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  1. MidnightMom, that series sounds interesting, but I don't have time to do something like that. Is it something that will stay up that you could do a few months from now or is it something you have to sign up for now?
  2. Good idea about the graft paper. I have done that before but a lot of times I just move furniture to the places I want it to be. Works sometimes and sometimes I have to try something different. Graft paper does make it easier. I have been washing clothes today and looking at both my office and makeshift small bedroom pantry. Both rooms are bedrooms. I am thinking of moving 2 bookcases out of the office as I use those for storing food. I would like to move the double bed into the office, I have been looking at that situation for a long while now. But have to get rid of a lot of stuff to do it.
  3. Ambergris, I am also sad you feel like you do. I hope I haven't offended you. Things have been so tense for everyone. Trying to bite my tongue sometimes is a hard thing to do when you see things going on all around the world. This corvid virus doesn't help that. The fact that I cannot even get wound care for my DH and the plastic surgeon has left him hanging with an open wound that I have been dealing with on my own, just put even more strain on me. I think sometimes I just have to let loose and say something. But truly I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings or offend anyone. I have been un
  4. I have a waffle iron and use my cast iron pans a lot. I want to make up a fire pit just for cooking. I have part of the things to do it, just need a couple of other things to go with it. SIL is going to get it together for me this spring when they are down for granddaughter's wedding. So I need to order the tripod and the grate so everything will be here when they come in. I also want to get one of those indoor grills like they have been showing on TV. That would be nice for rainy and really cold days. Don't have an electric griddle but do have a griddle pan that fits over 2 burners on stove
  5. That will be the talk of the town. I also have seen where people would attach a tent to the back of a truck but not that. Doesn't look very praticable to me.
  6. I didn't watch the news or the inauguration nor any other news today nor yesterday. Just plain over it. It seems things went good as far as no riots or any trouble that I heard of. But then this is what I expected. No trouble with all the national guard there. Looked more like a war zone from what I saw on internet though. Trump left without any issues just like I thought he would. So calm day today. But not letting my guard down either. It's not over till it is over. Biden in his first 100 days is going to end all of what Trump has done for the county. So yes, head low, power is dry, staying
  7. Fixed breakfast for DH and I this morning, fed the grand fish, Ha Ha. yes I have my DD's fish till they find a house. We are enjoying them and she may not get her fish tank back. So I now have grand fish. Got DH settled so I could run to store for milk, eggs and a few sell items. Not much. DH was on that ice cream kick so got his ice cream. It was on sale so got 2 gals for him. He's a happy camper. Tried to get back into going through all our vitamins and prescription meds. There are a lot of them we can't take any longer as doctors have pulled us off of some of them. So got to figure out the
  8. I also save any left overs and any carrot, celery, and onions that are left over. I use them in soups and such. Just don't can my chicken using those. I am going to start canning some dry beans within the next 2 weeks and going to use some of the onions in those. Can't use ham for seasoning due to the salt content. I have to do things a bit different and use no salt spices instead of salt.
  9. Annarchy, have a safe trip and congratulations on a new grandchild. Enjoy your time with your brother. Stay safe. Congratulations Mother on your upcoming 16th great grandchild. That is wonderful. We are still waiting for one of our grandchildren to have children. So no grands yet. I had a rough night tonight. Will be up for most of the night. Can't let DH go to sleep for a long while. DH decided to go to bed late at 11:30 tonight. He got up and use rollator to go down hall to bedroom. When he turned the corner from Den to hall. He fell backward and hit his head hard.
  10. Annarchy, you have been busy. Miki that is great 5.00 for a ham is a steal. Took DH to doctor for his check from his surgery. Do to the fact he is diabetic and has vascular issues in legs the place is not healing. It took a step back and the skin graft did not hold. So now we will be having wound care coming in to help with getting it to heal up or he will have to have another skin graft. So hoping we can get this to heal up though wound care. Glad they can come to the house. This was a rough trip. He was able to walk to car and get in when we left, but when we got there I had to g
  11. Homesteader, they are both German owned companies. We have both Lidi's and Aldi's here. Lidi's is closest to us. So I go there mostly as I don't want to go to far out from DH. So many places I would like to go to but not leaving DH alone for that long. I am going to talk to a friend that works with a company that stays with disabled people. She will tell me about her company and what I need to do to get someone to come in once a week so I can get out to those places I need to go. That would help me out a lot. I just have to remember to keep a couple of doors closed. Messy rooms you might say
  12. Got 14 quarts of chicken thighs and legs canned today. My granddaughter in CA sent us some spices called ManSmith's salt free ones. One of them was for chicken, so decided to add some to each jar since I don't use salt. That stuff taste great. So hoping the jars will have good flavor. I use the legs and thighs for barbequed chicken and the breast I make chicken salad and chicken dumplings. I also use it for chicken soup.
  13. Mother we have a 220 well pump, it is very old but still works. That is what we are using. Only thing now is that it is so old we have to prime the well each time we use it. So need to get someone out to check it and to get a new pump and hand pump. I am working on that situation soon.
