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  1. Stores here are also starting the one way on the isles. It is a great idea. But there will still be people that won't follow the rules. I keep praying for this to be over. But I think we have a long way to go. I am not counting on hot summers to get rid of this. It might slow it down a bit but that is about all.
  2. Haven't done a lot today. Watched a movie earlier with DH. To windy and wet to do anything outside. Chatted with granddaughter3 that works at hosp. She has been doing double shifts and college on line now. She's tired but doing well. And there may be a wedding in the near future as she and her boyfriend may decide to get married at some point when this mess is over. Kappydell , hoping your swollen ankles start going down and staying down soon. And very glad there is no heart issues. Still can't get hold of any of our doctors, so going to call heart doctor at home this evening. They must have closed the offices down or something is wrong with the phone lines. I know my internet has been going crazy these past couple of days. To many people on it at certain times of day I think. School children having to do on line schooling and are on morning and afternoon I think. Right now it slows down and then speeds up again. Made biscuits this morning with breakfast and then went to market to pay for package I had sent to granddaughter2 in Washington state. It was really busy and no one keeping their distance. DH's cousin was there and having a fit customers not keeping their distance, they would not lesson to him. Just shopping like nothing was happening. The employees were all wearing mask and gloves and wiping everything down. Guess you just can't make the customers keep their distance from each other. And because the store is small, he may start limiting them to 5 coming in at a time. That would be the only way to control it.
  3. This is good to know about the mask. I have everything baking in the sun right now. All the mail I got today is out there. Had to set a rock on each piece to keep it all from blowing away. Still can't get the greenhouse set up where I want because of the higher winds today. Hopefully tomorrow we can move it from garage and get it secured outside.
  4. Thanks for the reminder MtRider. The scammers will be out in full force. Ours will be enough to pay the real estate taxes for a full year. Since they are sending the money, I figure that would be the best thing to use it for. Might even have a couple hundred left over after it is paid. Due in June. So plenty of time for it to get here and I won't have to worry about it come December.
  5. Midnightmom, We have Medicare and they don't offer ask a Nurse. And if Medicare doesn't pay then our secondary won't either. I am thinking of calling his heart doctor at home. I don't like doing that, but seems to be my only option at this point. Euphrasyne, I have been thinking about having him switched to a different medication but then this coronavirus hit. DH has been dragging all day. He was up at 4:30 and wide awake. But has been really tired today. He may have over done it yesterday. He won't go walking or do any other exercise. So when he does exert himself. He pays for it. Just another thing I will be working on or he will find himself in phy therapy. And not for speech therapy to strengthening of his throat muscles. Today I did some cleaning around the house and planted some herbs. They are coming Sat. morning to remove the 6 roots from flowerbeds in front of house. I have been trying to get rid of those bushes for the past 4 years. They got way to big and almost partway up windows. DH would not let me take them out. Well, now that he has me taking care of yard stuff, they are out of here. Biggest mosquito hangout ever. Now you can see the front of the house. Don't have to worry about someone hiding behind those bushes anymore either. Once those are out, I can clean the beds up and have more room for garden. I will have marigolds and some other type of flowers along the edge to draw pollinator bees. Going to do that around the bigger garden in back yard as well.
  6. WE2 that is how I do mine and it works great.
  7. Midnightmom. Yes he is on the extended release, but still has the issue with it. Got his levels back down after given him some insulin yesterday. This morning it was 68. Much better than the 208 yesterday morning. He doesn't take insulin but I take it at night if needed. Mine goes up overnight but stays normal during day. Mine is just wearied how it does. Going to be talking with his doctor about it, as soon as I can get hold of him. I am thinking they have shut the office down as I cannot get a return call right now. Same with his heart doctor. No return calls.
  8. We need to keep all those on the front lines in our prayers. So far my granddaughter's DH has the coronavirus. He is a corpsman for Naval hosp. My other granddaughter that still lives at home with her parents is a scribe and follows the emergency room doctors around keeping the records of each patient. And even my Lawn care man has it as he is a firefighter also. Lot's of prayers going out to our health care workers, firefighter's and policemen that are on the front lines dealing with this everyday.
