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  1. Thank you Darlene. She is now in my prayers. Mt. Rider has been through a lot trying to keep up with everything and helping out with her parents also. She will need a lot of prayers.
  2. Jeepers, Hope you get it straight soon. I left Verizon years ago. Was with AARP's consumer cellular for a while. That was a joke. I am now with T-Mobil which also bought out Sprint. I have had that phone now for about 4 or 5 months and so far no issues. They send me a text that bill is due soon and I just click on the site and say pay. That's it. No issues. They have my card on file, so I don't have to put that in. Just put the phone number attached to the account and they take care of it.
  3. I have found out from 2 places now that the canning jars will no longer be available till after March 21st of next year. They are going to try to get them made during off peak hours. For me there are no off peak hours this year. No garden so having to deal with canning from frozen state to make what I want to get canned. Granddaughter that lives in CA said she could get some so will check with her. Though I am not sure she will be able to get them, but worth a try.
  4. We are now getting the cold nights but warm days. No rain. Want to try to figure out how I will make it to JoAnn's fabrics with DH staying home. Working on him staying longer hours by him self. I haven't been able to get to Sam's club or B.J"S warehouse club yet. I really need to go. The dentist will be the first time and I am sure I will be there a couple of hours. As the title states. A little scared. So yes I am very scared to leave DH more than one or two hours. And 2 hours isn't often.
  5. WE2, I also have been reading Jonathan Cahn's book "The harbinger II". I read the first one. Great books. I am a little over half way through it now. Praying this country will repent and turn back to God, but even if it doesn't we have the rapture to look forward to. And yes mercies for those who have to go through the tribulation. What we are seeing now is just a taste of what's coming. 2020 has been a year of shaking and warnings. We are getting things together now as we were not able to plant a garden with DH in and out of hospital since the end of March. So many doctor ap
  6. WE2, Hoping and praying that they can fix your grandson's back. I am praying that he will one day soon be walking again. We must all keep the faith for this to happen. With God anything is possible. Miki, hope your back is doing better now. CG, hoping your wrist is doing better also. I made appt. with dentist for Wed. Don't know how I will pull this off letting DH stay home long enough by himself. But I need to go. I have told them about a tooth that had been bothering me off and on for a long while and they said they couldn't find anything. Well they bet
  7. There are no jars to be found anywhere here. Nor any lids.. I have had my daughter, granddaughter both keeping and eye out and buying them if they come across them. I ordered some but they will not be here till March. That doesn't help me now. Though I will get by with what I now have. My tattler lids came yesterday. 3 doz. wide mouth and 3 doz. small mouth. I also get some extra rubbers as well. So that will hold me for a long while with all the other ones I have. I checked my inventory of the metal lids and I do have several doz. of each size still. i had ordered them from Leman's a
  8. Took a day off today. Other than fix breakfast, Lunch and dinner and do dishes. That has been my day. Was up almost every hour it seams with DH. Going to bathroom (gotta love fluid pills), wants water. It was something all night long. So I have been really tired today and my neck is killing me today. The weather turned cold but not that cold. Guess just the change in the weather is playing on me. Going to do some reading later this evening. DH has done nothing but sit all day and watch TV. This is not going to help him get his strength back. Hardheaded old goat. Physical therapy nev
  9. I have never had that test done. At least not yet. They did have places set up here where you could get it, but you had to have been around someone with it or have some sort of symptoms. So I didn't pass the rules for getting on. DH has had it done 3 times already because of surgery and one of the hospital stays. He said for him it wasn't that bad. I think some of it is how the person doing the test is. I have seen some where they are rather rough giving that test. But I figure if DH was negative then I am ok also.
  10. Not sure what will happen but you can bet there will be riots as they said they are going to riot in DC after the election. I don't think it will matter who wins, they are just looking for an excuse to do damage, steal and destroy people's lives. But I would not be surprised if civil war doesn't break out in this country. As it stands now, the things I bought a few months ago, that same stuff is now costing me double at the grocery stores. This is not a good indication of things to come. I also read that there is a possibility of groceries going up 600 to 800 percent over the next 10 years
  11. I have always used alcohol to remove it, but now that that is getting so hard to find, I found the stuff that you use to clean those boards with. So that saves my alcohol for what I really need it for. But the kids are all grown now so not a problem any longer. But good video and good to know that trick.
