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  1. You know that I am always praying for you and will include the others that the Lord has laid on your heart. ((((MR))))
  2. Annarchy came to the rescue and gave me a heads up Midnightmom. I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. I've been out of town watching my brother's 4 children while he and his wife took their first vacation in 20 years alone and just got back.
  3. Praying for you and your hubby, mom and dad!
  4. Thankfully, it appears that this may be a non-event for our area and thank God Flowy reduced from a Cat 4 to Cat 1. That's still catastrophic for many on the east coast but I'm grateful it wasn't even worse.
  5. Yeah, it's been shocking at how expensive the actual beans are. I've used them to make homemade vanilla for years, which even with the bean price hike, is far cheaper than buying vanilla at the store.
  6. Kewl Kappy! I'm up in north Georgia in the Blue Ridge mountains Flowy has slowed down and downgraded its intensity. We're still in the cone for rains and I'm sure lower winds, which is fine. Not worried about flooding so I'm feeling optimistic.
  7. Thanks everyone...I just looked at the news and Flowy is down to 110mph which is a good thing! Kappy, where in GA are you? It's exciting to know that there's another MrsS here in GA! Trim trees MtRider? Which ones? lol j/k...my son trimmed some around the house a few weeks ago but they are a very brittle variety that needs to be totally taken out. As I write this I just realized that water will be my concern...not for me, as much as for all the animals. Sheesh, need to figure out how to hook generator up to well pump that keeps all the automatic waterers going. Hopefully the downgrade in Flowy will be a good sign to all.
  8. 11 years ago I moved from Miami to a little farm in the Blue Ridge mountains. I was happiest about leaving hurricane season behind me, far far away. While I'm no longer on the coast, it appears that Hurricane Florence wants to visit, albeit a much downgraded hurricane by that point. I no longer live in concrete block housing and I have a ton of trees that could mess alot of things up so if you think about it, keep us in your prayers. Sheesh, it's aggravating to think about losing electricity, but there's no better way to prep than living through things like that in the past lol. And maybe, the Lord will place His hand to direct it in another direction (not that I want anyone to go through that kind of thing). THAT would be awesome
  9. I use the antibiotics alot with the animals here, as well as the family if needed. They've been a life and money saver many times.
  10. Well, of course! lolol I often think about how grateful I've been to be able to share Koa with you and to know (because it IS all about me yanno! lolol) that you are far safer and I got to be a part of helping ya'll be more safe. And I know that you know all the attributes she brings...was just reiterating it because it was a lesson I learned years ago...when I still thought as a human I was a little smarter than my dogs. That is, until I misjudged something and learned that the dogs picked up on something when I did not, so I do tend to comment because of that personal experience. Truth be known, the reason I posted was because the Lord has been laying MrsS on my heart alot lately...He always does, but I'm usually slammed with a 1000 different things. Right now, I have a massive pinched nerve in my right leg that I'm struggling to figure out how to help heal so I'm having to sit more than I want. I loved what you wrote about watching the animals...not the predator animals, but the preyed upon animals. They are an invaluable clue as to any impending danger. It's nice to have them watching our backs in a weird sort of way
  11. (((((((((((((((carol)))))))))))))))))) I will be praying that God's peace and strength will flow over you and your family.
  12. Mind memory/muscle memory/other types of memory retention help aid the ability to react correctly and fast when unexpectedly presented with a situation. Many memory retentions can 'bleed' over and support areas that we haven't committed to memory because they share similar characteristics. In the end however, we still remain human and in spite of our best laid plans and efforts, we will get surprised and momentarily react. And, as you already know :), always trust your dog, especially this breed who do not react without a reason, whether we understand it or not. That's your first line of defense and that kind of barking communicates to you, 'get safe'.
  13. Well, I'm a diehard and did the traditional Thanksgiving dinner I've cooked for the past 30 years or more :). Turkey, stuffing, gravy, potato salad, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, buttered corn, desserts, etc. It's alot of work but as we ate dinner yesterday, each bite I took reminded me of how the holiday cooking is worth it because of how good it tastes. It took 2 days to get everything prepared but thankfully my girls were awesome sous chefs and made it all come together smoothly. It was actually the nicest Thanksgiving dinner I've done in a while. I pulled out my city girl china and set the table really pretty. We had some friends over so it was a wonderful time with family and friends. Today, however, I'm sitting on the couch trying to get a fire going in the wood stove (nothing new there lol...I'm fire challenged). Leftovers will rule the day and I'll decompress over the weekend. I hope everyone, regardless of the meals they prepared, had a very blessed Thanksgiving
  14. Darlene

    Quick update

    Sheesh Wormie, I'm so sorry. I'll be praying for both of you.
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