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  1. Mt Rider's mom is home and is doing well...yayyyyy! Everyone is a little worn out so that You Lord for Your strength to help everyone get through this rough time. Her mom went to her regular doctor who said she is doing very well and is managing the stairs surprisingly well, which is amazing to the doc. God is always faithful
  2. Mt Rider is fine. The fires are in the more northern part of the state and she is located more central so not to worry.
  3. I just wanted to give you an update from Mt Rider. They did a cath to her heart on Tuesday and her mom doesn't need a stent. The doctors said that they will treat the blockage with meds. Everyone is amazed because even through she's 90, she moves like a much younger lady :). The plan is to bring her mom home from the hospital today but I haven't hear yet whether that plan went through. Mt Rider asked me to tell y'all how grateful she is for all your prayers. She said that she'll be with her parents for a few more days which unfortunately means she'll continu
  4. Would you please keep Mt Rider's Mom in your prayers? She had a heart attack on Saturday and the ambulance rushed her to the hospital. She has been staying with her Dad while Mom is at the hospital and doesn't have any internet there. God is faithful though and Mt Rider's Mom has a good chance of being able to go home tomorrow but she asked for y'all to keep her dear Mom in your prayers. *praying*
  5. Sheesh, I'm so sorry, I totally missed the note! So yes, thank you and God bless you too Jeepers! Here's our current balance in our server fee purse:
  6. That’s because we’ve only just begun. Lol
  7. I wanted to give everyone an update. We were down to $35 in our balance for the server fees for Mrs S. God always provides though, and 3 wonderful ladies sent some more money that added up to an additional $190 that I'll add to our "server fee purse". That'll bring up the total we have have in reserves for now to $225!!! Thank you to Mountain Rider, Ambergris and to one other special lady whose ID here at MrsS I don't know. I just saw the donation added to my paypal account, so I apologize that I can't formally acknowledge you Thanks to everyone for all their help. It
  8. I talked with Annarchy today about the forms. In my opinion, I'd really like to clean things up around here and freshen everything up so... We went through all the forums and merged some of them into other parent forums. We tried to keep the forums that are stand alone forums the way they've always been, but in an attempt to be more concise, I merged some forums as sub forums into others. Sheesh, as I type that I'm confusing myself trying to explain it, but just know that we're making some changes in the forums, to hopefully organize things a little bit better.
  9. Update. Daddy went through 46 of the 49 radiation treatments. At the end, the doctor said he didn't have to do the last 3. Praise the Lord. Now, hopefully all he'll need to do is heal and get his strength back.
  10. Sorry, my paypal email addy is shadowwingsfarm@yahoo.com
  11. 2 treatments down. 47 more to go. Thank you for the prayers.
  12. My dad has prostrate cancer and is starting his first, of many, radiation treatments. I wanted to ask if y'all would please keep him in your prayers. Thanks.
  13. I have a friend who used to be VP of the biggest pork producing company here in the States. About 2 weeks ago, he had texted me that some plants were starting to close down (pork, beef and chicken). Shortly after that, we all saw the news reports that talked about this. I asked him then, if I should stock up on more meat. He told me, "you'll probably have a week or 2". Today, he called me and said he had a list of 6 meat production plants that will be closing shortly (beef, pork and chicken). It hasn't hit the news yet, but he told me to call my parents to make sure they top off th
  14. I have been noticing something lately... Thankfully, I have been preparing for this virus long before it hit the national stage. He would lay a burden on my heart to go and prep in "this area" and I would go and prep. Within days, those preps were wiped out, no where to be found. Over and over again this happened with so many things and it got to the point where I couldn't deny it was all Him. Consequently, the Lord has blessed me with preps short and long term. As the days have unfolded, as He has crossed my path with people I know intimately and others I only know in
  15. I just wanted to give an update on our account balance. They took a payment out last week but with everyone's help, here is our current balance:
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