having done. Trying now to get electrician here to finish out the larger awning. It takes forever to roll that in and out manually. With the price of natural gas and oil going way up now. I will really get a good use out of the wood burning insert for fireplace. From what he said I am wondering about fixing it so I can heat the whole house with it. Going to ask about a price for that, but might not have enough money to put in the vents to do that. But will see how that goes. Not a big thing on my to do list.
  20. Midnightmom. I would love to have that info on the chol. I know there are a lot of pros and cons out there about that.
  21. Got this in e-mail today from the Blaze. The biggest crash in world history is coming. Robert Kiyosaki Bail-Ins to take place Bail-Ins to Replace Bail-outs An upcoming banking crisis with record amount of bank loan defaults could be on the horizon with your money on the line, banks and financial institutions could use it for either. Bail-In - where you pay for it right now as the bank takes some of your deposits. Bail-out - where you have to pay for it through future taxation National debt has skyrocketed beyond a recovery point, and is still increasing post covid-19. The credit worthiness of the U.S. is at risk and the government can't afford to take on more debt unless it is willing to face imminent insolvency and ultimate bankruptcy. The financial burden to stabilize this enormous debt is too great. Therefore, a bail-ins could take place sooner than expected and without any prior warning. Likeliness of a Bail-Ins to take place now. They will be stealing our money to bail themselves out. Does anyone remember what happened with Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. Gov. bailed them out but this time we will be bailing them and the banks out. A bail-ins was first introduced in 2010, via an executive bill signed by then President Obama as a direct result of bailing-out the 2008 "to big to fail" banks and financial institutions. A bail-ins is another form where banksand financial institutions are rescued where the responsibility is transferred from taxpayers (in the case of bail-out) to depositors, which is you. In other words, bail-ins will not add to the governmetent's deficit and it will allow banks and financial institutions at risk of failing to take some of your deposits to bail them out. A perfect scenario, where neither the government nor the too big to fail institutions bear any risk. It all falls on YOU "the depositor. Why could bail-ins be the ultimate risk for your money? To answer that question, neither the government nor the banks want to bear the financial burden of rescuing the bank anymore. The bail-in was created so clients like yourself bear most of the risk.
  22. Homesteader, I tend to agree with you about taken meds. I hate it. But I would take the aspirin. As for the B/p meds. just keep an eye on your B/p. if it is staying in normal range just hold on to the medicine if you have it. You never know. I was not on B/p meds till last year when I was struggling with getting the proper help for Dh. That was a fight to the finish. My B/p was way up. I mean scary up. Went to doctor and he flipped out. Though mine was because of the stress I was under while taken care of Dh. Hardest thing to have to do in the middle of a pandemic and not being able to get home health or see a doctor for labs or anything. Seeing each other on a computer is not caring for a patient as doctors needed to see Dh and that didn't happen. So 4 hospital visits with no follow up care. So yes I am taken blood pressure meds right now. But hoping that all this will settle down as time goes on and I can get off of it. Homesteader, praying that your B/p stays at normal levels.
  23. It is time to stop the madness over this vaccine. We do have our rights. We know how our bodies react to different things and it is our choice not Biden's on rather we should get this vaccine. It should be between us and our doctors. Not Biden and us. He is so out of line with this and what he is doing is against the constitution. But then again he is trying to destroy our constitutional rights. They need to just let these truck drivers do their job, vaccine or not. Biden has gone way to far with this. When I went to the store this morning the store was full. There were somethings that were low but not empty. More people were in the store than usual for early morning. Might be why only one roast was left that was on sale. But was able to get the 1/2 price ones along with the one left that was on sale. Watched Hannity last night and from the sounds of it, we best be preparing for possible civil war. He said something to the effect that something was coming soon. Possible was and or something else. We are heading for a depression and a collapse of our banking system.
  24. Ann, glad you had a good time with your brother. I know it is nice to be back home again though. Decided to hold off on fully cleaning out garage, though it needs to be done. Went to store as they had roast beef on sale for 3.99 lb. Much better prices. They only had one left. So grabbed that. They had other roast that looked really good reduced to half price. So I bought up all of that. Also bought a Boston butt that was on sale for 99 cents. Only got one. Will put that in slow cooker tonight and make barbeque to can tomorrow. Getting a late start on canning today as I wasn't planning on doing this. So waiting on the dishwasher to finish so I can start filling the jars and get them in canner. One of my weights for the mirror pressure canner is bad. It has separated, so I glued it hoping it will work till the new ones come in. I have had this happen before and canner will not work properly with the 2 parts not holding. So wish me luck that this works or I am down to one pressure canner till the new parts come in. I ordered extras as well for both canners. I do have two extra gaskets but I went ahead and ordered 2 more. Things are just getting to hard to find. The fuses for canners I ordered as well but they are on back order. Gas here jumped from $2.98 to now $3.16. That is a big jump. Going to get the gas cans out of shed and take them with me to fill up. Only thing I would be using that for is the car. But it is a back up. Need to go buy some gas extender stuff to put in it also.
  25. I heard about this and I already take the 81mg. as doctor told me to start taken it years ago. It does thin the blood over time. So the only thing I can think of it would be good for where corvid is concerned is to hopefully prevent a blood clot from happening. And yes, just in case I will be stocking aspirin to a certain degree as aspirin can go bad but does last way past the expiration date. If you open a bottle and it smells like vinegar then it has gone bad. I wouldn't put it past our gov. to shorting our supply of that as well.
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