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  1. Well we didn't get any snow but we were under freeze warnings for 2 nights. Glad I didn't get my veggies planted yet. Thinking I will wait a bit before I get them planted. Want to make sure we are no longer going to have frost and freezing weather. Has anyone heard from Kappy?
  2. Mt. Rider, glad the horse back riding helped you. May you continue to get better with each time you go riding. Today I have done nothing but watch Biblical movies on TV all day. Dh and i always watched there movies through out the year, but mostly during the Easter holidays. So I am keeping that tradition. I love to watch those movies anyway, and it is something Dh and I always did. I will be going to the sunrise service at 7 am and then for the regular service at 10 am. Then going to head to the cemetery as the plack has been put down and I need to make sure it is right. And I
  3. Where I have been living now for the past 36 years, We were more country than we are now. Most of the farmland has been sold off and more and more apts. have been built. We are now more urban than country. We have so many more stores now than when I first moved here. Used to be only a farmers market and a gas station with one restaurant. Now we have many different types of stores, grocery stores, two 7-elevens across from each other. With apts. over top of stores across the street from the farm market. Growing like crazy. I have about an acre of land with the house on it. So plenty o
  4. Went to store this morning to get a few things for dinner tomorrow night. G.daughter and boyfriend is coming over. My turn to cook. Picked up a lot of fresh veggies and fruit. Came home and worked on getting the kitchen cabinets cleaned out. Still got some more to clean out but at least I am half way there. I am slow at it these days. Got the fish tank cleaned and looking much better now. Water is clear again. Though I will be glad when the kids take it home with them. Hopefully week after this week. Grandson heads to Washington state early Sat. morning. Hope he does better there.
  5. Speaking of deep freeze. We are going to get lake bay effect snow and freezing weather next 2 days. Glad I haven't planted the garden yet. Texted g'daughter to bring her tomoato plants in off the deck. This is her first time growing tomatoes. Don't want her to loose them now. They are doing good.
  6. Wow! That is bad. hot lava flowing like a fast river.
  7. That is great Mt. Rider. Horse riding is also fun. Two of my granddaughters worked at a horse farm while they were in school and took riding lessons. They loved it. Got a call from my friend from church this morning. She is now in rehab. She fractured her back. Said she just up and fell backward. Also hit her head and messed her leg up some, but that is doing a bit better. She said they have a cage around her now. So it must be rather bad. She said they are saying it will take 2 to 8 weeks for rehab. And then home therapy more than likely. That is if they let her go back home.
  8. Wow! that was neat. Never seen them going up the steps before either. i used to play with them but like Jeepers said maybe lined up about 12 or so. That really brings back some old memories.
  9. Another busy day. Went to cemetery this morning to put flowers on grave. On the way there were at least 20 to 25 police cars everywhere before I got to cemetery. Don't know what was going on but they all had their lights going. Part of the street and a neighborhood was blocked off. No stores were in that section, so not a robbery, unless it was a home invasion. Hope not. Got through that and further down was anther police car. Lights on and she was just standing there. Got to cemetery and there was a funeral going on right near where Dh is buried. It was to close to him for me to just pa
  10. I think I quoted about how I came up with the name Little sister. But I will just tell it here. I have a friend in Sunday school that always calls me her little sister. We are not sisters but good friends. We also worked in the food ministry with her and her husband. She would tell everyone that I was her little sister. So the name stuck. So that is how I came up with the name Littlesister. Guess I just got so used to being called little sister that I decided to use that name here. And yes haven't heard from Kappy. So Kappy, please check in as soon as you can so we will know y
  11. Jeepers, I am having the same problem. Seems every time I get one thing like I want it, something else happens. Then when I find things and get it where I want, windows does another update and messes things up again. And yes a new computer is on my down the road list. I ordered the other grill parts I need. I am going to home depot tomorrow morning and then to the cemetery to take flowers for Easter. Will still be going back on Sunday as I usually go every Sunday. But I want to get the flowers on the grave side as there are none there right now. Took the old ones that were real flowers off a
  12. No, I chose my name as one of my Sunday school ladies always calls me her little sister. We are not real sisters, just friends. But that stuck and she tells everyone that I am her little sister. So the name Littlesister. Guess it really stuck.