  9. Patriot nurse is good. I have seen this video and is a good one. I think my neighbor across from my driveway has lost it already. On cell phone as loud as he can be so everyone can hear him. He was talking to his mother and was so loud. We were outside working on garden and let's see, mom has all the time in the world to make mask, he hasn't washed his shirts in 6 weeks and yes he told her he was scratching his As**. Really, we didn't need to here that. There was a lot more but that was a lot of the screaming going on. Not sure but think he lost his job as well. He didn't make sense and we moved further away to keep from hearing him. Oh yes, he plans on getting a dog and that the neighbors won't like it. Whatever that means.
  10. Told granddaughter about it and he won't do it. But he may be going into pneumonia now. So she is going to try to work on him trying the hydrotherapy again. Maybe this time he will do it. She went to school for physical therapy. But changed over to training police dogs and such. She was familiar with it.
  11. Jeepers. Water in basement is not good. I wish I had a basement, but not one that leaks water into it. Worked on garden stuff all day. Got the greenhouse put together. And DH found a spot he wants to put it. So tomorrow we will move it there and tie it down. Bad storm this evening and heavy rain. We just finished what we were doing 5 minutes before the bottom fell out. Someone is coming tomorrow to give me a price on removing the 6 roots from the front flower beds. Then I can get that ready for herbs and such.. Will line the front part with flowers. I already have rosemary planted on one side from last year and it is doing great. On the other side will be some sweet potatoes and white potatoes. It is a very long deep area, so can do half and half of each with some separation in-between them.
  12. We are now having a bad storm. heavy rain, lighting, thunder. Fun!! We just finished up getting things put away 5 minutes before it hit. Today I got the greenhouse put together, but only one. China instructions. the usual basic look at the pretty picture and you figure it out. Took awhile but I got it together. Then DH came out to help me go though seeds for planting. We now have several things planted in pots to be put in greenhouse hopefully tomorrow morning. We have to tie the greenhouse down but have figured out where to put it now. Then I can move the seeds to the greenhouse and get them out of garage. Still need to get the handle attached to tiller. That will be DH's job with my help. If he does better tomorrow than today. His knee kept giving out on him today. So balance was bad all day. But he did what he could do. So I'm happy with that. We bought a tiller that I can run. It is electric and not used to the electric stuff, but I can't pull the rope to start a gas one and nether can he. We just don't have that kind of strength any longer. Though the push lawnmower that we are keeping is battery operated and gas. Battery is for the key start. Makes it so nice. But we haven't used it in 2 years. need to plug up and charge the battery. We have someone cutting our grass now but still nice to have that backup. Like now as our Lawn guy has Coronavirus. He is a firefighter and several have come down with it. that he and his fellow workers get through this mess. I have done no work in house today, so tomorrow will be catchup day as well as getting the greenhouse situated and the seeds we just planted in there. Got to hook the well pump back up also. Seems it is never ending around here. Homesteader I love your seedlings. Our seeds just got planted today. So got a couple of weeks before we see results coming up.
  13. thank you Daylily, I am watching it now.
  14. Daylily, I am looking for the post on Hydrotherapy but haven't found any. Guess I need to look deeper.
  15. Happy Anniversary, Euphrasyne. We have finished with the garden centers now I hope. Went through the seeds today to figure out what we have and where to plant what. Tomorrow we are going to get the tiller put together. We ordered it on line but need to put the handle together and attach it to the main part of the tiller. Checked my stash of canning jars and I am now good on those. Found 2 cases of pint jars in the loft of the shed. Don't know how they got up there but will pull those down soon. Wanted to get the top soil that DH bought put down to raise the garden up a bit but DH wasn't feeling like doing much today so it can wait a bit longer. Though now we are going to have rain maybe tonight and tomorrow. But still to early to plant yet anyway. But do want to get the gardens cleaned out more and have them ready.
  16. Daylily, I don't think I have ever heard that mentioned anywhere as a treatment. Very interesting to know. Will have to check into that. I know some nurses that works at one of the hospitals here. Maybe I should put a bug in their ears. Would be something worth checking into.
  17. Darlene, I have felt just like that. When I help others, God does replenish what we need in many ways. I have sent packages to granddaughter 3000 miles away and also have helped out with stocking the food pantry at Church to make sure those in need will have food. though our Church is closed and last month we didn't have our food ministry pickup, we still was able to meet the needs of those we could contact. Right now I am getting ready to take some TP and yeast for bread to one of the Church members that rely on our food pantry.. I never thought about the UPS man but then I have not seen him in awhile. He comes through the neighborhood but he does not stop. I would be happy to share some wipes with him. Our mailman has some on his truck. Our preps that God has blessed us with is not for us to hoard but to use also to help those in need. God will provide when we put our trust in him.
