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  1. Do you have a WiFi router, or are you still hooked up to a broadband connection? When they installed it, they opened up one of my phone plates and changed the plug to accept the plug in cable. The cable goes to the router and the computer isn't hard wired to the router at all, so your computer needs to be WiFi capable. To upgrade the router all they have to do is send me a new "box" and I'll send the old one back.
  2. This is an excellent article about how this happened. I'll admit, when I just saw the headline, I thought this guy was the biggest jerk on the planet!
  3. I recently acquired some HOME GROWN Meyer lemons. They are yummy, with a wonderful lemon flavor but missing the "pucker" power of store bought lemons. They are also smaller and the skins are a lot "softer" too. Perhaps because they don't need to be "protected" from rough handling during packing and shipping? Anyway, I want to preserve the juice. Anyone know how to do that? Also, can I dehydrate the zest and store that too? Does anyone have any recipes for how to use these lemons? I already found one for making lemon curd that I am going to try. Finally, does
  4. The new router I'm getting is "free." The return postage for the old one is also free. (I have AT&T)
  5. I lost service earlier today. When I called my provider to find out about any possible outages, we went through a series of "tests." Apparently my router is old and cannot handle/read/process the updated software that is now available. I have a new one on the way, but I may have hit & miss service until it arrives and I have it hooked up. So, if you don't "see" me for a couple of days, that is probably why.
  6. Some good ideas here. Some of them would be very helpful for preparing food for storage.
  7. Found this recipe. I think it could be adapted to be a "Ranch" type dressing if you added some garlic and onion powder, some DILL weed, and use pickle juice instead of the vinegar. And, IF you happen to have some Buttermilk powder you could possibly cut down on the amount of dry milk. As a matter of fact, if you make these subs you probably wouldn't even have to use the dried egg powder at all.
  8. Yes. Transmitted through the Private Messaging app. It contacts anyone you have EVER had a PM with! I have multiple people in that list that I don't really know personally but have had contact with from doing "Fire Cat" rescue work during the Camp Fire two years ago, and they ALL received the message. I contacted each one of them personally because I knew they would never see a post about it on my PB page. Most of them were very gracious about it. Posted this message on my main page and in some FB groups that I am in.
  9. I wonder if this information is fully disclosed to people BEFORE they invest the money for a solar system in their homes??? Here in Cali, there are CONSTANT commercials for people to go solar - promoting the idea that you can not only save on your PG&E bill, but possibly save money by "selling" your excess energy back to the power company. The ads even say that you can go solar for "no cost" because the gov't will subsidize your purchase. I also wonder how many of them know that a solar system will not help them once the sun goes down UNLESS they have also purchased
  10. This vid gives a pretty good explanation of how the grid works, and what will happen when it doesn't work! He also have many thoughts on how to be prepared for WHEN the grid fails (not if).
  11. If you get a PM from Darlene via FB Private Messaging, DO NOT OPEN IT. She was hacked!
  12. @out_of_the_ordinary @Jeepers Did you know that you are dissectologists?
  13. A long long time ago, in a land far far away..................................... I bought a puzzle that was cut in squares, but the "squares" were attached to each other in different configurations (think, Tetris ). When the puzzle was complete it looked like a tile mosaic scene. I've never found another one.
  14. Okay. This is another "factory tour" post, but I think this particular is best suited for the homeschooling forum because you could probably get some math and/or business "classes" out of it. Perhaps someone will be inspired to get a job in one of the many aspects of this industry after seeing this vid. Do you like doing jigsaw puzzles? Have you ever wonder how they are made, and how in the world do they get 1,000 unique puzzle pieces for each one? This is the video for you!
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