  13. Miki glad you did ok with those storms. Got things together this morning and then went to Lowe's. They didn't have half of what I needed. So still looking for bone meal, the 5-10-5 fertilizer and a small air compressor. Couldn't believe they didn't have any air compressors. Did find the cow manure and some other things I needed. Going to Home Depot tomorrow to find the rest of what I need. Found the clothes line cord for the clothes line poles at Taylors do it yourself hardware. So just got to restring it. Had to order a new filter for the shop vac. That was not an ea
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TheCG. Hope your day was filled with wonderful memories. And lots of and .
  15. Yep, that is a crazy test. Seems I am a gorilla. Go figure.
  16. Glad to hear she is ok. Hoping everyone else that was in the path of this storm is ok. Everyone please check in when you can to let us know you are ok.
  17. We had hard rain and bad lighting early this morning, but had cleared up in time for church. After church went to Cemetery. Came home had some lunch and then went to dollar tree to get some artificial flowers. Harris Teeter was next to that so went in there and bought a fern to put on top of bookcase in living room. They only had one, so looking for another plant for the top of other bookcase. Got my lettuce and thyme planted but still have to get the tomatoes and things planted. Hoping weather will be good tomorrow so I can get them done. Went to Coleman's nursery and they didn't have a l
  18. Also still praying for those in the path of this storm. Everyone please check in when you can to let us know you are doing ok.
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGINIA. Hope your day has been lots of fun.
  20. Mt. Rider, Dh and his cousin were more like brothers than cousins. They did a lot together. His cousin will help me to get the top price on anything I want to sell also as he has some outlets to that. So I know if I sell anything I won't get cheated out of what it is worth. Granddaughter is going to help me with a yard sale either this fall or next spring. That depends on my figuring out what goes and what stays. Worked on garden this morning until DD and SIL came with the U-hall and then Granddaughter and her boyfriend came. So he had the largest U-hall truck he
  21. I think I am to the point where I don't trust the CDC nor Fauci. He has changed his mind on things to many times and he is in with the CDC. Don't trust politicians either. I don't care if they are Dems or Rep. They all have this one thing they can agree on and that is to lie to we the people. Still not getting that vaccine as It has not been properly tested and I am not going to be a ginny pig for anyone. I don't mind staying home and I can where a mask where I have to. That will be as far as I go with it. If I want to travel it will be by car anyway. So that should not be a problem.
  22. Jeepers, I have the my pillows. We love them. I have been thinking about buying a couple of more as mine are old. I love that you can just throw them in washer and dryer when you need to. I have my eye on the mattress topper right now. I saw this about the ship and heard it could take weeks before they can get it moved out. There are over 50 or more ships there trying to get in and are stuck there and can't get through. Yep! shortage may be coming again because of this. euphrasyne, I like the pictures above. Gives a good picture of what those ships are like.
  23. Please everyone if you can check in from this storm. I have not heard anything more about it. Praying everyone is safe if it has already hit.
  24. Went to the feed and seed this morning. I wasn't going to do a garden this year other than some tomatoes. But then I got to thinking about how Dh wanted me to do the garden last summer and I wasn't able to take care of him and do the garden. So I think he would have wanted me to do one this year as we had talked a little about it back in January. So I am doing one. It won't be the big one we usually plant, but much more than tomatoes. He bought me an electric tiller that I could control and use easy a year ago. So I am going to try it out this spring. I bought a lot of seeds, but also tomat
  25. Haven't been keeping up on the corona virus much. Just to much going on. I can't decide if things are getting better, the same or worse. Still not getting the vaccine. Haven't seen any memes either. So not sure of what is going on from the post as I haven't read through them all. euphrasyne. I hope and pray you don't go through what I went through with DH. It was really bad. That has played on me for a few weeks just wondering was there anything different I could have done. But with this corvid I knew I had done everything I could. So I have finally let it all go. Time to
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