  12. Mt. Rider, You have had a time. First the pan and then the really scary one when your DH lost his wallet. So glad he was able to trace it back and it was there safe and sound. That is a very bad feeling. My granddaughter had her car broke into a couple of weeks ago and they got her wallet. Bank cards, credit cards, insurance cards and she had her social security card in there as well. She said she has always kept it in console of car. That is a big NO!. You should never carry your social security card at all. Memorize the number, but leave the card at home in a safe. But so glad everythin
  13. WE2, I did what you did several years ago. Cut my hair in layers. And nope, I won't do that again either. My hair is silver with some of the dark brown still mixed in at the under side of hair. It is now getting just a bit wavy. So I am leaving it like it is. Just long so I can either put up in a bun or a ponytail. Mommato3boys, I know what you mean about the symptoms for this virus. I is not going to be easy to know if someone has just flu, cold, sinus infection or the corvid virus. The symptoms seems to mimic all of them. I think if a vaccine comes out that is safe it wil
  14. I saw the first one through my Email. The second one I have in Email but haven't opened it yet. i watch the glen beck videos. Clinton was a sore looser and Obama wanted a third term through her. Don't know how that would have gone but is what i always heard. They have done nothing for this country but try to get Trump out of office for the last 4 years, so they could take over the country and destroy it. i am so tired of the news media lying to us. I know what is happening, and none of it will be good. The left is going to turn this country into a socialist country. Look at Venezuela. S
  15. Mt. Rider, hope you get your energy back soon. I know how that is. Today is one of those days. No energy. I think DH has passed his sinus infection on to me though I am only just a bit stuffed up right now. Started on the airborne. Though we are both already taking Vit. C and zinc. I hit a sale in the middle of night last night. Yeah, I am nuts. Couldn't sleep and was thinking about all the vitamins and other meds we have in closet in boxes and in other places as well. Ii have been thinking about how I am going to properly store all the meds I have. I saw a post where someone had
  16. I have had the butter powder for a long time. It's not bad for cooking. Not tried it on anything like toast though. Just remember, once you open the can, if you leave it in can. It is only good for 1 year after opening. Once opened, store in canning jars with O2 obsorber and seal jar. it will continue to last several years that way. I need to check my stash of long term foods to see if I have everything I need. I sure hope so because I will not get it for the price I got 7 or 8 years ago.
  17. Mt. Rider, wish I could get the rain to go your way. Right now we have had no rain for 2 or 3 days but they say we could be getting more coming our way but won't be much. The cold weather will be here this weekend. Sounds like I will be making chili this weekend. Always good on a cold night. So tomorrow I am going to get back to house cleaning and going through the summer clothes and pulling out the winter clothes. Though DH has been wearing his winter shirts all most all summer. He stays cold and wrapped in a blanket. Turned out he has now got hypothyroid and is now on Synthroid. It must
  18. Took a break today from housework. Was really tired. Up with DH off and on last night with him. He's trying to come down with his usual sinus infection as he has chronic sinus infections. We have antibiotics from his allergist as he gives us a supply every time I take him in for his visit. Not giving them to him as of yet as he just started to snort the green stuff this evening. Some times he can fight it off on his own. So waiting to see if it gets worse. If it does, will start him on the antibiotics. In the mean time lots of Vit. C and air born for both of us. I think he has already give
  19. Hello Emma and welcome. And yes I do agree those microfiber sheets are the worst. I bought a set a long time ago. They had to go.
  20. euphrasyne, They are adorable. Love the clothes. You did a wonderful job making those. Proud daddy. I miss those days when my daughter was little and then the grandkids. Made things for all of them back in the day. 3 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. Though one grandson and one granddaughter are steps. But I still claim them as mine. The oldest is 34 years old and the youngest will be 19 years old next month. DH has a birthday coming up and he will be 83. Time does fly when your having fun. The CG, picking thread out of almost anything for me is hard. And yes fleece has to be
  21. WE2, i also missed your post about your grandson. That was so sad to hear about. Keeping him in prayer for a full recovery. Hoping they can replace the shattered vertibrae with godiva bone. That is what they did in my neck. Though mine was from car accident many years ago. Praying your daughter will come to realize the only one she is hurting is herself. I know you are hurting as well but she will be the one that misses out of your life for sure. Miki, sorry to hear about your friend passing. Euphrasyne, glad things are going more smoothly for you. Hard to believ
  22. I meant to tell you that my tattler lids are on the way. But the canning jars are ordered will not be shipped till March of 2021. That is not good news. So I am wondering if I should wait or cancel the order. My granddaughter in CA is going to have a store ship them to me. i will be sending her the money for them. The Ball jars state on box made in USA not China. So don't understand why the shortage like this. Only thing I could think of is the lids and rings.
  23. Ended up cleaning the living room before doing the bedroom. Furniture is not pushed to one side anymore. Home health did that. I rearranged the furniture so DH can now just go through the room to dinning room and then to kitchen without me having to move anything now. So now that is all cleaned up. I had moved my sewing machine into the dinning room under the window but need to get it all set up. Maybe I can get that all cleaned up, floor mopped and room dusted. But I am tired after doing two rooms of moving furniture, so might take a break tomorrow. Got the chicken I canned yes
  24. The last dress I made was when my daughter was in 12th grade. She was in the senior parade and they decided to do the roaring 20's theme. I had to make her a dress like they wore in the 20's. it was silk and very hard to make. The dress had the layers going down the dress and it was something else and slick. I swore I would never make a dress using that kind of material again. But it turned out great. She really did look the part of a roaring 20's themed dress code. If that is what they called it in those days. She still has that dress.
  25. Joyfield, That is great that you have a sewing machine now. Making clothes for boys is more of a challenge than for girls. My daughter made PJ's and shorts for my grandson and also made long pants that just slipped on. Elastic waste bands are so much easier. She made them for the girls also. I haven't made any clothes in a long while and had been thinking about getting back into it before DH got sick. I have made lots of curtains and also lots of baby blankets. I need to get to the fabric shop but have to drive to Hampton to get there and I can't leave DH that long. Guessing I will
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