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  1. Cut off ALL trade with China and STOP sending American made/grown goods there for final processing and packaging!!!
  2. Just in case anyone here STILL thinks this was Trump's "fault"...... It turns out that the wife used the President's announcement to murder her husband and throw police off of the scent by saying they were "following the President's advice." Woman Who Blamed Trump after Giving Her Husband Fish-Tank Cleaner Now Under Investigation for Murder
  3. If you do it again and you don't want it there, just hover over the top left corner of the box, click on the cross-hairs, and hit delete.
  4. If the sugar isn't hard, I would put it into a ziplock baggie - in its original packaging. If it is hard (probably due to moisture), I would dump it out onto a shallow pan of some sort, break up the clumps, spread it out, and put it into your oven on the lowest setting with the door cracked, and allow it to dry out. I had to do that with some salt recently. I don't think it matters too much with the rice if you are going to be using it as a part of your regular meal planning. Otherwise, I would try to package it in a vacuum sealed container. Same thing for the instant potatoes. The thing you have to be careful about when doing that with these products is to make sure none of the grains/flakes get sucked up into the vacuum hose, or get trapped in the tracks of any ziplock type packaging. An afterthought on the potatoes: If they are in a box I would transfer the product to plastic bag or container even if you plan to use it instead of storing it for long term use. Too many bugs can get into the cardboard box! Do a search of the forums for canning potatoes. We have a resident "expert" that does this all of the time.
  5. You are not alone in your opinion/assessment.
  6. To say "spikes" in covid cases is designed to continue that fear that is needed to continue the control that the left does not want to surrender. "Spikes," rather, increases in cases has ALWAYS been known to be expected once people started circulating and interacting again. They are also using the increase in testing that is now being done to further flame the fire. The "flu season" is over. The temps are heating up. The covid virus can't survive the heat or the ultra-violet rays of the sunshine. The "experts" are constantly changing their opinions of the survivability of the virus on various surfaces. The cat is out of the bag!
  7. I don't need ear protectors to drown out the sound of the vacuum or the blender. I either turn down my hearing aids or take them out until I'm done. Have you shared that recipe/knowledge here before? If not, why not? If yes, where can I find it??? Around here there is now a glut of hand sanitizer - but they are NOT selling at pre-COVID prices!
  8. Found this site - lots of good info: https://www.truthorfiction.com/covid-19-hipaa-face-mask-exemption-passes/ Makes me wonder if this sign might get a business in trouble?
  9. If you know of any stores in your town or surrounding area that are not happy about enforcing this edict, show them this sign and suggest that they make their own version of it.
  10. The final paragraph is the HIPPA excuse.
  11. Saw this in my newsfeed today:
  12. https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2020/05/21/cicadas-return-to-west-virginia/
  13. If the mask is "required" by the store you are shopping in, you can tell them you have medical reasons for NOT having to wear one. If they "challenge" you or ask what (medical condition) prevents you from masking up tell them that info is covered by HIPPA regs, and the ADA allows you to not comply with the demand for wearing a mask. (Here's a story about some shoppers suing a store under the ADA: https://www.post-gazette.com/news/crime-courts/2020/05/26/Giant-Eagle-customers-breathing-problems-sue-company-covid-19-facemask-policy/stories/202005260086 The store might not make you wear a mask, but you'd better watch out for the crazy "Karen" shoppers who might cause you some issues! This YouTube vid a someone's commentary on the situation. I am posting it here because it contains the video the shoppers going nuts!
  14. I think there is a device that you can add to your keyring to be able to find it if it is "lost." It might not be a bad idea to explore this possibility with YOU being the "keeper" of the beeper!!!
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