  18. Got a call that an RX was ready, so went to the market to mail the package to granddaughter this morning and then to the Harris Teeter to pick up RX and did a bit of grocery shopping while there. DH went with me but stayed in car. I won't let him go into a store after the Lowe's thing. That was a nightmare. Then came home put the food away that I was able to get. No canned goods other than tomatoes, some soups a small amount of fruit. No canned veggies, no canned meats, no paper products. Very little laundry detergent. I just went through to fill up the holes and get some more fresh produce and some blueberries. No bananas this time around. Then started laundry. Washed 4 loads of clothes, cleaned kitchen, and then DH and I set outside in the swing for a bit. I am getting worried about DH. He is getting tired easy, He was a bit dehydrated, so had him drinking more water. No fluid pills today. Checked his sugar and it was 208. It has never been that high that I am aware of as we rain out of strips to check it with and had not been able to get any for over 2 months. I ordered them from Wal Mart on line and got them. He does not take insulin but I do. So I gave him a bit of insulin to get it down and hopefully back under control. Got it down to 154 and he has been taking the metformin twice a day instead of one time a day. His doctor and I are going to have a long talk about oh he's 82 years old, he's fine and can eat what he wants. Not happening or I will be looking for a new doctor. He had an all protein breakfast this morning and mostly protein all day. B/P was up today to 68/114. So back to normal. He is loosing to much weight also. Thinking it is because of the fluid pills and the metformin gives him diarrhea sometimes. So could be that but not sure. Can't see a doctor but going to try to talk with his heart doctor as well as his primary doctor. These are on going issues that his doctors was watching closely but now they can't. By phone only right now unless it is a dire emergency.
  19. There is no way to set the hot water tank that high. I checked mine and it only goes up to 140*. If I can't hang clothes outside on line I have sanitation button on my dryer and that gets really hot. Take the clothes out right after it cuts off and it will burn you. I have to let it cool down a bit before removing the clothes. My old dryer didn't have that feature. Boris the prime minister in now in ICU and got worse right after they put him in there. Don't think he has been incubated yet though. My granddaughter's DH is no better today and they still have not gotten the results of the test. Granddaughter told me today she is tired, a slight cough and a bit of congestion. Sounds like she also may be coming down with it and we are 3000 miles away and can't help her other than to send needed supplies. Sent the cleaning supplies today but will still be a few days before she gets them. Told her to take a bar of soap and a rag and soap up the rag and clean the door knobs and to wear gloves and then wash hands when she is done cleaning. That is about the only thing I can think of for her to clean with right now till her box comes. Needless to say my brain is fried, worrying about those two. And now they are talking about pets. A tiger from a zoo has tested positive and my granddaughter has 2 dogs and a cat. They said so far no dogs or cats have become sick or tested positive for this virus.
  20. WE2, we had that problem with our hot water tank a few years ago. Now we drain it twice a year to keep it from happening again. When I did my potatoes DH wasn't feeling well, so I did mine myself. Though he usually does help me with things like that. He has had some problems with his B/P dropping to low. I checked his pressure just a bit ago and it is 88 over 60 so pulled out his blood pressure med for tonight. Will check it again in morning to see if it went back up gain. These are not good signs. He is getting weaker and has good days and bad days. We just deal with it and move on. Lots of prayers. We do go to Church, but church is closed so we had a church service by way of face book. Have to say that was a first but our pastor did very well. We also read our Bibles on a daily basis. Even if you go to church, I have always believed you should still be doing Bible reading and devotions. Would love to see this mess go away and make our country work again. So many out of work. Here we are trying to keep the local restaurants in business by ordering take out or home delivery. Though we don't do it because of salt issues. But it does help to keep the people there working as much as possible.
