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  1. Joyfield you are one lucky person to have a full outdoor kitchen. My set up is outside the garage door. And then I have to put it all away when it cools down. Just to drag it all out again when I want to use it again. I would love to have something like that and I know just the place to build it if I can find someone to do that for me. Love it. Nice work.
  2. Today has been a trying day. Was thinking I would get the soup made and canned but it never happened. People just pluck my nerves sometimes. First I have been on phone back and forth with both UPS and USPS. They sent two of my packages to the wrong house. I have a code number but seems like they are not locating my packages. Can't get in touch with either place without being on hold for anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. This is just uncalled for. All this happened last Thursday and I am still trying to locate my packages. I can't get hold of the place I ordered from either. On top of that I dropped the car off a dealership for repair. This should be a recall but either way it won't cost me. But I told them after they did the diagnastics to call me before they started the work. Did I get that call. NO . So after several calls back to them and then getting a person after about 6 times of leaving messages for them to call me. I was hot. instead of the car being repaired today they have to order parts that will take over 2 or 3 days depending on this hurricane. So they are now saying that the parts should be in Wed. and it will take 4 to 5 hours to fix. Depending on when the parts come in for them to start it, it could be Thursday before they start to fix it. They said I could get a rental car but at my expense. Problem is they don't pick you up in the Churchland one as that is the one they use. So unless the dealership picks me up and takes me to the rental place and then follows me over to get car and to take it back that is not happening. So now I am without a car with a sick husband and a hurricane coming in. Got to love how the wheel goes round and round. So I have gotten nothing done much today. I am tired and my shoulder is hurting. Old Arthur is playing havic on me with this weather. Told DH I am going to bed tonight with Ben Gay. He just laughed.
  3. I will see if I can find them. Thank you. anything that will keep me from washing sheets several times a week.
  4. Thank you for that input. But this is an issue of his very thin skin and he scrapes it on the sheets turning over in bed. The blood gets all over the sheets. This time the bandage came off during the night as it is his elbow and hard to bandage. I am looking for something that will not move with him in bed as he turns over. The chucks pads don't work as they won't stay put when he moves around. Thinking about a very large baby pad.
  5. I am using the chucks now. But when he rolls over they move out of place. I just wonder if the baby changing pads would stay in place better when he rolls over in bed. That would be a good option if they would stay put when he moves around.
  6. Right now I am reading a book called Corona Crisis. Plagues, Pandemics, and the coming Apocalypse by Mark Hitchcock. Didn't think it would be much but turns out to be a very interesting book. Also reading my Bible. I am reading a book on my kindle called Trump's Unfinished business: 10 Prophecies to save America by Steve Cioccolanti. Will be starting some new books when I finish these. I have read the book Lights Out twice now. That is a good book.
  7. It has been a long day and I am so tired. DH is on couch asleep. 2:30 this morning DH got up to go to bathroom and blood was all over the sheets again. His bandage had come off his elbow that he skinned when he fell Friday morning. So I had to wash sheets again. Yes I just did that 2 days prior. I just put a towel over the sheets for him to sleep on so he wouldn't get blood on him and then cleaned up the elbow and rebandaged it. But this time I put that gauze over the bandage that sticks to itself. That seemed to work. He rolls over and rubs that elbow. And the elbow is hard to bandage where it is at. Then got up this morning dizzy. I get like that sometimes and can't even walk a straight line but this time was the worse. It is coming from my blood pressure medicine and thinking I might have to have it changed. With not feeling well and helping DH with his issues, I didn't get to watch our church service on Facebook this morning, Grandson came over this evening a followed me to drop car off. Of course being they were closed, I couldn't put it inside, but left it at the door for them. But I think it will be ok from the hurricane as I don't think it will hit us before they have it inside in the morning. Don't like being without a car, but sometimes you have no choice. DH told me to rent a car but for one day I am not doing that. Got some things out of freezer for grandson to take home with him as they were things I bought for him to eat when he was coming over on weekends. Now that he is working third shift on job and with the corvid virus, he doesn't come over. Mom and Dad said that with the virus and DH's condition, none of them are coming over and take any chances. So only when I need help with something. That food wasn't much but it did add to that dent in the freezer. i would love to get another one half that size for yeast, flour, butter and things of that nature. Just use the big one for meat, fish and frozen veggies or whatever I am buying a little at a time till I have enough to can. Going to can veggie soup tomorrow. Got things together to get that started in the morning.
