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  1. This is a Pragur U "Fireside Chat" video time stamped to where Dennis is answering a question about taxes, BUT, he takes it much further and gets into a discussion about equity v equality, fair v just, and discussion about how the left=mafia. I think he has some very valid points and each of these topics could make for some "interesting" conversation with your friends and family (IF you dare!). Link to video at Pragur U in case the YT version disappears: https://www.prageru.com/video/ep-197-life-legacy-and-a-dangerous-mission-in-the-soviet-union/
  2. You really need to watch this vid, but just in case you can't (or it gets taken down) here are some highlights (copied from the transcript): You can also watch this on her website: https://www.goodpatriot.com/videos-for-good-patriots (Just search for it by the title)
  3. $3.98/g here, $4.25/g just 12 miles north of here - larger town, more amenities.
  4. Remember - I'm only hearing it at HALF volume! I bet it could wake up my upstairs neighbor though!
  5. You're very welcome @Mt_Rider There are sooooooooooooo many new SF sweeteners in the marketplace now that you should be able to find one that you like - for taste as well as lack or "chemicals" as well as being natural/organic.
  6. I have 48% hearing loss in one ear and 58% in the other. There is NO way I can hear a conventional alarm clock. But THIS one is loud enough to wake me from a sound(less) sleep. Maybe it will work for your too???
  7. Here ya go. Make 'em any time ya want!!!
  8. Happy B-day! Please make your dessert choice from the following "menu:"
  9. Clicked the link to the blog; got a very quick look before this popped up.... Maybe you need to update something there???
  10. Was the low BP the reason for your fall? If it was I'd be a little more than pi$$ed with them! Have they addressed it since then?
  11. Here is your first "official" Red Hat to mark your 50th birthday!!!
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