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  1. MR? Mic drop. Absolutely stunning post. It's rich with wisdom and I need time to ponder what you shared. Thank you.
  2. You, out of all people should know your allegation is false. Mother WILL need a nap at some point in time and then.....? Mother? Can I get you a cup of tea so that you can relax and put your weary feet up? I know better than anyone how taxing Homey's shenanigans can be
  3. None of the vacs have been thoroughly tested for long term side effects so extreme caution with all of that is called for.
  4. I'm innocent. There I was minding my own business singing kumbya when she threw the first punch. I had to protect myself Mother. Self defense and all that stuff we teach about on here yanno.
  5. If memory serves me correctly, MrsSurvial was created back in 1998 by 2 women who wanted to talk with others and share their knowledge about a variety of things as it pertained to surviving uncertain times. In 1999, when there had been a huge explosion between 2 groups of people on the site, and the site was dying and on life support, I was approached and asked if I would be interested in purchasing MrsSurvival. I jumped at the chance, and now 23 years later, I look back on all that and would be the first to admit I must have been crazy to do so. We went through Y2K, and various up
  6. Yes, I have seen scattered offerings of cases of jars, but not any sealing lids or rings. I've been looking for over a year and while its nice to see the occasional cases that are available, more often than not, the shelves are empty. I don't need any jars, but my long term concern is that I'll need the sealing lids the most. Rings can be used over and over again, so that's 2nd priority, but the sealing lids are my biggest concern. Last year when I was at the height of canning and discovered the shortage, it was scary to think that I would need to preserve and not have
  7. I'm going to start a new thread for the COVID discussions. It is now titled 2020-2021 COVID and here's the link: 2020-2021 COVID
  8. Am starting a new thread on the Corona Virus since the 2020 Corona Virus is maxed out
  9. If you're like me, finding canning jar sealing lids and rings has been virtually impossible for over a year now. Thankfully, the Lord led me to a website that while limited, does carry the canning lids. The traditional Ball canning jar manufacturer also makes Kerr, Golden Harvest and the Canadian sister is Bernardin. Their website is www.masonjarmerchant.com I was also able to find wide mouth canning rings on Lehmans, in case anyone needs some of those.
  10. Mt Rider's mom is home and is doing well...yayyyyy! Everyone is a little worn out so that You Lord for Your strength to help everyone get through this rough time. Her mom went to her regular doctor who said she is doing very well and is managing the stairs surprisingly well, which is amazing to the doc. God is always faithful
  11. Mt Rider is fine. The fires are in the more northern part of the state and she is located more central so not to worry.
  12. I just wanted to give you an update from Mt Rider. They did a cath to her heart on Tuesday and her mom doesn't need a stent. The doctors said that they will treat the blockage with meds. Everyone is amazed because even through she's 90, she moves like a much younger lady :). The plan is to bring her mom home from the hospital today but I haven't hear yet whether that plan went through. Mt Rider asked me to tell y'all how grateful she is for all your prayers. She said that she'll be with her parents for a few more days which unfortunately means she'll continu
  13. Would you please keep Mt Rider's Mom in your prayers? She had a heart attack on Saturday and the ambulance rushed her to the hospital. She has been staying with her Dad while Mom is at the hospital and doesn't have any internet there. God is faithful though and Mt Rider's Mom has a good chance of being able to go home tomorrow but she asked for y'all to keep her dear Mom in your prayers. *praying*
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