  8. Hard for me to do some of the things mentioned with DH's severe restriction on salt. But we have been able to not use the oven and was using the grill but now have to go buy parts. 2 of the burners are out and need replacing. I will have to take care of that as soon as the car is fixed. So the microwave is my friend right now. The barbeque I canned a few days ago was dinner tonight. Just heat it up in microwave. Had some unsalted fries also in air frier. The barbeque turned out great like we had just made it. So I will be canning it again in near future. Fast dinner and easy clean up. Tomorrow will be salad and not sure what else yet.
  9. Mt. Rider going out for a fast recovery. Take care of that foot. euphrasyne, still praying for you and baby as well. I know it is getting closer to that birthdate. Also everyone that is in the path of the hurricane, please take care and be careful. Though I think for us it will be a tropical storm. Though still in a few days things can change. There will be flooding in the low laying areas. We are ready for it. Can't think of anything else we can do. Though my car will be in shop when it hits. The rain is suppose to start Monday afternoon. Though we have been getting thunder storms past couple of days. The one I mentioned above earlier turned out to be 4 storms of heavy rain that moved out fast. Then one today with heavy rain. More on the way. Will be watching the 11 o'clock news tonight. Got things ready to make veggie soup tomorrow or Monday. Tomorrow i would be starting late as I watch our church service on facebook. Still can't leave DH for that long. Just hoping and praying when he gets into the heart rehab, it will make a big difference in his strength. I am still having to help him dress and other things as well. But he will get there. I have seen some improvements with him. Just going to take time.
  10. We are getting the hard down pours with sharp lightning. We needed the rain bad. Everything has been so dry. Decided to get everything together for this hurricane that should be hitting here around Monday, I think. going to leave the car at shop though on Sunday night. That has to be fixed like yesterday. This is the only time I have to get it fixed and there is going to be a hurricane. Just what I need on top of everything else going on. I wanted to vac. the area rugs but DH is napping so I have to wait again on that. Need to wake him up because I need sleep. This getting up all hours of the night again is rough to say the least. It would be nice if the kids were able to come help a little but they are all working during the day. But thinking as soon as the heart rehab has started and he has been at it a while, he will get stronger. I should be taken a nap along with him. I am all set now for the hurricane. Got eggs and bread though I could make bread. And I found yeast and got some to put in freezer. It was the jars of yeast. So looking like somethings might be starting to come back. The shelves were full of TP but not so much on paper towels and other cleaning products. But that was only one store. Not going to buy anything else other than eggs and things I can't stock a lot of. Now is the time to start using what I have and saving as much money as I can. By the time I finish canning things out of freezer. I should be set for a long while. No more of this shopping cart for me for a long time. Only the market for peaches to can. I am not paying 1.99 a can for peaches. I am going to can my own. Been a while since I bought any to can and I am down to 1 quart. Rain has now stopped. Don't think we got more than an inch out of that, but better than no rain. We needed it.
  11. I agree, it does need to stay away from VA. Both myself and euphrasyne are here where it will hit us. But looking like if it comes in at a cat 1, it won't be as bad. Flooding and high winds though can and will be a big issue. I went to store this morning to pick up a few things. Store was stocked for the hurricane. So why couldn't it have been stocked all those other times? The store was packed. This was the Food Lion. They have really put down the rules for mask. Now you come in one door and go out the other door. They have someone outside telling people to put on mask and use the sanititizer that is sitting on table. Then you can go in. there were a couple of people that put on mask when they went in just to get in the door and then took them off. They got to back of store just to be met by a guard that told them to follow him. I think they were escorted out the store.
  12. euphrasyne, I think with a baby coming you will need more help than me. And if you are interested I have several baby blankets that I made. Nothing special. These you can just put on floor for baby to play on or whatever. If baby spits up on them and they stain, no big deal. They are not anything special. I made them for my grandkids and the oldest refused to use a store bought blanket. They are big enough for a crib or toddler bed. I will give you a couple if you would like to have them. Just PM me and let me know. Today I got the turkey bone broth canned and then got the sauted okra canned. Had enough of the okra to have with dinner tonight. Really turned out good for being the first time canning it. Got sheets washed today and tomorrow I will be getting ready for that possible hurricane. Going to start picking up the yard of pots and things like that so they won't blow away. They are now saying it will be a hurricane by Friday and coming through Florida and up coast. Back in ocean and it will pick up strength again. Not good. I am fairly ready, just need to pick up yard mostly. Need to make a trip to the Market to see what produce has come in. I want to get enough to can some things. Going to give myself a couple of days from canning to get house cleaned up again. Did clean one bathroom partway. but need to mop floor and get the other bathroom cleaned. Seems like a never ending job these days with DH wanting to stay in bed all day. I wouldn't let him do that today and made him stay awake all day. I think he's getting his days and nights mixed up. He''s going to have surgery again on the 18th for the watchman so he won't have to take blood thinners anymore. Those things really played on his health. He just can't take them. His platelets were through the roof on that Eliquis. Bad stuff with really bad side effects. So that is why we decided to have the watchman implant. Praying all goes well. At least it is only an overnight stay and not a few days.
