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  1. Capricious mandates, business closings, no indoor church or singing allowed, etc, etc, etc. Gov. Newsom can't make up his mind! Constantly changing the "rules" and guidelines; ruining many small businesses. This whole thing was sold as a two-week "shut down" to prevent the overburdening of hospitals, but.................once power is gained, it is very very hard to let it go.
  2. There's a few things on the list that I need to get- Mac & Cheese - I don't use the pasta, only the cheese powder. Cream cheese - just found out today that I can freeze it, so I guess I will be buying some Jell-O - It's normally difficult to find the sugar free flavors anyway, so I will add this to my list, too Sure-Gel - only if I can find it in low sugar//no sugar varieties Crystal Light - I usually get the SF flavors at the dollar stores (I really like the raspberry, lemonade, and strawberry flavors) Thanks for the heads up.
  3. I have a large pot of chicken stock in the fridge, but not enough to jar up some broth. I don't have a lot of plastic jars, etc, to freeze it in until I make up some more and have enough for a canning session. But, tonight I was hit with an inspirational idea. (Where's a light bulb smilie when you need one???) I have a butt-load of plastic cups (and lids) from buying "Big Gulp" fountain drinks from 7-Eleven! Yep, I warmed up the broth and put four 16oz(?) cups of chix broth into the freezer. Doubled the cups for stability and strength. Mission accomplished.
  4. Progress Report: Cleaning the pot w/ Barkeeper's Helper did not eliminate the dull finish. I am now boiling some water and white vinegar in it. If that doesn't work, I will add some baking soda to the mixture. As a lost resort, I make take a tip from the baking soda post and try some cream of tartar on it.
  5. IMO it would NOT be a continuing crisis if actions of some states' governors would stop playing politics with this disease because of "orange man bad" political leanings.
  6. Baking POWDER is Baking Soda PLUS Cream of Tartar. NOTE: If you follow the directions for making your own baking powder, MAKE SURE you SIFT the ingredients together! If you don't, you might wind up with some lumps or clumps in your finished product. Biting into a clump of cream of tartar will ruin your day! (it is very "sour" and acidic tasting.) BTDT.
  7. With the holidays are quickly approaching this recipe just might come in handy. ----------------------------------- SUGAR FREE SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK This tasty sweetened condensed milk has a very similar flavor to that of commercial brands, but has a smoother, more balanced sweetness with a clean vanilla aftertaste, and best of all, it is a sugar free alternative. INGREDIENTS 2 cups heavy whipping cream 10 Tbsp Lakanto* sweetener – ground to a confectionery powder (*Or any 1:1 powdered sweetener that you prefer) 2 Tbsp unsalted butter 2 tsp vanil
  8. Added this info to the "Friends of MrsS" FB group.
  9. My messaged now go across the whole screen, and the sign-in is remembering me now. Thank you.
  10. I recently found out that you should not use bleach on stainless steel - it discolors the metal. Look for my post about "Did I Ruin My Pot?" to find out more details.
  11. If you do, this will give you the opportunity to add in the lemon juice that you forgot.
  12. This is a good idea. I never woulda' thunk about it on my own.
  13. Know your ingredients. You can't "read the label" on a clove of (fresh) garlic, but there ARE ways of knowing where yours came from. Watch this short vid to learn about how to make sure your garlic is safe, tasty, and fresh.
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