  21. Mt. Rider, they have been on a roller coaster for a while now. Seems they were just getting it together and had enough food to last them for just over a month and they could build on that with the exception of being able to buy cleaning supplies. No bleach, wipes, Lysol or anything. So now with her DH sick she is going through all of the cleaning supplies she had. I bought her a new carpet cleaner for their housewarming. She had a housewarming list on Amazon smile and I thought with the dogs and cat and she takes in rescued dogs and cats as well as trains them, she could use it . Now she is using it on a daily basis to help keep the virus germs down. She is down to just rug shampoo. She has even cleaned the couch with it. So I am sending that box of cleaning items out tomorrow morning. Just hope it will be enough to get them through this round and they can get supplies by the time they need them again. She tried on line and can't get anything. Everything is sold out on line as well. So if they want to call me a hoarder, so be it. It's helping my granddaughter out. And I never had to go to a store to empty a shelve to get it either. As they say we are not the ones emptying the shelves. The panic buyers are doing it.
  22. The only reason I am having to help my granddaughter out is because they had to move 3000 miles away and was not able to prepare. Military. She had just gotten her food situation taken care of as I had sent her to big boxes of food right after they got into the house as they ran out to get food just to find the shelves empty. So what I sent was very helpful. They were caught off guard as the Navy was moving them and because it was 3000 miles away, she was unable to buy food at the time. Now her DH has the coronavirus and she has still not been able to buy bleach, Lysol, wipes or nothing. Her DH was able to get mask and gloves from the naval hosp. He was exposed to the virus at the naval hosp. on Monday and is now in full blow coronavirus. High temp. cough, congestion and hard to get a deep breath. Granddaughter is already heavy on Vits. mainly C and D3. I am sending her some supplies for cleaning. One of the reasons I ordered what I have very early on. As you cannot get Lysol or any things else on line or in stores where she is. Can't get it here either. So my reason for granddaughter needing help is not from her just not preparing but because they were not able to at the time of the moving. They moved into Washington State at the worse time possible. I can't call what I did hoarding but to help family. So far no neighbors has asked for anything but then no one knows what I have either. But like Dogmom said, they may call us hoarders but we are not the ones that emptied the shelves. We bought a little at a time and built on that each month for many months and years. And now it is paying off for my granddaughter as the ones in the stores panic buying now are the ones that are emptying the shelves. There is a big difference in preparing for the unknown and panic buying after the unknow has come into full view.
  23. So far the garden centers here are still open. But if they are closing in other states then it is only a matter of time before they close here. We have now got everything we need for the garden, just have to get busy on it. That starts tomorrow if weather holds out. Welcome Momof5inTX, Sounds like you have it altogether. Love the cows. Wish my grandparents homestead didn't go commercial. I was thinking about buying it. To much has grown up around there now. Worse than where we are now. And it is getting really bad here. I keep saying one day I will be back in the country. But at my age, I am thinking that might be a pipe dream. But you never know. Might have some chickens but not cows. I think chickens would be all I could handle.
  24. This morning we had Church Service at home by way of face book. It was really nice. Our pastor was at the church for it. We had music and everything, though the music was not the choir but by way of a DVD. But it was really nice. Just seemed so odd having a service sitting at home in front of a computer to watch it.
  25. Mt. Rider, Sorry to hear about your parents having such issues. This pandemic doesn't help with people like that. I haven't been to Wal Mart in about 2 months. Don't miss it either. WE2, I feel for you and those potatoes. I canned a batch of them 2 weeks or so ago. My hands were killing me. Annarchy, Glad to see you are holding up well. It's been tough on everyone, but hoping we will all see the light at the end of the tunnel. DH's BP has dropped again and he is laying down right now. Usually he will feel better after a short nap and then I can get him moving around to get heart rate back up. They have already taken him off one blood pressure med and he may be having the other one cut in half. Will be talking to heart doctor about that. Got a text from my granddaughter that moved to Washington about a month ago. Her DH works in naval hosp. He now almost sure he has coronavirus. They will have the test results tomorrow. But he is home staying in his office. He has a fever, cough, and shortness of breath and congestion. So sounds like the test will come back positive. She is taking all precautions. She has been on heavy doses of Vit. C, D3 and other vits as well and so far she is symptom free. She has been cleaning and spraying the house down on daily basis. Since she has not been able to buy blinds for the windows, she has sheets up on them. So during the day, she is taking the sheets down and letting the full sun shine into house. Don't know if she would get the full benefit of UV rays but won't hurt either. He is wearing a mask and wearing a new one each day. The Hospital thinks he may have been exposed to it Monday. he started feeling sick on Friday and today he got tested and will know for sure on Monday. Praying he will get through this and she will not come down with it though she has now been exposed.
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