  13. Well, looking like we could get one here. Still to early to tell. Everyone stay safe. Hurricane season has started early. I don't remember when that has ever happened and so many at one time it seems. I am getting our bags together now to go through in case we have to leave. They will just stay in car and ready to go. Just one bag to grab with our meds and such in there and some food that will be packed and ready to grab. Don't like keeping those in a hot car. Ambergris, I have everything on that list except dog food. We no longer have pets since the last ones passed away. Our kitty of 21 years passed a few years ago and we decided we wouldn't get anymore animals. We just play with our grand dogs and cats now.
  14. Got really busy today. DH last night couldn't sleep so he decided to get up at 1:30 in morning to play solitaire. Then at 4:30 he decided to come to bed. He got to hallway and his knee gave out and he fell. Scared me to death. He did bump his elbow and I had to get that cleaned up and bandaged. Then got him in bed and told him the old rules stand again. Do not get out of bed, a chair or anywhere else without calling me to be there with him. So he has done good with that today. I am going to try a brace on his knee tomorrow to see if it helps. Got the turkey breast canned and making bone broth from the carcass. Still had a little meat on it. Will get that canned first thing in morning and get the okra canned as well. First time I have canned turkey and it really did turn out well. But only got 4 pints from an 8 lb. turkey breast. But that is out of my freezer now. Later after I catch up on things, I am going to defrost the ham and make ham and bean soup. Just getting these things out of freezer is really putting a big dent in there. Though I am out of places to store it all now. Guess I will have to get creative. Miki, I have canned both red potatoes, white potatoes and sweet potatoes and never had a problem. We have use them for french fries, potato salad, mashed potatoes, and fried potatoes. They work out great. The okra I am doing a bit different this time and hoping it will turn out. I alway saute the okra with onion, bell pepper, tomatoes and basil in butter. Only way the kids will eat it. I am going to can the okra with the bell pepper, basil and tomatoes. Then when I saute a jar, I can add the onions and butter, as I saute the onions in butter before adding the other stuff. euphrasyne, We are about 10 or 15 minutes from each other. I am right off of Bennett's Pasture Road and Bridge Rd. First neighborhood when you turn off Bridge Rd to Bennett's pasture rd. DH cooked the collards for the market for over 20 years. Don't know if he will be able to go back and do that again at this point. Summer collards are an all day job to get them tinder. And yes the market is not the cheapest. But the produce comes from South Carolina and North Carolina. They go to the farms there to get the produce. Right now the meat is high due to not being able to get it like they used to, but still getting the good meat from their sources. The chicken is still a good price though. They are a farm market but also a covenience store, which means they don't get the volume of food in stock as a regular grocery store and they have to pay more for it. DH's cousin is also very picky about how the food is cooked for the breakfast, lunches and dinners there. The prices for those are not bad when you think of what some restaurants charge and the food is good. They have a hot food side and a sandwich side.
  15. it depends on what your levels are. If they are in normal range you are ok to take anywhere from 500 to 1000 mg.
  16. Are these seeds that people are ordering through the mail or just showing up in our mailboxes?
  17. Jeepers, I am surprised if the levels were that low, she didn't give you the 50,000 units to take and then do another lab in 2 or 3 months to see how well the level has come up and then had you start the lower dose. That is usually how it is done. Been up since 4 am. DH couldn't sleep again and got up to play solitaire on computer. just before 4 he was coming back to bed and fell. Took a bit of effort to get him back on his feet and in bed. He did scrape his elbow against wall and had that bleeding but otherwise ok. Thank you Lord he didn't break anything. So we are back on the rule of you cannot get up without calling me to help you. Even during the night he has to wake me up to get out of bed. He had his walker and was using it but his left leg is weak and it gave out on him. Glad I had that belt for lifting him up. That is a lifesaver. So since I am up already, going to get started canning the turkey in a bit. Couldn't go back to sleep after he fell. But he is now sleeping like a baby.