  14. TheCG, I have had the training but with a plate in my neck, that training is out the window for me. I have thought about hiring a nursing but don't think I am ready to do that yet. DH wants to use that tiny bathroom and if he sits on that toilet the wall is right there in front of him. So me being short and the wall in the way. I have to try to get him up from the side. That is not easy to do when the muscle in his leg gives out. He is now using the bedside commode. He doesn't want the rescue squad having to come get him up even though I was able to clean him up and get his pants up before th
  15. Jeepers I am with you on that. when my Amazon account ends soon I am not going to renew it. I am letting that go as well. I also watch U-Tube but no account. Only 2 forms at this time and the other one is the organic prepper. There are men on there and you can guess what they like to talk about. So thinking of closing out on that. Not sure yet. I am just watching the news for now and going to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible by shutting down as much as possible. I do have a gift card for amazon, so need to go ahead and use that now.
  16. I agree with all of you. Things have changed. I have been watching the news more today and reading the paper. This does not surprise me with everything that has been going on for years. I have shut down Twitter, Instagram and working on Facebook as that is the one I use the most. Checking on things I might want to save before shutting that down. I really don't think any forum no matter how private it seems to be will be safe any longer. I am thinking we will be at a point where we need to be careful how we prep and things. Just stick to gardening, canning, recipes and things like that. Noth
  17. I can mine raw and don't add anything. Can't use the salt with DH. But it has been really good. I can chicken breast skinless, the legs are fair size and I can get 4 to 5 bone in with the skin in a quart jar. DH loves them with barbeque sauce. I do not add any water as the chicken will make it's own juice. Been doing it that way for years with no problems. It is also how my grandmother did it.
  18. Dee that is really a great indoor garden you have going. Haven't done any inside plants, but have been thinking about it. Going to need to get a grow light or two. We didn't do a garden at all last summer. We had seeds coming up and had things together to start planting when DH took sick.. So all the seedlings died. So just let it go. I have 2 small greenhouses I need to get put together before spring and a hot box also. I really do need to get a garden going this spring. Only thing I have growing right now is rosemary. That grows into a small bush and goes all year. We use a lot of that.
  19. Thank you Dogmom. It just reminded me that I still have to fill my water jugs. I have 14 of the blue 5 gal. jugs. I have 6 of them that I have to change the water out. Been 6 months. That was my hurricane supply. I can use that water for cleaning and such. I have canned several quart jars of water and have 6 cases of the blue can water that is good for 50 years. Getting time to buy 2 more cases. I do that every 4 months as a case of 24 cans is 30.00. I also have a Berkley. Those are one of the best. I have several of the black filters also. I had been looking into those BPA free water bags.
  20. Just going through things today and paid bills. DH sat in his recliner so long today that when he had to go to bathroom. I couldn't get him off the toilet. He had no strength at all in his legs to hold him up and I couldn't even get him up using the belt. Got him decent and called rescue squad. They got him off and in the bed. Glad I had gotten him cleaned up and decent first as I know that is hard on him. I got the bedside toilet put together and he's going to start using that now. My back is killing me trying to make several attempts to pull him to a standing position. euphrasyne, I a
  21. Ambergris, I am so sorry for your loss. Pets are like family and it's so sad when one goes on to pet heaven. Your other kitty is missing that one but will bounce back in a week or so. I've been there. Had a kitty that would not eat for a week when our dog passed. He thought the dog was his mother. Stuck to that dog like glue.
  22. I have been using my bread maker for so long now that I need to start making it by hand again. I am going to get into practicing doing that and baking in the oven. It is not like letting a machine do all the work for you. With my arthritic hands before my surgery, I had a hard time kneading the dough. I think I am going to try to do that again. euphrasyne, I am going to try your recipe. Sounds good.
  23. Littlesister

    Pill Bottles

    Mt. Rider good to known about the lids for the pill bottles. I have several of them but the lids are just the pop on ones. With arthritic hands I cannot get those child proof ones open. I am working on a way to use them with the pop on lids. I know those will leak. They do have a lot of uses.
  24. Homesteader, I think we have everything settled now. I am staying. Just didn't know about past history on here. Now I do and understand better what upset people. So I am being much more careful now what I post. Thank you for the kind words and you are so right about being a family and needing each other in these dark days. I think we need to up our skill levels over the next few weeks. If anyone has seen the news N. Korea is showing it's ugly head again. And after the USA alert I got today we best be learning more about EMP's. I am going to hunt down my book on it and see what it says a
  25. Miki, sorry to hear about your neighbor. Sad times indeed. But in a much better place. Mt. Rider, allergies are the worst. Harder it seems to get it to clear up. And finding what is causing it makes it even harder. Hope you feel better soon. Waiting for the pressure cooker to go down. So I can remove the barbeque. Got 7 pints out of that one boston butt. That should hold us a while with what I have already made. I am going to get things finished up in office and then I can start canning from the freezer again and need to get the flour repacked into the mylar bags. Was going to use my
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