  18. I don't know if it will make a difference or not. When doc check my Vit. D levels through the labs, I was very low on D. For a while I was on prescription of 50,000 units of vit. D. That is why I take the 5000 units of it. As for calcium, you have to be a bit more careful as to how much you take as it can cause kidney stones as well as effect your heart. Labs need to be done to keep a check on that.
  19. I have Osteoporosis and doctors have tried to get me to take Foxamax and Actonal for it. I thought the injections were still experamental. But by now maybe not. I was told by one of my doctors about the Foamax and Actonal that it does make your bones stronger but to think about a piece of china being dropped on the floor. The bones are strong but like a china plate. It you fall it's not a break you will have but the bone will splinter and crack up like that china plate you dropped on floor. So he told me to take lots of Vit. D. So I take 5000 units of D daily. My test has stayed the same. No change so far.
  20. First I have heard about this. Another way for China to attack us i guess. I just ordered open pollenated and Non GMO hybrid heirloom seed bank from Survival Essentials. I will be checking these to see if they come from China but not looking like they did. I will be looking closer as I also have other seeds coming as well. These say to put in jar in freezer for long term use. It is over 100 different types of seeds as well as microgreens. I like that it gives you 3 different ways to store them with freezing being the longest term.
  21. I saw that footage before it went down but not on Facebook. I get the Breitbart news through my e-mails.
  22. Thank you euphrasyne. I am checking them out tomorrow. Though I don't really need the beef as I just canned up 3 roast the other day. The price on the roast is not bad at all. I will check out both the chicken and beef as well. I would love to go get the produce though as without having a garden this year, i am depending on farms and good sales at the store. If you had come down to Bennett's pasture Rd. and went to a park near there, you won't far from me at all. We go to the Bennett's Creek park sometimes. Took car in for the oil change and the engine light and found out the engine light should have been addressed by the dealer. Told them 3 times about the light and they did nothing. Now they have no choice but to repair the transmission because of it. All on their dollar. It was on their recall and they never notified us about it. Nor when I told them about the issue would they even so much as look at it. The place where I took the car for the oil change printed out a 26 page report about it. I have it all documented. Car goes in on Monday morning and they also got an ear full about not fixing this last year after 3 times telling them about it. Got turkey breast out of freezer to thaw so I can get it canned. Not sure yet how I want to can it up. But have some ideas. Nextdoor neighbor just got taken to hospital. Hope and pray he is ok.
  23. Think of Bill Gates as being another George Soros. I don't trust anything from this guy. For one he is behind things that is by no means good for this country. And also no vaccine can be mass produced in a few short months. It takes a good 2 to 4 years to mass produce a vaccine. I will not be getting this from this company that both Bill Gates and Fauci will be making millions from. And they both support the Clinton foundation that is evil to its core. I could say more about it, but will leave it with this.
  24. I knew this was coming and fear more stores will follow. I heard awhile back that Home Depo might be closing some stores that are not doing well but not sure of that. Haven't heard it but that one time. Right now we are seeing a lot of small businesses closing up. Not sure how the economy is going to hold up. With prices rising it seems every week. This country is in big trouble. Stores are getting less and less food. I was in Food Lion this morning and almost no can food. Worst I have seen it in a long while. A can of store brand peaches were $1.99. People out of work cannot afford that. They are no longer putting prices on TP and paper towels. But I did see where 2 rolls of bounty paper towels were $7.00 That is crazy. If DH does good tomorrow morning while I go get the car worked on. Then I might venture out to Sam's and or Bj's wholesale club. Going to go to the market to get a bushel of peaches to can up also. DH will start his heart rehab near the end of August. So that will give me more time to get a lot done. So I again will be off forum once I go into full canning and deydrating mode. It will be almost non stop till that freezer is fully empty.
  25. The Bible speaks of a mark in the right hand or for head. Not one you carry around. The vaccine may very well be what that mark is. go to Jan Markell and you can learn a lot about what is happening behind the all this mess going on. My phone is in a case that can't be tracked. So are my cards. Others are doing the same thing. So it would have to be a mark in the body to trace us. The Bible speaks that you will not be able to buy nor sale without the mark. Thus, there has already been talk about if you don't get this vaccine you will not be allowed to go anywhere. Children that don't get vaccinated will not be allowed in school. So no vaccine no work. No buying of food or anything else till you get that vaccine. This is coming down the pipes rather we like it or not. I don't know how to explain this any better. Maybe others that know Bible prophacy can word it better than me.
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